The Best Modern Shag Haircuts – From Short to Long

They may not be for everybody but, truthfully, we’re loving modern shag haircuts over here! From their casual choppiness and heaps of texture to those effortlessly cool waves and nonchalant layers, everything about this cut screams cool. Maybe that’s why this summer feels like the perfect time to take the plunge and go for this style yourself! 

The only question is, which length should you go for? Will you opt for long wavy locks you can style into various, undeniably cool up-or-down do’s? Or, does the idea of something short and fresh feel right for your all-new look?

No need to decide right away, we’re about to show you our top recommended shag haircuts for women from short and cute to long and beautiful. All you need to do is choose your favorite, then make your appointment here with us at the Anushka Salon to make your new hair dreams a reality!

Short Shag Haircuts

Just because your hair is on the shorter side doesn’t mean a shag haircut is out of the question for you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. There are so many cute and fierce short shag looks out there, we’re actually spoiled for choice! These, however, are our favorites without a doubt…

A Short Shaggy Mullet

We know, we know. A shag haircut and a mullet! It may be a little much for some. However, if you’re out there looking for a chop that’s really going to make a statement and allow your shorter locks to stand out from the crowd in the coolest way, this is the cut for you. With more volume on top and shorter more tapered ends around the bottom section of your hair, this is a great low-maintenance style that will suit all hair types from curly to straight.

The Layered Short Shag

Those in need of a volumizing haircut will adore this layered shag chop. Not only will the different layered lengths create shape and dimension, but they’ll also give your hair tons of character and personality. It’s an especially great cut for those with wavy or mildly curly hair as it will really give those natural curves a chance to shine through.

The Shaggy Bob

Somehow, this style manages to be both edgy and classic in nature! Firstly, you have those seriously cool, choppy layers that create tons of volume and stop just above your shoulders to keep the look fresh. Meanwhile, the length and the way the layers taper off so nicely both work to frame your face making you look put together and polished. Opt for this shag haircut if you just can’t decide which look is your favorite, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Medium Shag Haircuts

Whether you’re growing out your hair or you just love that mid-length life, we adore medium-length hair just as much as you do. What’s more, it’s a perfect length for a shag haircut with a modern edge that you can style in plenty of different up and down do’s.

The Shaggy Lob

If the shaggy bob seemed just a little too short for you, opt for the shaggy lob instead. Once again, this cut is a great way to embrace a choppy texture with heaps of volume that works especially well for finer hair. However, with this cut, you’ll still be able to style your hair up and can leave a few of those shorter pieces down in front to create a face-framing finish.

The Shag Cut With Full Bangs

Truthfully, a shag haircut with bangs can work at any length. However, we think medium hair offers the optimum length for it to truly shine. Why? Bangs can sometimes be a little heavy or overpowering for a shorter shag cut, especially if it has particularly chopping or tapered ends. Additionally, if your hair is very long and cut into a shag style, it can weigh down the look and appear a little drab. So, if you’re currently rocking medium locks and want to try out bangs alongside a new modern chop, definitely try this one out!

Long Shag Haircuts

We get it. You want to shake things up with your style but just can’t bear to part with those lengthy tresses. Well, happily for you, there are plenty of gorgeous long shag haircuts out there that will allow for both!

A Long Shag Haircut With Wispy Curtain Bangs

Long shag haircuts with full bangs can sometimes lead to your style looking a little heavy and weighed down. Especially with all of that hair surrounding your face and falling over your shoulders. Instead, we recommend opting for wispier, center-parted bangs. These will still look amazing and give off that effortlessly cool bangs vibe. But, they’ll also blend much better with your longer shaggy layers and look great with all hair types!

Long, Shaggy, Razor Cut Layers

Since the main purpose of a long shag haircut is to create texture and dimension whilst maintaining your desired length. We can think of few chicer styles than intentionally uneven, razor-cut layers. This nonchalant way of cutting the hair may sound messy, but trust us, it’s done with great care! The outcome looks cool and effortless, giving off beachy summer vibes that were made for those with naturally wavy locks. That said, this style can totally still work and look gorgeous on those with straight or curly hair. It will simply take on a more, or less, voluminous finish.

Long Shag Cut With Short Layers

If you really want to keep this style on the edge, ask your stylist at Anushka Spa & Salon to maintain your length. If you really want to keep this style on the edge, ask your stylist to maintain your length. But go in for much shorter layers that frame your face and end around the same sort of length as your chin. This will give off a more retro-looking style and will also create heaps of volume within your new cut. Particularly perfect for those with thin or fine hair!

Do you have what it takes to go for the chop and opt for 2021’s coolest, edgiest haircut? After looking over this list and seeing all of these temptingly beautiful shag styles, we say go for it!