Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

You know when you’re scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest excitedly liking and saving hairstyles to try only to discover that. Thanks to your thin hair, they end up looking nothing like the pictures? We totally get that. For those of us with fine locks, top knots are basically non-existent. Ponytails are a whisper in the wind, and you’ll need a magnifying glass to locate any braids we’ve attempted! Don’t get us started on how haircuts with light layering look like bad 80’s mullets to our thin tresses! 

Well, that’s all about to change. Here are the most amazing hairstyles for thin hair that’ll actually make you look good, even if it’s lacking in the thickness and volume department.

Best Hairstyle for Short Thin Hair

Best Hairstyle for Short Thin Hair- HAIRSTYLES FOR THIN HAIR

If you have fine hair, we can bet that at some point you’ve tried a shorter haircut to look thicker. It’s an age-old trick and one that we absolutely love here at the Anushka Spa & Salon

If that’s what you’re working with right now, however, we can bet you find it hard to pinpoint styles that work with your cut. After all, you can’t exactly pull back or style it up high without pretty much all of it falling down. 

Well, we have the answer!

One of our absolute favorite short hairstyles for thin flat hair? The side sweep. Simple, elegant, and super quick to create. It creates a definitive style. It allows you to keep the majority of the hair down so you don’t lose out on body or volume. Not to mention it’s incredibly versatile so you can wear it for everything from workdays to evenings out. 

To create this hairstyle, sweep all your hair on one side (from hairline up to your ear) backward in horizontal motion. Use a comb to make it nice and neat, then hold it in place.

Take your favorite hair clip, slide, barrette, and slide in at a diagonal angle from your ear towards the back of your head to secure the hair in place.

 Use a simple design such as a tortoiseshell clip for every day and liven up the look with a slogan slide or embellished clip for an after-dark look. Last but not least, you have the option to pull a couple of pieces loose at the front to add to this style’s laid-back and playful nature. 

We also suggest creating a few waves throughout the hair for added texture and volume if you have enough length to play with!

Short Hairdos For Special Occasions

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something even chicer such as an up-do for special occasions, try securing your shorter lengths in a sleek low ponytail. Start by styling your hair into a deep side part and sweeping the largest section of hair over to one side. This will create a little volume before you pull the hair back. 

We also suggest gently teasing the hair at the crown and adding a few spritzes of volumizing spray to really show off this style and create height. 

Once that’s done, simply use a comb to lightly sleek all of the hair back and secure it with a clear elastic at the nape of your neck. Be sure not to pull the hair too tight to prevent it from falling flat. 

Once all of the hair is secure, gently pull a couple of pieces loose at the temples to create a sense of effortless elegance. Then, add an accessory of your choice to cover the elastic. We love this looks with an embellished barrette or metallic hair wrap.  

Both of these styles will work perfectly for those with short haircuts for thin hair that ranges from chic bob hairstyles to a lob. Meanwhile, though you can’t quite achieve these looks with pixie cuts, an embellished slide as we suggested for the side sweep look is a great way to add style to your cut. 

Best Hairdo For Medium Length Hair

Best Hairdo For Medium Length Hair - Hairstyles for thin hair

When your hair is on the finer side and at a beautiful medium length, you might start to find that styles that leave your hair loose as the ends tend to look a little flyaway and messy. 

So, to quickly add volume and body, we highly suggest tousled curls. This style looks amazing on literally everybody from those with a long bob to shoulder-length hair. Plus it’s even easier to create if you have thin hair, and looks bouncy and beautiful no matter the occasion!

If you’re lucky enough that your hair is naturally curly or wavy, go with it. Heat tools are a friend to nobody in the long term so if you can, embrace your natural locks and, as hard as it may seem, back away from the blow-drier!

Simple treat your curls with a light mist of volumizing spray for body and definition and you’re all set to let your locks air dry.

