Getting the Most out of a PDO Thread Lift

with Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, APRN, Nurse Practitioner of the Anushka MedSpa

Do not adjust your screen: Treatment and potential results with a PDO Thread Lift can sound sort of like a miracle. In less than an hour, sagging skin and misplaced volume can be altered and repositioned without the use of a scalpel, and without pain. The results are akin to a mini facelift. You might be asking yourself, “How can this be?” Let me explain!

What are PDO Threads?

PDO stands for Polydioxanone. Polydioxanone has been used in medicine for decades as absorbable suture material. The PDO Threads that we use at the Anushka MedSpa for our non-surgical PDO Thread Lift are manufactured with tiny cutouts that can adhere to the subcutaneous tissue once inserted through a cannula. The cannula is then removed, and the threads are able to engage with the tissue. The individual threads are then pulled to tighten and realign the skin. The result is a bit of an uplifted face, neck, or whatever the potential target area is. The outcome also gets better with a bit of time because your body starts to cover the thread with your own newly produced collagen. This collagen is tightly wound, which gives the realignment not only extra support, but an extra tightness to keep the result lasting even longer.

How Many PDO Threads Do I Need?

The number of threads required to achieve your ideal result depends upon the desired outcome and realistic expectations. The consultation is the key to discovering what may be needed. During that time, I listen to what troubles you, and I will gently maneuver your skin around to see what is possible, then give you an estimate of how many may be needed. Sometimes, we will add a bit of filler to the procedure to achieve an optimal outcome. 

Occasionally, I will hear, “I really just want to try one on each side, just to see what happens.” I can honestly tell you that almost nothing will be achieved by that, so we don’t offer that at the Anushka MedSpa. I never want a patient to be dissatisfied, and undertreating will definitely result in that. 

There are various reasons for people wanting to “just stick their toe in the water” when it comes to threads. The non-invasive thread lift concept can make some patients reticent as it requires putting sutures into the subcutaneous tissue. I will even admit that before I had much knowledge of the procedure, I was weary of it. New ideas can often seem “too good to be true.” But now having done hundreds of procedures, I can confirm with certainty that this treatment is the incredible result of combining physics with medicine, and is among the best ways we can safely and easily achieve marked anti-aging results.

What To Expect During Your PDO Thread Lift

During the consultation, I will pull the skin in various directions. If the skin has next to no movement, then threads most likely will not achieve anything. But if my fingers can realign the skin somewhat significantly, then the threads will definitely be successful. Pulling the skin in various directions is called “vectors”. Sometimes, two or three threads are needed for one vector. When it comes to realigning neck skin, the threads have to be placed in various positions that will allow for excess, in order for the anterior to be lifted and smooth.

The minimum amount of threads, and this is on someone that really has very little laxity, is 6: 3 on each side. More often, I treat clients with 5 to 7 on each side in order to achieve a “wow”, which is always the desired result! Because the area is anesthetized prior to placing the cannula, the only feeling one has is a tiny bit of pressure as the cannula is inserted. The cannula comes right out immediately, and then the thread is cut, with the end of it being buried in the subcutaneous space. There is no outward evidence of any thread or the procedure.

Book A PDO Thread Lift Appointment

Understanding what may be needed is the key to a successful PDO Thread Lift treatment. I’m happy to go over all of the options with you, and even recommend alternative treatments to achieve the desired de-aging results you’re looking for. To schedule a complimentary consultation, you can call our West Palm Beach, FL office at 561-820-8055. The Anushka MedSpa is located in Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida at The Square. Our private valet is always complimentary. I look forward to helping you achieve your desired de-aging goals!

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