Positively Pretty this Season at the Anushka MedSpa

How To Get Positively Pretty with Dr. Bonnie of the Anushka MedSpa

The holiday season is in full swing everywhere you go, which means an upwelling of gatherings where people will “see and be seen,” as we say. This can add another layer of stress to an already busy time. And especially here in Palm Beach, where the holidays are a precursor to our snowbird season, I find a lot of clients prefer getting their “refreshing” treatments in the early days of December.

And that makes great sense, since allowing a few weeks for your treatments to settle in will give you the most positive and refreshed look possible. After more years than I care to share in the Cosmedical space, there is one philosophical constant that I know to be true, and that is we all want to look our best. And as the years pass by, what we contend with more than anything is time, which has its natural ways of showing up in our appearance. But luckily, there are plenty of wonderful and subtle treatments I love to use in my practice to help maintain a youthful glow. Allow me to share some of them with you!


Our cheeks, while plump and voluminous, offer the lovely appearance of youth. But as time passes, the cheeks naturally begin to lose volume. Other things, like weight loss, can also contribute to a loss of volume in the cheeks. Happily, we can quickly restore cheeks to give them back a soft plumpness, which results in a refreshed and rested look. Right now, I love using Restylane Contour for this area. When placed deep, or even a bit more superficial, a subtle youthful softness is achieved. The treatment itself is incredibly gentle and just a little ice enhances your comfort during this quick procedure. The result is immediate and there is little to no bruising. The benefit of enhancing the cheeks is that it also helps lift and restore the profile of the face. The result is a more holistic youthful enhancement of the face.


While enhanced lips are becoming a very popular treatment for men and women of a broad age range, I most prefer utilizing lip treatments to restore lips to their natural state, adding a bit of definition without “overdoing” them. For this, I like to use Restylane Kysse. This product adds a youthful softness to lips – creating a bit of definition while undoing any “deflation” that may have happened over time. Restylane Kysse is a remarkably soft yet movable hyaluronic acid that blends into your own tissues and moves in synchrony with your lip anatomy.

For this in-office treatment, a strong topical numbing agent is applied in advance of the treatment to lessen any discomfort. Restylane Kysse also contains lidocaine to further reduce any discomfort. The result is beautiful, soft, natural looking lips.

Lines & Wrinkles

As early as your 30’s, you might begin to notice those frown lines stick around a little longer, and start to get a little deeper, too. We’ve been using products like Botox and Dysport for quite some time now, and there’s a good reason why they’re still the most popular products we offer: because they really work! Strategically suspending targeted muscles in the face helps reduce, and in some cases eliminates, fine lines and wrinkles that form over time. Neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport are wonderful even as a “preventative aging” technique – a treatment that when used early can help maintain a crease-free complexion. 

Here at Anushka, we use the smallest needle manufactured, so the treatment is without discomfort and surprisingly quick. The product begins working in just a few days and offers the remarkable effect of looking refreshed and relaxed, something we all strive for during the holidays! 

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