Beauty and Self Care – The Mental Health Beauty Appointment

There’s no denying that as a result of countless days spent inside, and so many of us spending that time on our own, we’re all feeling a lot more stressed and much tenser than usual. It’s true we may have had more time on our hands but, understandably, we’ve not been using it to relax or to focus on self-care. So, if you’re feeling unlike yourself and know you need a lift right now, we have you covered. Read on and discover all that the Anushka Spa & Salon has to offer for a well deserved afternoon of self-care.

Beauty, Self-Care, And Your Mental Health

Beauty, Self-Care, And Your Mental Health 

It’s no secret that when we feel good on the inside, it reflects on the outside. Additionally, feeling good on the outside, whether its the result of finally getting the hair color you’ve dreamed of all your life or the feeling of utter relaxation post-massage, can also give us a boost! Having those moments set aside just for you, moments that make you feel your most beautiful, relaxed, and confident self are so important. It’s during these times that we can finally take a moment to feel calm, to reflect, and release those inevitable tension build-ups. So, whether it’s a five-minute at-home skincare routine each evening or you plan to take advantage of one of our many spa treatments here at Anushka, allowing yourself these small comforts will often have a surprising effect on your demeanor, your ability to feel calm and focused, and your general outlook from day to day. 

Beauty Treatments To Calm Your Mind And Body

Beauty Treatments To Calm Your Mind And Body

A trip to the beauty salon may not be at the top of your list when it comes to self-care but let us tell you why it may be more important than you think! Besides the fact that the health of our nails, hair, skin, and bodies, in general, are all important, taking the time out to focus on yourself, to feel pampered and taken care of, even for a short time will do wonders for the soul! 

Spa Treatments To Calm Your Body And Soothe Your Soul 

For full-body care and relaxation, there’s nothing like a spa day, especially one spent with us here in our eternally tranquil setting in West Palm Beach. Our luxurious, modern spa offers the ultimate spa experience featuring 14 treatment rooms, a dressing suite, steam room, the ‘Oasis Retreat’, and more! 

From Microneedling to Dermaplanning to Massage, our extravagant spa and highly trained technicians are on hand to provide whatever you need. Before your chosen spa treatment begins, you can also enjoy some time in our spa sanctuary. It’s a stunning, light-filled space where you can unwind in peace with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Relaxing here will instinctively prepare your mind and body for further moments of calm during your treatment. We can even arrange a glass of wine or champagne upon your request should you wish for it!

Additionally, when the occasion calls for an entire day spent in total comfort and tranquility, treat yourself to one of our restorative spa packages!

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Pay A Visit To Our Facial Spa!

Our highly experienced technicians offer a range of natural and holistic methods alongside some of the industry’s most progressive, infused treatments. Each treatment is specially designed to improve skin texture as well as providing anti-aging benefits for all-round skin health. Why not try the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial? It’s known as the ‘Red Carpet Facial’ and combines two professional treatment masks to resurface the skin on your face whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also gives your pores a deep clean leaving them unblocked and smoother than ever before! We also offer Intraceuticals oxygen facials, the Silk Peel Mini Facial, Acne Facial, and Back Acne Facial.

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Recommended Hair Care Treatments For Ultimate Relaxation

Though your hair may not be your go-to when you think of ways to practice self-care, the benefits of a luxurious hair care treatment, a fresh cut, or even a brand new hairstyle can be surprisingly beneficial. After all, though it is important, hair care is not just about the health of our strands. We all know that when our hair looks and feels amazing, we have a spring in our step. We feel confident with the power to take on whatever the week throws at us!


With this in mind, we recommend a trip to our hair salon in the near future to take advantage of the outstanding treatments we have to offer. It’s located within the penthouse level of Rosemary Square and boasts 26 style and color stations alongside our stunning nail lounge and secluded pedicure nook. You can even take a moment to browse our luxury clothing boutique during your visit!


Whether you’re looking to experiment with a brand new hair color, you’re hoping to stylishly shed the weight of your quarantine-chic tresses or you’d like to add length with the industry’s best Platinum Seamless extensions. We are ready to welcome you and give you the locks of your dreams whenever you’re ready!


Whichever treatment you decide to book in for, know that your time spent at the Anushka Spa & Salon will be utterly tranquil and beautifully restorative. In today’s world, self-care and taking time out for ourselves can so quickly drop to the bottom of our list of priorities leaving us feeling frazzled and out of sorts. Allow us to welcome you here for an hour, an afternoon, or even an entire day. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling focused, refreshed, and ready to take on the day!