The Top 5 Injectables for the Holidays

Ditch the Filter & Get the Filler for the perfect holiday photos!

By Faryal Farooqi, MD

The holiday season is amongst us, and 2024 is right around the corner! Especially here in Palm Beach, Florida, this entails gatherings, celebrations, family get-togethers, and an abundance of photo taking opportunities. This is the time of year to enjoy life’s little pleasures and festivities, but it’s also the perfect time to get noticed! A simple yet convenient approach to looking amazing is with our diverse line of Palm Beach injectables. Achieve a radiant, lifted complexion and accentuate your festive ensemble with the youthful glow that allows you shine bright at every event you host or attend in Palm Beach, Florida.

Because Palm Beach injectables are quick and easy to administer and yield instantaneous benefits, injectables are a perfect option for the holidays. You can receive your Palm Beach injectable treatment here in Downtown West Palm Beach at Anushka Concierge Medicine and Wellness when you’re taking a break from work, shopping, or in-between other activities.

Here are some options I recommend for looking fantastic and refreshed for the season!

Botox or Dysport
Smooth away wrinkles

Banish worry lines, crow’s feet, and other fine lines and wrinkles to achieve youthful, smooth skin again! Neuromodulators are simple, safe, and effective. When done with an expert hand, we can help you achieve smooth skin and retain your range of facial motion – but skip the wrinkles and tired appearance. Holidays can bring their share of stress – don’t let it show on your face! Enjoy a more youthful, relaxed, and refresh appearance at your parties and festivities in Palm Beach this year.


Leave everyone wondering what your secret is this holiday season with youthful, natural rejuvenation from our collection of Restylane fillers. Restylane dermal fillers use clear gel formulations of hyaluronic acid. As the original non-animal stabilized HA filler, Restylane was designed to be the closest match to the body’s own hyaluronic acid with minimal crosslinking. Plump and lift sagging skin, smooth wrinkles, define your facial features, and turn back the clock to reveal your younger self during the holidays.


Make a change for the long term when it comes to revitalizing and refreshing your face. Sculptra is a unique injectable that achieves rejuvenation over a period of time, and the results last for 2-3 years before another treatment is needed. Fill sunken areas of the face, including the temples, smooth wrinkles, enhance the skin, and define your jawline. This beautiful, breakthrough product is the fountain of youth in a bottle. Everyone in Palm Beach will wonder how you’re aging backwards!

Juvéderm Volbella XC
Plump your lips

Full, smooth, and attractive lips are a beauty standard that is always in style – especially during the holiday season when photo taking abounds. Juvéderm provides beautifully plump, supple lips. For those who have vertical lip lines, you’ll love your renewed smile that gives an extra sparkle to the holiday cheer!

Juvéderm Vollure XC

Experience the joy of the holidays with a big smile, without the smile lines. As you age, your skin is less firm and loses volume. Juvéderm Vollure XC smooths smile lines and moderate to severe facial lines and creases. And better yet, it lasts up to 18 months, so by next December, you’ll still be enjoying the benefits! It provides a beautiful yet subtle result that will keep everyone in Palm Beach noticing but hardly guessing what’s making your lips so luscious.

Book Your Consultation

Dr. Faryal Farooqi is available for consultations at our Downtown West Palm Beach office, located at The Square, minutes from Palm Beach. She will review your profile and complexion, recommending the best Palm Beach injectables for your immediate concerns, and suggest preventative treatments to delay common signs of aging – all of which will help you light up the room during this holiday season! To reserve an appointment with Dr. Farooqi, call 561-820-2424.

Dr. Farooqi is Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Functional medicine, and Aesthetic medicine. She completed a fellowship in Advanced Dermatologic Diseases and Laser Light Therapies. Using her delicate eye and clinical expertise, Dr. Farooqi can diagnose and manage a myriad of skin and medical conditions. She is also skilled in

Advanced Cosmetic and skin services like facial balancing with fillers, Neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Daxxify), melasma, psoriasis, and eczema, using treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, microneedling, chemical peels, and solutions for hair loss. These treatments are performed from the comfort of our Downtown West Palm Beach office, located minutes from Palm Beach Island.

At Anushka Concierge Medicine and wellness, our mission is to restore your youth, and improve your complexion and overall skin health. We look forward to working with you in our luxurious, private, comfortable West Palm Beach office, designed to center around you and your personal needs.