Discover The Best Massages For Migraines

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As long-time sufferers will know, living your life with chronic migraines is a struggle at best. It’s the type of headache that completely stalls your day, preventing you from running errands, working, driving, and a whole host of other necessary tasks. 

Not to mention prohibiting you from spending time with loved ones. Some become incredibly sensitive to bright lights whilst others experience intense pain in one or, some-times, both sides of the head. Many will experience a combination of these symptoms and more. 

No matter how long you’ve been enduring these attacks, we think it’s safe to say that preventing them is a top priority. Let us talk you through the benefits of therapeutic massage…


What causes migraines?

Though the exact cause of migraines remains unknown, there are suggested triggers such as hormonal changes or imbalances, high-stress levels, emotional and physical influences and even excessive caffeine consumption.

Those who regularly experience migraines often get to know which one or combination of these is their specific trigger point to decrease their likelihood of causing a headache in the first place. 

Unfortunately, namely in terms of stressful situations or preexisting medical conditions, that’s not always possible. Under-standing and addressing those issues along with regular massages, however, can provide huge improvements in alleviating migraine pain for good.

Why should I try massage therapy?

Treating yourself to a massage is a practice that we all know, more often than not, reduces stress. It also gives you a set period that’s put aside just for you. A hectic schedule with no time to rest quickly results in rising stress levels which can ultimately lead to migraine attacks. Perhaps you’re in the midst of wedding planning or maybe your workload is particularly heavy right now. Whatever the cause of your unease, massage is one sure-fire way to instantly alleviate a great deal of that tension and prevent migraines from occurring.

Another great benefit of massage for migraine relief is that it’s a completely natural method. While migraine medications can be helpful for some, many prefer not to take them or are concerned with the risks of taking regular medication for an ongoing issue such as this. Massage will not only provide relief, but it will deliver it in a natural way that many of us find a lot more comforting.

If you’re trying to find time between massages to treat yourself at home or even on the go, we highly recommend the Bath & Body Works Roll With Me massager. It’s a great tool to use for a little added relaxation at the end of a taxing day. It even has a hole at the base designed to hold and distribute essential oils for a calming aroma. For this, we can’t get enough of the Sage Cedarwood moisturizing body oil which is designed to decrease stress and calm your mind.

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Which massage treatments are on offer at The Anushka Spa & Salon?

Depending on the type of migraine you’ve been experiencing you’ll be wondering about the specific types of treatments and services you’re able to book in for. If, for example, you’ve suffered a hemiplegic migraine or a migraine with aura, you’ll know how debilitating they can be, even when there’s no direct head pain.

An aura describes visual disturbances experienced with your migraines such as flashing lights, zig-zag lines or spots. You may or may not experience pain alongside or slightly after the symptoms oc-cur. Either way, it’s enough to put your day on hold and leave you feeling worse for wear. A hemiplegic migraine, though uncommon, can occur with all of the same symptoms as common migraines but can also cause temporary numbness or tingling, general weakness and sometimes paralysis along one side of the body.

At-home treatments can include self-massage or the application of essential oils such as the Aroma Touch massage blend oil by doTERRA. This oil will lessen tension in the neck and shoulders and can even be added to bath water for a long relaxing soak.

At our beautiful spa here in West Palm Beach Florida, we offer relief and unparalleled relaxation, through the following massage treatments which are highly recommended for those suffering from migraines to increase blood flow safely and naturally.

We offer:

 Aromatherapy Massage
 European Massage
 Hot Stone Massage
 Thai Massage
 Deep Tissue Massages
 & Sports Massage

Our highly trained and licensed massage therapists here at Anushka Spa & Salon are here to help you as-sess and, hopefully, overcome your pain through massage. Don’t be afraid to talk us through your pain and let us help you find the treatment most suited to you and your needs.

What Are The Benefits From The Massages Offered?

Besides the allocated time for relaxation and recuperation that you’ll experience at your appointment with us, there are several other health benefits involved when it comes to treating your migraines in this way.

Banish Tension In Your Neck & Shoulders

So many of us are guilty of working long hours whilst piling up the at-home to-do list and never allowing time for ourselves. When we don’t allocate time to liberate our stresses mentally or physically, we start to experience a harsh build-up of tension. This often resides in our shoulders, neck and jaw causing head-aches to begin. Our soothing Thai massage, for example, is designed to directly engage and treat the body, mind and spirit. Indulge in an hour and a half of relaxation and stress relief that will leave you feeling more flexible, peaceful and re-energized to tackle the week ahead.


Release Your Toxins

We can highly recommend our deep tissue massage to experience this particular benefit. By focusing attention on those overworked parts of your body, our massage therapist will engage and unlock tight muscles whilst decreasing your stress levels and ridding your body of toxins. With tension levels decreased like this the likelihood of a migraine creeping in is dramatically lowered.

Time Together

Though this may not be a medical benefit, we understand that suffering from migraines can affect not only your work life but your family life too. When you’re in pain, sensitive to light and sound and feeling nauseous it can be tricky to find a balance and time to share with your significant other. In this case, we highly recommend our duet couples massage. What better way can there be to relax than with your loved one for an hour of uninterrupted pampering and stress relief.

If you’re thinking of booking yourself in for a restorative massage but would like to discuss your needs in person, feel free to visit us here in West Palm Beach! We’ll be more than happy to talk through our most recommended massages and migraine treatments and look forward to meeting you!