Ghost Layers: Hollywood’s Hottest Hair Trend is Taking Root in Palm Beach

It’s a newer trend that has started to make its way to Palm Beach all the way from Hollywood. It’s trendy and fresh and gives the hair the look of thickness. It’s bringing life back into so many different people’s hair. 

What is it, you ask? It’s ghost layers, of course!

This trending haircut is something that many celebrities have been getting on board with—including JLo and Dua Lipa. This hairstyle is cooler than ever and might just be one you want to try at your next appointment.

We’re here today to run through what you need to know about Hollywood’s hottest hair trend at the moment so you can decide for yourself.

Understanding Ghost Layers

First of all, what are ghost layers? You can think of ghost layers as layers in a haircut you can’t see. They’re created by lifting regular sections of the hair and then weaving instead of creating one hard line. Your stylist then twists these sections as the scissors slide through or chop into the weave section.

This gives you a haircut that looks like one thing but has ghost layers throughout.

The Appeal and Benefits of Ghost Layers

Not quite sure why you would get ghost layers? Here are some incredible benefits this type of haircut can offer.,

Great for fine hair

Ghost layers are fantastic for those with finer hair, especially when compared to choppy layers. They help to provide body to the hair and won’t leave you feeling like your ends are sparse. You’ll achieve gorgeous volume and movement, which you’re looking for if your hair is finer.

You won’t have any definite lines in the haircut, but you will still feel all the benefits that regular layers can provide.

Growing in popularity

Ghost layers are only growing in popularity, which makes them a real trend of the moment. If you love to stay on top of the trends, this haircut is definitely for you.

Ghost layers can work with any haircut or color, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not they’ll work for your hair. The trend’s growing popularity has resulted in a growing number of stylists who can do them – including those in Palm Beach,

If you head to a salon with experienced stylists, they’ll likely know exactly what you’re going for based on the trend’s growing popularity.

Lighten up thick hair

If you have thicker hair, ghost layers can also be a suitable option. They allow you to remove some of the weight of your hair which may grow out too heavy if it’s all one length. Ghost layers are beneficial for this type of thing because they help to take away from the weight of the hair without leaving any definitive lines in the haircut.

This ends up leaving you with a super sleek and uniform look. You can also avoid choppy layers and keep them totally invisible.

Low maintenance

As your ghost layers grow out, they will require very little upkeep. That’s because they grow out super subtly. Whereas standard layers usually mean you have to go through a bit of an awkward regrowth stage before they look good again. 

You can grow your hair for as long as you like and won’t need to worry about heading back to the salon sooner than you would like to.

A very natural look

Sometimes you want a change when it comes to your hair, whether that’s lightening it up or changing the texture of the hair. Ghost layers provide you with that sense of change without committing to something totally out of your comfort zone.

Ghost layers are ultra-natural and won’t make you feel like you’ve made an extreme change after leaving the salon. You’ll get that nice, subtle change and will still feel like your hair’s your own.

Styling Ideas

As you can see, there are many reasons to try ghost layers. However, once you’ve got them, you’ll want to know how to style and maintain them. 

Here are some of our best ideas!

Loose waves


One of our favorite ways to style your ghost layers is with loose waves. These two really are the perfect match. It allows you to show off the layers without feeling overly done up. It’s also a super low-maintenance style that won’t need much touching up if you keep it over a few days.

Soft curls

Another ideal way to show off the bounce and volume of your ghost layers is with soft curls. Using a wand for your curls will give you some major volume. The look is classy and uncomplicated and is likely one you’ll have on repeat with this haircut!


If you want to add even a little bit more to your new look, bangs are a wonderful addition. Straight-across wispy bangs are exceptionally suited to those with ghost layers as they add to the bounce and texture of the hair. Even if you’re planning on wearing it straight.

Straight and sleek


Another stunning way to style your ghost layers is to keep your hair straight and simple. The great thing about the layers is that they will continue to add volume when your hair is straight as well. In fact, the ghost layers can look super edgy when styled straight, a style that can fall flat otherwise.

Loose and long

Another trend we’re seeing pop up lately is hair that isn’t styled and instead is a lot more natural. Keeping the hair loose and long is a lot easier when you have a haircut that works for you. Ghost layers are handy for keeping things natural as the different hair lengths will look natural but not like you simply rolled out of bed.

You’ll get that volume while still maintaining the length of your hair.

Wispy waves

Another easy hairstyle for when you have ghost layers in wispy waves. This one can be more difficult when you don’t have the right cut.

Ghost layers are feathered and subtle, making your wispy and tousled waves easy. Add texturizing spray to your hair, and you’ll have the desired volume you’ve been looking for.

Final Thoughts

Now that the ghost layers trend has made its way to Palm Beach, we don’t blame you if you want to try them. Look no further than Anushka as your trusted salon to help you get the look.

Our stylists have tons of experience creating different haircuts and styles and are ready to help make recommendations based on your unique hair type. So regardless of whether it’s a cut, color, or total makeover, we’re excited to help you get the hair look of your dreams.

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