Refreshed & Rejuvenated for Season

The holiday season in Palm Beach is so much more than just a celebration of holidays. Rather, it’s a kickoff to all the wonderful happenings that make Palm Beach the winter destination of choice for so many around the world, especially our adoring clientele. And it always warms my heart to welcome our seasonal clients back around this time. With so much anticipation for another fabulous season, I wanted to focus on sharing all the ways I’m preparing the patients in my practice for the 2023/2024 season ahead with this: My 3 steps to a sensational season!

Step 1: Mid-Face Contouring

Having full, “cheery” cheeks is always a special request of my clients, and for good reason! Adding a bit of volume to the mid-face creates a healthy look and an aura of happiness that makes you appear like you have no stress (even if this is a stressful time for many). Restylane Contour and Juvéderm Voluma are the perfect additions to keep you looking positive and happy. As you can see from my video here, the procedure is quick and mostly pain-free. The result are immediate and the area presents little to no bruising. After a short time, you can apply make-up, if you normally wear it, and you’re quickly ready to attend any party or gathering.

Step 2: Lip Rejuvenation

Now for the party-pucker. Occasionally, I like to suggest a refresh of the lips, as after some time they can lose a bit of volume. The perfect fix for this is Restylane Kysse. My favorite mantra for Restylane Kysse is: “Kysse simply makes pretty lips even prettier!” It is a quick procedure, after numbing, and looks beautiful immediately. When I use Kysse, we never want to “overdo” the lips. Rather, this product keeps lips looking truly elegant and beautiful!

Step 3: Smooth Lines & Wrinkles

Botox and Dysport are such foundational products for maintaining a youthful, relaxed appearance. Now is a great time to have your maintenance treatment to achieve a smooth face well into the new year. That’s why we’ve placed Dysport on special in combination with many of our other favorite treatments. You can view them all now on our specials page!

Book Early!

With schedules filing up quickly, and those important holidays now truly “just around the corner,” it’s the perfect time to schedule your youth restoring treatments at the Anushka Cosmedical Centre in West Palm Beach, Florida. To book your treatment, or learn more about our services, call 561-820-8055.