HydraFacial in West Palm Beach


Consultation Required?:


Treatment Length:

45-60 Minutes

# of Sessions Needed:


Results Duration:

6 Weeks

What it Treats


Congested Pores

Fine Lines



Dehydrated Skin

A Luxurious Facial Experience

The Hydrafacial in West Palm Beach is Anushka’s highest-quality facial available. Using the latest developments in vortex technology, we can extract toxins, dirt, and debris from your pores that would otherwise be missed by traditional facials. Then we infuse serums and nutrients into your pores to hydrate and nourish your skin.

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What To Expect

When you walk into Anushka, you can be expect to be greeted by our experienced care team.

We’ll begin your Hydrafacial by making your you comfortable and answering any questions, then we’ll cleanse your face in preparation for your Hydrafacial.

How Anushka Approaches Beauty

Anushka has spent over 50 years improving the lives of clients with exceptional treatments that are clinically proven to deliver the results they’re looking for. When we first opened in 1974 in New York’s Upper East Side, we offered only a handful of services. However, these high-quality services had been thoroughly researched and were proven to deliver results.

During our 5 decades in business, Anushka’s main goal has been to provide exceptional beauty experiences based on the highest quality of service and expertise. Our dedication to our clients and their goals is the reason Anushka has grown to become one of the most recognized med spas in the country.

Signature Hydrafacial

The Hydrafacial system incorporates patented vortex infusion technology. This invigorating facial includes deep cleansing and exfoliation, followed by extracting impurities from the skin while simultaneously infusing nourishing ingredients to hydrate the skin. The signature Hydrafacial also includes manual extractions.

Pricing: $229 and Up

Deluxe Hydrafacial

The combination of Hydrafacial’s vortex action gently infuses and delivers hydrating nutrients to the skin’s surface to dramatically improve skin health. The deluxe Hydrafacial encompasses the same benefits of the signature Hydrafacial, along with a personalized booster to address your specific skin concerns and LED light therapy to further reduce visual signs of aging.

Pricing: $269 and Up

Platinum Hydrafacial

The ultimate Hydrafacial experience, this detoxification process begins with lymphatic drainage, then the platinum Hydrafacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin while incorporating a booster designed to target your special skin concerns. This Hydrafacial includes LED light therapy to further reduce the visual signs of aging and provide maximum benefits for your skin.

Pricing: $299 and Up

Results We've Achieved

Before & After

Benefits of Hydrafacial in West Palm Beach

Gentle & Effective

For one of our most effective facials, our Hydrafacial is gentle and can be used on even the most sensitive skin types. No matter if your skin is dry, oily, or acne-prone, Hydrafacial can help improve your symptoms and deliver refreshed skin.

Immediate Results

One of the greatest benefits of a Hydrafacial is there is no need for downtime and you’ll be able to see your results immediately after finishing your treatment.

Long-Lasting Benefits

The results of a Hydrafacial last longer than any of our other facials—6 weeks. And if you get Hydrafaicals regularly and have a regular at-home skincare routine, results could last even longer.

Our Specials

At Anushka, we want our clients to have the best beauty experience possible. One way we do this is by offering monthly specials that enable our clients to undergo many of our services at limited-time prices. Whether you’re looking to experience something new, or save on a familiar favorite, we offer multiple options at our spa, salon, med spa, and wellness center. Our specials are updated every month, so take a look at which treatments you might enjoy before they are gone.

Plan For Improved Skin

Use our custom treatment planning tool and fin out if a Hydrafacial in West Palm Beach is perfect for you.


Faded Color
Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Thin Lips
Sagging Skin

Our Clients’ Experiences

  • I don’t know what took me so long in getting on board with microneedling but I’m certainly a big fan now! I’ve been seeing Lesley for a while now and WOW, what a difference. She is so knowledgeable as well! Thanks again Lesley!

    - Anne Maher

  • Liza is amazing, her service was exceptional! She really knows skin.

    - Bookie Schwartz

  • Liza is THE most Exceptional and professional aesthetician I have ever known! I Highly Recommend her to ALL who want an OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE!!!

    - Suzan Zimmerman

  • Enjoyed a wonderful signature facial with Ellie! My skin feels clean and refreshed and
    the entire experience was top-tier and luxurious. Will be back again to check out their
    salon services!

    - Sea Gudinski

  • Enjoyed a wonderful signature facial with Ellie! My skin feels clean and refreshed and
    the entire experience was top-tier and luxurious. Will be back again to check out their
    salon services!

    - Sea Gudinski

  • I had an amazing experience at Anushka! I flew in town to get the Morpheus and it was perfect! Amazing people amazing experience.

    - Ruth McKeaney

About Anushka

Anushka began in 1974 as a small yet luxurious spa located in New York’s Upper East Side. Anushka was founded with one goal in mind: to provide exceptional treatments based on research and high-quality service.

Now, over 50 years later, we’ve moved from our small but elegant spa into our 12,000 square foot space in West Palm Beach that offers an expansive range of treatments under our spa, salon, med spa and wellness departments. We’ve been internationally recognized as an industry leader and have helped some of the country’s top models and celebrities achieve their best life with our groundbreaking treatments. Despite all the changes Anushka has gone through, our goal of elevating clients’ beauty experiences has always remained the same.



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