Give your skin a well deserve break with the best facials for maskne

Give Your Skin A Well Deserved Break With The Best Facials For Maskne

Doing all that we can to keep ourselves and one another safe is more important now than ever before. Therefore, as we know, wearing a mask/face covering when you’re outside of your home is essential. Now, though we’re all more than happy to do that, evidently, our skin doesn’t share the enthusiasm! As a result, many of us are discovering that wearing a mask for hours on end makes our faces, let’s say, a little on the angry side. 

Introducing, your newest skin nightmare, Maskne! That’s right, this condition has become so widely experienced, people have actually come up with a name for it! Medical practitioners, know it as Acne Mechanica. Well, whatever you want to call it, it seems most of us have experienced it at some point or another during 2020. If you’re nodding along reading this, you’ll want to keep scrolling! To soothe your skin and restore it to its former glory, we’ve researched and discovered all of the best facials to give your face some well-deserved down-time…

Who Is Prone To Maskne?

You may think that only those with acne-prone skin or sensitive skin would be prone to maskne. Unfortunately, anyone can experience skin irritations from wearing a mask. So, even if you’ve never suffered from acne but are now noticing pimples appearing, don’t despair. This condition will eventually be a thing of the past. But, until it’s safe to go out without a face covering, we’re here to help you prevent and treat! 

What Actually Causes Maskne?

When you wear a face mask, many things begin to contribute to that stubborn maskne. Firstly, there’s the heat. Wearing a protective layer over the skin will inevitably heat things up! This can clog pores, create excessive oil, and is breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. 

Additionally, wearing a mask for any length of time will see some sort of friction created. As you breathe, talk, move your head, etc, the fabric from your mask inevitably rubs against your skin. This can cause further irritation and may result in the pimples you have becoming increasingly aggravated. This makes them, annoyingly, quite persistent and difficult to get rid of. 

The Best Anushka Spa Facials For Maskne

Here at The Anushka Spa, we pride ourselves on making you feel your best self. So, when your skin is breaking out and feels sore and irritated, we want to help! Luckily, we can instantly recommend a few facials that will ease your skin and your mind…

The Signature is Clinical Facial 

Our signature iS Clinical facial will combat the adverse effects of environmental toxins (and premature ageing of the skin). This makes it a premium choice when searching for a facial that will refresh your irritated skin. Additionally, it uses light, yet extremely effective, exfoliation, cleansing, steaming and hydration extractions. These will detoxify and correct imbalances. Following your treatment, your skin will feel more balanced and more radiant than ever before. What’s more, you’ll also enjoy a facial massage during the treatment. This will relax your skin ready for a treatment mask which we will select exclusively for your skin type!

The Intraceutical Oxygen Facial

If you choose the Intraceuticals Oxygen facial, you’re going to love it instantly! This revolutionary, crossover facial promotes ultimate relaxation whilst ensuring you receive instant results with zero downtime. How? This facial method utilises Hyperbaric Oxygen which seamlessly delivers Intraceuticals’ professional strength serums directly to the skin. Teamed with the oxygen, these serums will instantly plump and hydrate your skin. After your facial, you’ll discover smoother, healthier-looking skin alongside a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The Acne Facial 

It might go without saying, however, we also highly recommend the Acne Facial to those with maskne. This facial is a deep pore and deep tissue cleanse that will rid your skin of excess oils. Essential when dealing with pesky pimples from your mask! Also, it stimulates circulation and includes a therapeutic mask for your individual skin needs. 

Aside From Facials, How Can You Help To Prevent Maskne?

Wash Your Face… And Your Mask

Once you’re safely home and can remove your mask, wash your face. This will remove any stubborn dirt, sweat, or excessive oil and stop it from sitting on your skin causing problems. Use a gentle cleanser so as not to aggravate the skin. Additionally, you should be treating your mask as you would your underwear in terms of cleanliness. Once you’ve worn it once, wash it! It takes no time at all, plus it’ll dry out quickly overnight ready for use the next day.

Consider Your Covering

You’ll also want to consider the type of face-covering you’re wearing. After all, there’s an increasingly wide variety of face masks available now. Be cautious of fabrics your skin may be reacting to as well as where the mask touches your face. If the point of contact on your mask is causing you issues, look for a face covering that sits slightly differently to give certain areas of your skin a break! 

Back Away From The Vanity

Another thing, makeup. We may love it, but our skin will be hating it right now. Whenever you can, go makeup-free. Plus, there’s simply no need to cover your face in makeup below your mask since nobody will see it anyway! It’s also a total waste of time and money using all of that expensive product for nothing. Instead, why not use this time to try out some new eye makeup techniques?!

What Can I Do About It If I Already Have It?

If you’ve already got maskne, we’re sorry, and we feel you! Firstly, make sure you carry on doing all of the above. Don’t give in just because the pimples have found you!

Annoyingly, unlike regular pimples, maskne spots are a little trickier to handle. To help calm your skin, try a very low dose of benzoyl peroxide. A 2.5% concentration will be enough to act as an anti-inflammatory without aggravating your skin further. Additionally, we recommend salicylic acid. This will aid in the shedding of dead skin cells and will speed up the skin’s healing process too. Book an appointment to experience our best services in West Palm Beach.


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