If you’re straight-haired and do require heat tools for this loose, summery style, make sure your curler is on the lowest heat setting first. Thinner hair needs very little heat to create and hold a curl, plus, excessive exposure to high temperatures can cause thin hair to break much more easily. 

Best Medium Style For Everyday Stylers

Best Medium Style For Everyday Stylers - Hairstyles for thin hair

Looking for a style that’ll work day in and day out without damaging your thin hair? Try the low side-swept ponytail. This is a super chic look that always appears put together and beautifully styled. It’s also easy to do and won’t put stress on your hair daily. 

What’s more, this is a style that works for countless jobs! From actors and singers performing all week long to models attending casting calls and shoots on a regular basis. Even television hosts who appear on-air every morning. Seeing as it’s low and working with the gravity it won’t pull on your strands which a huge plus. It also looks eternally elegant and professional. 

Try this look for yourself and you’ll see how amazingly comfortable yet chic it looks. Simply part the hair in a deep side part to create that volume then pull all of your hair to one side and secure it. Dress it up with accessories, or leave it looking more natural with a simple clear elastic and tousled ends!

Best Style for Long Thin Hair

For those with long hair that’s also pretty fine, we understand how tricky it can be to make your hair look voluminous and veer away from stringy looking lengths. 

Firstly, we highly suggest beautiful blunt end hair cuts for thin hair to stop your lengths tapering off at the end and looking even thinner. Additionally, all that extra length means it’s easier for you to play with up-do’s!

Now, we know what you’re thinking, whenever you try to create the prettiest of all off-duty styles (the top knot) it looks so tiny and un-impactful, you wish you hadn’t even tried. The secret? Forget about your hair elastics and move on to scrunchies! They may not sound like the chicest accessory but, trust us, they’ll become your new best friend once you learn this bun technique. 

Gather all your hair up into a ponytail as you usually would. Next, secure it in place with a soft scrunchie that roughly matches your hair color. Then, hold the hair from your ponytail up and tease very gently towards the scrunchie to create volume and texture. Now, wrap the hair around the scrunchie. Once you get to the ends, tuck them into it to secure the bun in place. 

Pull a few pieces outward to create dimension. You won’t believe how much more voluminous and stylish your bun looks this way!

Aside from styling thin hair, you’ve probably spent a very long time researching how to care for it. Let us make a few suggestions.

For Short Hair

If your hair is thin and on the shorter side, avoid heavy conditioners and oily haircare products at all costs. Only will they weigh your hair down, but they’ll also make it greasy way faster as they distribute more quickly through your shorter lengths. 

Instead, opt for a shampoo that is deeply cleansing and made to add volume to your hair. The Densifique Bain Densite shampoo by Kerastase for example. We also recommend using their accompanying conditioning treatments on the ends of your hair. This is to avoid oil build-up on the scalp. 

For Medium Hair

For those with medium-length cuts, a similar routine should apply. Choose shampoos specially formulated for thin hair such as Oribe’s Shampoo For Magnificent Volume. Avoid applying conditioner any higher than above your ears. This will prevent tangles whilst still moisturizing your tresses. 

To give slightly longer hair a little extra shine, volume, and a natural-looking body try investing in their Volumista Mist For Volume

For Long Hair

Since longer thin hair sometimes needs that bit more moisture but still doesn’t need the weight of oils. Try a shampoo like Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdressers Invisible Oil shampoo. This shampoo contains 6 featherlight oils that will de-frizz, detangle, protect, and soften the hair without a greasy finish. 

Follow up by conditioning your lengths whilst avoiding the scalp and treating your tresses to their thickening Go Big Treatment when you get to styling!

So there you have it, five incredibly beautiful and versatile hairstyles for thin hair. Plus every product you’ll need to keep your thin hair in amazing shape between salon visits! 

Which was your favorite, most transformative style? We can’t wait to see your results and to share even more of our incredible thin hairstyles and recommendations with you during your next appointment here at Anushka Spa & Salon in beautiful West Palm Beach!

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