How to Decide on a New Hairstyle

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New Hair Style Decision

Finding the perfect hairstyle for your face and hair texture can be stressful. That is why our hair stylists at Anushka Spa & Salon have put together this how-to in order to help in choosing a hairstyle made just for you!

The secret to choosing the best hairstyle to accentuate your facial features is two-fold: first, you must consider the shape of your face and secondly, you need to choose a style that works with your hair’s texture.

We have all seen cuts and styles that look great on all face shapes from heart-shaped faces to oval faces. But, there are also very unflattering styles to keep an eye out for.

Choose A Cut That Works With Your Type of Hair

Anyone can classify their hair into one more hair texture type whether it be dry, coarse, curly, wavy hair or straight, oily, stringy, limp, and fine hair.

If your hair is on the thinner side and perhaps a bit stringy your hair probably falls flat and you can’t seem to keep the volume you are looking for. Go for a shorter cut. The shorter it is for this type of hair, the more volume you will have, (don’t worry, more people have this type of hair than you can imagine).

Girls with coarse, curly hair are probably looking for a look to weigh down the frizz. Compared to the hair on the thinner side, curly hair needs more length to help lay down the curls. The shorter you go, the more frizz and of course fluff factor comes into play. Same with bangs. If you aren’t looking for an 80’s look, you’ll want to stay clear of bangs.

Straight hair tends to fall flat fairly quickly as well but ask your stylist to cut in some layers to add more body.

However, damaged hair never looks good. So, no matter what type of hair you have, if it’s damaged, cut it off! It will grow back and look a million times better when it does.

The Most Flattering Haircut on Everyone


The Most Flattering Haircut on Everyone

Our stylists at Anushka Spa & Salon located in West Palm Beach can truly agree on one cut, in particular, shoulder-length styles are universally the most flattering on nearly everyone.

For those with long faces, long hair can make your face appear even longer. Short hair can make those with a round face appear even rounder. Short hair is especially dangerous territory for those with super curly hair. Don’t make the same mistake that so many before you have already made, learn from their mistakes.

But fortunately, shoulder-length hair looks great on all women. No matter what the size of their face, face shape or age. Can’t decide on a style? Start with shoulder-length hair until you can optimize your look.

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Who Can, and Can’t, Go Long?

Long hair is generally classified as anything below the shoulders. You would never believe this but those women on the super short side should stay away from long hair unless you are okay with looking 12 forever. Also, women with long, narrow faces should actually stay away from long hair as well. This will cause your face to look even longer than before, not a look many woman are going for nowadays.

For women with oval and square faces, this look is 100% for you! Go ahead and let your locks grow out, long hair will look especially flattering on you.

With that being said, anyone with hair that is below their breasts, beware. You are on the verge of taking a risk on a look that is a little outdated. It’s okay to keep your hair longer than shoulder-length, just not too much longer.

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There is One Long Cut That’s Universally Flattering

So, we know the universal length is should-length. But now what about the cut??

The ‘v-cut’ is long in the back and shorter along the sides. The ‘v-cut’ works for nearly everyone because the length is not in the front around the face. The lip and chin-grazing layers that can be tweaked depending on your facial features can draw attention to the right areas. Plus, the layers add to your sexy allure.

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The Basic Dos and Don’ts of Short Hair

Short hair isn’t a standardized length, short hair is classified as anything above the shoulders. In order to figure out which length works for you, you’ll want to consider your best and worst assets as well as your height. Super short hair on really tall women can come off as overpowering (depending on how you look at it)

Shorter hair on women with more round faces can make your face appear even fuller, however, rules are occasionally meant to be broken, right? Our only recommendation for those with rounder faces is to try to keep it below your chin.

Believe it or not, wherever your hair falls in the area that will be accentuated. Therefore, if you have great eyes and a pointy chin, consider short hair with side-swept bangs that hit right at the eye. This way attention will be drawn away from your chin and toward your gorgeous eyes!


Why You Should Consider Upkeep

It’s important to consider upkeep with any hairstyle you end up choosing. If you are like some of our stylists and hate getting your hair done or if you tend to put it off for months, ask your stylists at Anushka Spa & Salon for a cut that will grow out nicely.

For those that fall into this category, we will always recommend a cut that lasts approximately three months. This way you don’t have to go to the salon so frequently and your hair will still look great for a couple of months!

Uh-Oh, What About That Forehead?

Do you have a small forehead? You should consider bangs that begin a little further back on the head than imagined so they can be as long as possible to give your face a little more shape.

Is your forehead on the larger side? Ask your stylists for side-sweeping bangs. They are more flattering for your face. When your bangs are longer at the temples than in the middle, they will give you a more polished, less forehead look.


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