You Can’t Miss It – The French Shag

You Can't Miss The French Shag

If you’ve even glanced at social media over the past twelve months, you’ll definitely have come across the phenomenon that is, the French shag haircut! From short tousled shags to effortlessly long styles, women everywhere have fallen head over heels for this modern take on a once retro cut. Will you take the plunge and opt for a rocker style chop this year or do you need a little more info on the right look and cut for your face shape first? Either way, read on and discover the most beautiful French shag styles out there, the celebs who love them and which is right for the natural texture of your hair!

What Is A French Shag Haircut?

A French shag haircut might just be the most requested hair cut of the past few months and by all ac-counts, it’s popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing at all! But what exactly is it? Well, this cut is all about the face-framing layers, creating fabulously full hair texture and generally looking effortlessly cool! Several layers are created starting close to the crown to lift and add volume to your tresses whilst air drying your hair is encouraged to let the ‘woke up like this’ vibe, shine through!

Pros Of A French Shag Haircut

Understandably, opting for a shag haircut may seem daunting at first. The multiple layers, the carefree curl of it all and, if you’re really feeling brave, the new bangs! That being said, once you’ve taken the plunge, booked your appointment and are leaving our West Palm Beach hair salon, you’re going to leave feeling cooler and, surprisingly, more modern than you have in years. Not only does this cut do the most amaz-ing job of framing the face and eyes, but it also gives the option of air drying your hair without the worry of it looking a frizzy mess! This is thanks to carefully positioned layers that ensure your hair will sit in the right shape as it dries. It’s not a science, it’s most definitely a work of art and a small amount of product will be all you need to wash your hair and go!

What Are The Different Types

There are so many different types of shag haircut it would be truly impossible to name them all! Most in-clude bangs but not all which is great news for those who either don’t suit or fear having them cut in! The really wonderful thing about shag haircuts is that they generally suit all hair types, colors and lengths so there’ll definitely be an option for you no matter what you’re currently working with! Now, let’s take a look at some of our favorites shag haircuts that are perfect for your new look…

The Shaggy Bob

As shag cuts go, this is one of our absolute favorites! It’s clean, it’s messy. let’s just be honest, it’s everything! For those out there with short hair looking for something a little different to mix up their look, we just can’t recommend this cut more. But don’t take our word for it, simply book an appointment with one of our highly trained hair stylists here at the Anushka spa and salon and see for yourself! This choppy shag cut will instantly add shape and bounce to thick hair and give that coveted tousled hair texture to those with finer tresses.

The Lob Shag

This is certainly one of the more modern takes on this look and we truly adore it. A lob in itself is always a great contemporary choice for minimum upkeep and maximum coolness! However, once you add in a few sexy and mussy layers toward the crown, you’ll start to see an elevated version of this beloved style that gives of an edgier and even more nonchalant vibe.

The Long Curly Shag

Lovers of long hair needn’t worry, there’s no need to say goodbye to those endless tresses in search of the perfect Shag haircut. The long curly shag is the perfect way to add an edgy vibe to your look without los-ing your length or love of your naturally bouncy curls. Simply ask your stylist to add those choppy layers to your existing lengths to add lift and vibrancy to your flowing locks!

The Long Shag With Bangs

Now, you, of course, don’t need to opt for a long shag haircut to ask your stylist to include bangs as, when it comes to shag haircuts, bangs really are the perfect addition. However, if you are choosing to keep your hair long and add bangs to you enhance the new voluminous nature of your shorter layers, it’s a great decision! Ideal for both the winter and summer months, this effortless look is unquestionably cool.

Celebrity Shag Hairstyles

We’re are certainly not the only ones who think this hair cut is one to shout about. Countless celebrities the world over have been asking for this particular cut of late and some have already had it for years! Just look to the gorgeous Kate Mara, Dianna Agron or Jennifer Lawrence for the most contemporary takes on this edgy style! Even Jennifer Aniston was one of the originals, of course! Her early Friends days saw her rock-ing the most incredible layers and volume, plus, we all know how popular that look became! Jane Fonda, another style icon of our time has even been rocking a shorter version of this look for years.

So, if all of this inspiration and talk of effortlessly gorgeous tresses has you yearning for a new look to commence the new decade, why not go ahead and make an appointment here with us at the Anushka Hair Salon in West Palm Beach Florida. We’ll be extremely happy to welcome you to our stunning hair sa-lon and have you feeling your most amazing self in no time!