This Is Why We Swear By Oribe’s Bright Blonde Line

We all have our go-to haircare products. The ones that no matter how many others we try, we always end up circling back to because we know how amazingly well they work for our hair. For us here at the Anushka Spa and Salon, those products come from Oribe’s incredible Bright Blonde Line. 

If you’re currently rocking beautiful blond tresses and haven’t used these products yet, you’re in for the biggest treat of your life!

The Products

From washing to conditioning to repairing those precious locks, Oribe’s Bright Blonde line has you well and truly covered. Let’s take a more in-depth look…

Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color

When it comes to caring for blond hair, in our experience, few products measure up to the brilliance of this purple shampoo. From the heavenly scent to the incomparable brightening results, it’s an absolute must for ladies with lighter locks.

Why We Swear By This Shampoo

Why We Swear By This Shampoo

Firstly, if you’re wondering, ‘does it really matter all that much which shampoo I wash my hair with?’ the answer is a definitive, yes! And, once you see just how this product’s intuitive brightening complex revitalizes the shade, tonality, and luminosity of your hair, you’ll understand why. 

How does it do this? It’s all thanks to a winning combination of lemon, ginger root, and chamomile extracts! This satisfying blend instantly improves the look of your locks in terms of both color and shine. Your hair will look brighter and healthier from the very first wash. 

Irresistible Ingredients

The Oribe signature complex of watermelon, lychee, and edelweiss flower not only defends your hair against photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin but also from oxidative stress. This is an imbalance of antioxidants within the body that left untreated can result in damage to your hair cells. Instead, using this shampoo will aid the health of your hair and impart luminescent brightness and long-lasting shine!

Other highly beneficial ingredients include swiss garden watercress sprouts. Much like the watermelon, lychee, and edelweiss flower combination we mentioned, this ingredient works to detoxify and protect your hair from stressful environmental factors. These include pollution, and natural oxidation, both of which, left untreated, can dull the vibrancy of your hair color. Luckily, thanks to Oribe, we won’t need to find out what that looks like!

The Benefits Of Violet Shampoo

As you’re probably aware, violet shampoo corrects brassiness. This is a welcome result for any blonds’ hair care routine, of course, as who wants brassiness and yellow tones dulling the effects of their sunshine blond tresses? Not us.

Now, though we wouldn’t usually suggest washing your hair every day, for those out there that simply can’t resist, you can use this shampoo daily. Doing so will work to brighten and tone blond hair though we do advise caution. Daily washing and scrubbing of our locks can cause them to become dry and brittle since the natural oils don’t get a chance to return and nourish our strands naturally. 

Therefore, if you do decide to wash your hair every day, make sure you’re also using a conditioning treatment (preferably the one we’re about to talk about!), and make sure to take days off here and there to give those strands of yours a well-deserved break from all that attention!

Bright Blonde Conditioner for Beautiful Color

As well as needing a revitalizing violet shampoo that corrects brassiness and yellow tones, we also need a conditioner that works alongside it. That’s where Oribe’s Bright Blonde Conditioner For Beautiful Color comes in!

Why We Swear By This Conditioner

This amazing formula works incredibly fast so you only need to leave it on for a minute or so. Massage it into your strands and once you rinse it off, you’ll immediately notice a more luminescent brightness and shine.

The Benefits

This heavenly conditioner works to restore elasticity to your strands when they’ve become dry or damaged. It also makes detangling your tresses a breeze after washing so you can prevent even more breakage that way. 

Much like the shampoo, this conditioner is also suitable for daily use should you wish to wash your hair each morning. It too will help to slow the deterioration of natural keratin and, thanks once again to the inclusion of Swiss garden cress sprouts, it can reverse the drying, damaging effects of our environment. 

More Amazing Ingredients

Alongside those we’ve already mentioned, the Oribe’s Bright Blonde conditioner includes a few other gorgeous ingredients we just have to share!

As we all want our conditioner to nourish our hair first and foremost, its blend of Moringa, Baobab, Shea butter, and Mirabelle plum oils work together to provide amazing moisturization. That said, the formula is not in any way heavy and never weighs the hair down. It’s the perfect balance of moisture that still allows for plenty of bounce and movement once our hair has been blow-dried and styled!

Additionally, the inclusion of lavender extract helps to deeply nourish brittle hair and bring back the shine.

Bright Blonde Radiance & Repair Treatment

Last, but by no means least, we have Oribe’s amazing Radiance & Repair treatment. Use this treatment once a week in place of your regular conditioner. Simply spritz it (generously) throughout damp hair and leave for a few minutes. Once you rinse it off, you’ll see why we’re so crazy about it!

Why We Swear By This Repair Treatment

This is a product from Anushka Spa & Salon we recommend having on hand if you have blond hair. Whilst you should always make sure to condition your hair after washing, sometimes, our tresses still need a little extra help in the moisturization department! 

When that happens, this restorative treatment, specially formulated for blonds, works more intensely to repair damaged strands and split ends. With a signature blend of lemon ginger root and chamomile extracts, it’ll also restore the softness, brightness, and shine to your hair, eliminate brassy tones, and prevent any further damage from occurring. Honestly, what more could we ask for.