How To Maintain Permanent Makeup

Since the idea of rolling out of bed in the morning with a fresh face of makeup sounds literally like a dream come true, it’s no wonder many of us are turning to permanent makeup. Not having to meticulously apply eyeliner each day, having your lips already tinted, and your eyebrows in a constant state of perfection will not only make the morning easier but also mean you never need to worry about smudges or touch-ups throughout the day! 

So, whether you’ve recently had your permanent makeup done or you’re considering treating yourself to it soon, we’re guessing you’re wondering how it works, what it costs, and exactly you maintain it. Read on, we’re about to answer all of those questions and more…

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Firstly, whilst ‘permanent’ makeup will last a very long time, it won’t literally stay on your face forever. That said, some permanent makeup can last for many years at a time. Definitely worth considering if you love the look of makeup but tire of applying and removing it every day. 

In terms of the procedure itself, it involves semi-permanent makeup tattooing. That’s right, permanent makeup is a form of face tattoo! But, unlike regular tattoos, these ones don’t reach the deeper layers of skin. That would be too harsh for the delicate areas we’re having treated. 

Caring For & Maintaining Your Permanent Makeup At Home

Maintaining Your Permanent Makeup At Home


Once you’ve left the salon, taking care of your permanent makeup is up to you. It’s not something you can neglect as you could risk infection to the treated areas. Here’s what you need to do before and after treatment.

Things To Avoid Before Your Procedure

When mild bleeding occurs during your procedure, it can prevent the color pigments from absorbing properly into the skin. Therefore, make sure to avoid things that can thin the blood like alcohol, vitamin E, and Ibuprofen, for 48 before your procedure.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated will always help to speed healing. Therefore, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the entire healing process. 

Dry Healing

Whilst you’ll need to keep the treated area clean, we recommend washing once a day with lukewarm water only. Do this very gently and then immediately pat the area dry. At all other times, keep your permanent makeup a dry as possible so as not to interfere with healing or the color pigment. 

Sleep On Your Back

In the days after the procedure, we don’t recommend sleeping on your face! This can interrupt the healing process, accidentally remove scabs, and cause infection

Don’t Pick

Scabbing and dry skin is totally normal after a permanent makeup procedure so be sure not to pick at them. This can lead to a slower healing time, can cause irritation and infection, and disturbs the pigment from developing properly. 

Stay Out Of The Sun

Sun exposure is definitely a no-no after a permanent makeup treatment. Not only can it make you sweat which will cause the area to become wet, but it can also really affect the color of your new makeup.

On Which Areas Of The Face Can You Get Permanent Makeup?


Are you hoping for a full face of permanent makeup? Or are there just one or two areas you’re considering? Either way, you’ll need to know what’s available to you if you’re going to choose the right combination for you and your routine…

  • Lips

Choose an all-over blush effect that’s similar to your natural lip color, or opt for a slightly darker shade with a lip liner effect.

  • Eyes

A permanent eyeliner procedure will stop you from needing to apply that fiddly line every day!

  • Eyebrows

A microblading tattoo uses fine hair strokes to fill in missing or sparse areas of your brows. 

  • Faux Freckles

For a youthful, sunkissed appearance, opt for faux freckles. 

  • Scarring Camouflage

Scarring camouflage cleverly mimics your skin color to cover over areas of scarring. 

How Much Does It Cost?

As you might imagine, these long-lasting makeup effects don’t exactly come cheap. However, when you think about the time you’ll save, plus the money you won’t be spending on makeup, it’s worth it for lots of people!

Prices, of course, vary depending on the salon you visit and the area you’re having treated. Whilst scar camouflage costs anywhere between $2000 and $4500, microbladed brows could cost you anywhere from $500 to upwards of $1000. Lip tinting comes in around the $1400 – $1600 mark. More affordable permanent makeup treatments are eyeliner, for which you can expect to pay around $500 – $800, and faux freckles, usually priced around $200. 

Does It Hurt?

Not all cosmetic tattooing is painful. For example, most report only mild pressure from microblading, whilst eyeliner is usually a little more uncomfortable. The one that people seem to agree actually hurts? The lips. However, if you can grin and bear the pain during your treatment, the healed result will be well worth it. 

Is It Safe?

Yes, permanent tattoos are safe. However, we highly recommend doing your research before booking any appointments. Make sure the artist you choose has an excellent reputation, ask to see photos of their previous work. Even reaching out to former clients is a good idea. Additionally, we suggest speaking with your dermatologist beforehand to rule out any possible allergies to the inks used. 

Finally, diligent aftercare is 100% essential! Neglecting to take care of the treated areas can otherwise result in infection. 

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

Exactly how long permanent makeup lasts will depend on the areas you have treated and how well you maintain them afterward. You also may need touch-up appointments so check before you commit!

On average, with proper care, Faux freckles land lip tints last around 1 year, eyeliner and micro bladed brows last roughly 1-1.5 years, scarring camouflage can last anywhere from 2.5 – 15 years.