Facts & Fears about Botox & Dermal Filler

Many people are nervous when they come in for their very first Botox or Dermal Filler appointment at Anushka MedSpa in West Palm Beach, FL. When I ask them why they are nervous, I often get some version of the following responses:

  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of looking weird
  • Fear of looking different
  • Fear of family or friends finding out
  • Fear of inability to reverse treatment if they don’t like it

In this article, I am going to address some of those fears. And though fears are real, sometimes all it takes is a little listening and compassion to alleviate their concerns. But one thing is certain: I’ve helped every client get through their appointment, and often, they can’t believe how easy it was!

Fear of Needles

For Botox or Dysport, I use the smallest needle made. That said, fillers do have slightly larger needle gauges. So to help with this, I utilize various techniques to reduce any un-comfortability. The procedure can be nearly painless. Most of my patients are relaxed by the time we begin the treatment.

Fear of Pain

With specific techniques such as tapping, lightly pinching, distraction speak, etc., the pain during an injectable treatment is very minimal, if at all. I always use topical numbing for the lower face and lips; a technique that has proven to be most helpful. 

Fear of Looking Weird

This is one of my favorites! Looking weird is neither my goal nor is it the goal of most patients. It is true that people are being “over treated,” and “over filled” in some offices, resulting in puffy cheeks, lips, and/or overly elevated eyebrows. I don’t treat people in this way and will turn a patient away if that is what they are truly asking for. What usually works, however, is a detailed explanation of what will result in a positive and youthful looking result. My goal is always to help the client achieve a “fresh and rested” look.

Fear of Looking Different

This concern is legitimate because every client is obviously seeking a bit of a change, or they would not be in my office at all! But what they are really concerned about is looking obviously altered in a single session, and that is never the goal or the outcome at my West Palm Beach, FL practice. Instead, when assessing a client during their consultation, it is important to ascertain what truly bothers them, then discuss remedies to treat that or those areas subtly. Understanding that a client has this particular concern helps me know that they would prefer a subtle change that can be built upon if needed. 

Fear of Family or Friends Finding Out

Thankfully, the popularity of aesthetic medicine has grown so much that there really is not a negative stigma anymore around the topic. Aging is a natural process and many men and women have embraced these great aesthetic advancements, those which help them maintain or even boosts their confidence. There is, however, the idea of not wanting to reveal to a spouse or significant other just how much was spent. I’ve seen, in some cases, that any amount spent is deemed to be “too much.” Although I believe wholeheartedly in the positive physical and psychological benefits of aesthetic treatments, for patients who really do want to maintain discretion, I employ a very delicate approach to their treatments and remind them that most treatments can be built upon if desired.

Fear of Inability to Reverse Treatment if the Patient Does Not Like It

While it’s true that a neuromodulator like Dysport or Botox cannot be immediately reversed, many dermal fillers can. If the filler is a hyaluronic acid, then an enzyme called hyaluronidase will dissolve the product when injected into that area. The dissolving process may require more than one injection, but in most cases, just one treatment is enough. Other products such as Bellafill, which contains methamethylcrylate (think plexiglass) cannot be dissolved. Another product, Radiesse, also cannot be dissolved. If you are not sure about the procedure, ask for a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler. In my practice, I only use HAs, except for Sculptra, which is a collagen stimulant.

In Conclusion

The consultation is the most important part of any treatment, especially if it’s your first time receiving an injection. During this one-on-one discovery conversation, I listen to the patient, talk about options for whatever their concerns are, make a plan, and ensure there are no fears left unexplored. In my experience, it’s in this moment where I help the client understand the truths about the treatment for which they are receiving, and help guide them through an often painless and comfortable session.

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