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Look Rested with Restylane—at Any Age

Are you at war with dark circles and under-eye hollows?

Dark circles seem to plague people of all ages, and youth is not always a complete protection against facial contours that make you look older than you are. Heredity plays a huge role when it comes to facial structure and appearance. What is often missing in younger people with dark eye circles is a layer of fat underneath the eye, as well as their unique bone structure, leaving a valley or crevice that creates shadowing. There is no amount of eye concealer or eye brightener that can combat that darkness.

How to Fix Under Eye Circles

Thankfully, something can be done about this phenomenon. Replacing either what was not there to begin with or adding what was lost with age will bring the reflection of light up to the same plane as the rest of the face, eliminating the darkness. This can be done surgically with a fat transfer, or with a hyaluronic acid (a dermal filler) placed skillfully in this area, such as Restylane.

How Long Does Restylane for Under Eye Circles Last?

Restylane, a leading hyaluronic acid dermal filler, typically provides anywhere from 9 to 12 months of effectiveness, making maintenance fairly limited. As with many injection treatments, results are nearly instant and the product slowly metabolizes over time naturally, and gradually.

The good news is that when a hyaluronic acid is used, it can be removed with an enzyme if the patient is not completely satisfied, something that is not possible with fat transfer.

Are there other Solutions for Under Eye Circles?

While filling the under-eye area with hyaluronic acid dermal filler is remarkably successful, it is important to remember that the skin directly under the eye is the thinnest on the face. As we continue to move along in life, otherwise known as aging, this skin gets even thinner. With that said, there are daily topicals that Anushka Spa & Salon can help improve your under-eye circles and hollows.

One of my favorite solutions for this is the use of retinoids (think Retin-A-like products) and/or acids. The skin under the eye welcomes these treatments and can get thicker, reversing the trend of aging – which is skin thinning. One caveat though: do not use a retinoid if you are pregnant or lactating. Repeated use of retinoids and/or acids will keep that skin looking young – as well as the rest of the face – perhaps forever!


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