Pre-Season Prep with Dr. Bonnie of The Anushka MedSpa

The start of Fall in the Palm Beaches means we’re about to head into the most coveted months of the year, more commonly known as “In-Season.” And for most, it also means the social calendar is about to fill up. However, always being “ready for anything” in Palm Beach takes a lot of work—at any age. Yet, proper planning at our Palm Beach MedSpa can make it look and feel easy to look your best in a moment’s notice. 

Step 1: Good Skin

First, I like to always do a quick assessment of your appearance. Is your skin healthy and glowing? Have you paid it much attention in the “off season?” What are you using on a regular basis? 

As part of my frequent recommendations, based on years of research and my own experience with thousands of patients, everyone should be on a retinoid. The retinoid reallyis your best friend (unless you are pregnant, lactating, or planning to become pregnant). It can be a generic tretinoin cream (Retin-A), a medical-grade retinol such as Zo® Skin Health or SkinMedica®, or Tazarotene, another retinoid. 

Remember that these will be used for the rest of your life, or at least for as long as you want your skin to look its best! And you must pair your retinoid routine with a good quality sunscreen during the day to prevent unwanted sun exposure.

Step 2: Tone & Tighten

Most of us contend with skin that requires some form of regular resurfacing to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, erase spots from sun damage and aging, and even restore scarring from acne. To achieve that, as well as that coveted “glow” and tightening effect, our Morpheus8 treatment really is the gold standard.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the Morpheus8 creates micro-dermal wounds throughout the skins surface while simultaneously injecting radiofrequency waves directly into the dermal layers. This treatment initiates a holistic wound-healing process that delivers fresh collagen to the skin, resulting in tissues that are more tightly wound. The overall result is fresh, renewed skin that’s both tighter and more supple – the ideal anti-aging combination.

Step 3: Replenish & Replace

We all go through a natural cycle of aging throughout our lives, beginning as early as in our 30’s for most. This natural process tends to result in facial fat loss, bone deterioration, and collagen depletion. Gratefully, we have several excellent products to naturally replenish and restore not only a healthy-looking profile, but products like Sculptra® can (and do) help restore bone mass and collagen production. 

I often see volume loss begin in the cheeks and around the jawline. Juvéderm Volux®, a new dermal filler recently developed by Allergan, the makers of BOTOX, is designed specifically for recreating the definition of the jawline. As the bone shrinks, excess skin begins to hang down since it has lost some support. Placing Volux® along the jawline will diminish the look of “jowling”, an issue that at some point seems to plague everyone. 

To finish balancing the face, placing a bit of Juvéderm Voluma or Restylane Contour in the lateral cheek area creates the ultimate positive look. It can take years off your appearance. Even close friends would notice a subtle boost in your youthful appearance without ever looking “overdone.” 

Step 4: Book & Save!

Nothing could make the anticipation of season sweeter than our special pricing on all my favorite treatments, happening now through October! For a limited time, we’re offering incredible savings on treatments like Morpheus8, Voluma, and Volux, in addition to our other incredible specials. To view our current offers, visit:

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