Eyebrow & Eyelash Growth Without the Prescription

In the ‘90s, we were all about those ultra thin brows and layers upon layers of volumizing black mascara. Fast forward to 2020 and the horror that was tweezing your brows to the brink of non existence, and slicking on so much mascara that your could barely open your eyes, is thankfully a thing of the past! However, after years of plucking, for many of us, the damage has already been done. And now that we all wish for fuller, natural looking brows we’re struggling to get there without having to fill them in everyday. So, if you’re tired of constantly touching up those gappy-looking brows and constantly curling your lashes for length and definition, Anushka Spa & Salon has the products for you! No prescription needed, these cosmetics are totally accessible and will make your naturally defined brow and eyelash dreams a reality!

Why Choose Growth Serums Over Makeup?

We all know by now that there is an endless stream of makeup products that work to fill in the gaps, or thicken out our eyebrows and lashes. So, why the need to choose serums instead? Well, with such busy schedules and the want for a more natural look, achieving naturally longer, thicker lashes and brows (that you don’t need to constantly add makeup to) are much more desirable and definitely easier in terms of time and upkeep! Switching to growth serum will not just cover up those concerns, they will actually give you fuller brows and longer, thicker looking lashes! 

So, which products do we recommend for this? Read on and find out…

If you’ve not heard of Grande Cosmetics before, you’re in for a real treat! These incredible products are ideal for those with thinning hair, eyebrows, and lashes and are specifically designed to improve their length, texture and health in just a few weeks! Now, let’s talk specifically about the concern areas so many of us want to address. You guessed it, we’re starting with brows!

Grande Cosmetics


For quite some time now, we’ve all been fascinated with brows, brows, brows! However, it’s not as it was twenty odd years ago when, for some reason, we all seemed to turn on our brows and proceeded to pluck them to within a millimeter of their lives! Oh no. These days, we’re all about full, healthy, natural look brows and we’re ready and willing to achieve them with an organic finish rather than a cover up job. Luckily for us, that’s where GrandeBROW comes in! 

What Is GrandeBROW?

GrandeBROW is a revolutionary brow enchancing serum that uses a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to promote fuller, bolder looking brows in just 6-weeks! Users of the serum will then notice full improvement to the thickness and definition in their brows within just 4 months. In addition to making your brows look and feel thicker, GrandeBROW also conditions the brow hairs so they look healthier and hydrated. If you’re wondering if it’s too good to be true, you’ll be happy to learn that in GrandeBROW’s 16 weeks consumer study, they discovered that 100% of people saw fuller looking brows within the 16 weeks!


How Will GrandeBROW Help Me?

Those with sparse, brittle, over-plucked, or tailless brows will adore GrandeBROW. This easy to use serum will not only improve the thickness and definition of your brows, it will also leave them in much better condition! 

How To Use GrandeBROW MD

Apply your GrandeBROW serum directly onto your brows and be sure to follow their natural shape. You’ll also want to concentrate specifically on those areas that have been over-plucked, are thinning, and where you have lost the tail of your brow. Use it once every day allowing 1-2 minutes for the serum to dry. Be sure to keep using your serum daily for all four months until you achieve the desired look. After that, you can start to use the serum every other day for upkeep!

Grande Lash MD

Though we can honestly say that we’ve never once thought about shortening our lashes, we have most definitely mistreated them over the years! In our attempts to lengthen, separate, and volumize, we’ve tried every trick in the book! Some of us are just now noticing the damaging effects. Whether you’ve over curled, applied to much heat, had them dyed too often, or are guilty of picking at your mascara and accidentally pulling a few of them out. It’s about time we showed our lashes some love. And, we can promise you, you’re going to love the results! Finally, you can achieve the long, beautiful lashes of your dreams in a much more natural-looking way without a heated curler insight! And we promise you’ll forget you even own a lengthening mascara once you get your hands on GrandeLASH!

What is GrandeLASH?

GrandeLASH is an award winning, lash enhancing serum; which is infused with an incredible blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids. This amazing combination has been developed specifically to promote and enhance the appearance of naturally thicker, longer looking lashes. 

The best part? This wonder serum gets to work and shows results withing a mere 4-6 weeks! You can then expect to see a full improvement to your new fluttery lashes in just 3 months. After a lifetime of buying any and every lengthen mascara claiming to deliver the same results. We’re definitely opting for this speedy, natural-looking treatment instead! 

How Will GrandeLASH Help Me?

GrandeLASH is perfect for those with short, thinning, or brittle lashes. If you feel your lashes need a boost in terms of length, volume or rehydration. In addition, GrandeLASH has been Ophthalmologist tested and is suitable for those who wear contacts & even those with lash extensions!

eyelash and eyebrow growth

How To Apply GrandeLASH MD

Using your GrandeLASH MD lash enhancing serum couldn’t be simpler! You’ll want to focus on and apply the serum to your eyelid just above your upper lash line. (The part that’s closest to the lashes.) Avoid the eye itself and remember you are applying to the skin; the skin closest to the lashes, the lash root. Using a single stroke, stroke your eyelid with the lash serum. Do this once daily and allow 1-2 minutes for the serum to dry. Make sure you continue using your serum to maintain its incredible benefits!