Concierge Medicine & Wellness

Anushka Introduces: Concierge Medicine & Wellness

with Faryal Farooqi, MD

There is a new paradigm in health and wellness that addresses and treats symptoms, focuses on disease prevention, and promises vitality and life extension. At Anushka, a years-long journey of bringing this type of healthcare to our discerning clientele is finally here: Anusha Concierge Medicine & Wellness, led by myself, Faryal Farooqi, MD. And it’s happening at our Downtown West Palm Beach location – steps from your favorite spa and salon treatments for the ultimate ease of accessibility to total wellness.

As a Functional Medicine Doctor, I believe in marrying modern medicine with a more holistic approach to integrative wellness that addresses symptoms and helps my patients truly achieve their wellness goals. After all, “Health Is Wealth,” and our society is exhausted with the traditional healthcare system that only promotes a reactive approach to healing rather than a proactive one.

What if you could prevent disease before it occurred by uncovering hidden biomarkers? Or treat your symptoms to avoid disease progression? How about gaining better mobility, reducing brain fog, improving gut health, and feeling years younger than your biological age would suggest? These are not hidden promises, but the consistent results of our programming. And we’re doing it in a way that only Anushka, with nearly 50 years in the aesthetics and wellness business, can.

Every member of Anushka Concierge Medicine & Wellness receives a comprehensive health panel that dives deeply into your biological and genetic makeup to uncover sources of imbalance. Through our progressive and comprehensive testing, we form an archetype for your healing journey, employing supplemental and lifestyle changes to initiate marked improvement in overall health.

But of course, what makes the Anushka Concierge Medicine & Wellness experience truly exceptional is our access to treatments and technology that help you look as good as you feel. With the release of some of our latest technology, like Morpheus8, EMSCULPT Neo, and EMFACE, as well as our extensive suite of youth-restoring injectables like BOTOX, Juvéderm, Sculptra, and more, there is no more complete practice to have you looking and feeling positively youthful and energized with a renewed zest for life.

I’m delighted to be building this practice alongside the experts at Anushka, who’s experience and expertise in the aesthetics space sets our standards apart from other practitioners focusing on concierge health and wellness. And for me personally, Anushka Concierge Medicine & Wellness is the fruition of many years of envisioning the ultimate practice where I am sharing my passion for functional medicine with a select group of patients who are passionate about embracing a health-focused lifestyle. Our methods underscore the symbiotic relationship between what healthcare should be and ongoing patient improvement. Being a member of Anushka Concierge Medicine & Wellness means we are partners in your wellness journey which is based on continual growth and improvement for the ultimate version of your own personal health.

It is with my deepest gratitude that I welcome you to out exciting new practice, located at Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre in Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. To schedule a consultation with me or book a tour of our practice, please call 561-820-24242.