19 Short Hairstyles for Older Women


As the years pass and you step into your older years, there’s no doubt you want your hair to stay fresh and fabulous. While age is just a number, there are some specific hairstyles that can help to add life, volume, and youthfulness to your face, and take years off of it. The secret is going a bit shorter and adding plenty of texture and layers. And if you’re feeling unsure of what your options are, we put together this list of short hairstyles for older women to help inspire you! 

Remember, that aging is a beautiful part of life, and you can stay just as stylish with the right cut on your side. Before we dive into different short hairstyles for older women, let’s run through a few commonly asked questions.

What Haircut Makes You Look Younger?

If you’re wondering what haircut makes you look younger, there are quite a few options. Generally, it’s best to go for sleek and simple, shorter hairstyles that will allow you to get rid of any damaged hair.

You will want to get something that frames your face nicely while also looking healthy. In fact, having the right haircut can help to take years off your appearance and make you look young as ever.

Does Short Hair Make You Look Younger?

Short hair is usually going to be your best bet when it comes to the desire for a more youthful appearance. So, you might be asking yourself, “does short hair make you look younger?” The truth is that going shorter allows you to get rid of damaged hair and will help it to look a lot healthier.

Short hairstyles also help to visually balance out your face shape and draw more attention to your beautiful features.

Short Hair Styles for Older Women

Ready to dive into our ideas for short hairstyles for older women? Let’s get started!

Short spikey pixie



You’re going to hear a lot about the pixie cut on this list. Simply because pixie cuts are so flattering on older women!

The short spiky pixie is especially great as it has a longer length at the top, but it is short just about everywhere else. This allows you to stay versatile with your hair.

Long Pixie



The long pixie is absolutely stunning! It’s the same as your classic pixie cut, but just with a little bit of added length to keep things fresh. 

The long pixie cut is especially great for those with aging hair as it includes a lot of layering and texturizing that helps the hair to look healthier than ever.

The super short pixie cut

In contrast to the long pixie is the super short pixie cut. This hairstyle is great for those interested in a strong and stylish finish to the hair. 

It’s important that the chop of the hair be perfect on this one in order to achieve that striking, edgy effect.

Soft a-line bob

An a-line bob is a perfect look for those who want a balanced shape. It usually includes minimal layering and a beautifully balanced shape in terms of the cut. 

The soft a-line bob is usually best for those with medium to fine hair as it will build up weight in the crown of the head naturally.

Short shag

A short and shaggy look is o-so-cute! This is the perfect hairstyle for those with fine hair and those who are looking for the fullness.

The short shag is also a style that complements a square jawline really well. It’s all about the texture and playfulness when it comes to this look!

Bouncy bob

There’s nothing spunkier than the bouncy bob! Using layers is a great way to create shape and movement within the hair. A bouncy bob can help to achieve this and can look cute and flirty or sleek and chic.

If you’re someone with straight hair, you can give extra body to your bob by using a curling iron to flip out the ends.

Short layered cut

A short layered cut is one of the best short hairstyles for older women. It’s low maintenance and doesn’t require a lot of day-to-day styling.

If the short layered cut is done right it can give you a sassy look that will only enhance your face as you age! This one is a great go-to.

Voluminous grey pixie cut

This one is edgy and classy all at the same time! Sometimes getting older means embracing those grey hairs and allowing them to shine through.

The grey hair is especially great with a pixie cut that’s enhanced with feathered layers. We give this one a ten out of ten!

Angled cut

An interesting way to spruce up your look is by adding some angled sharpness to the curved edges of your hairstyle. This can help to draw attention to the chin which helps you to appear bolder. 

An angled cut is especially great for older women who tend to experience softness in the face as they age.

Layered bob



Volume is going to be your best friend when it comes to finding the perfect hairstyle as you get older. Add some piecey layers to your bob to help create movement.

You can also add some platinum pieces throughout the hair to match any other hairs that might be greying.

Pixie undercut

We’ve talked a little bit about edgy short hairstyles for older women already, but the pixie undercut definitely takes the cake! This hairstyle is perfect for older women who still want to show a bit of edge and sass. 

You can make your undercut as extreme or subtle as you like!

Angled undercut



If you want to go for a more subtle undercut, then it can be a good idea to keep it long and straight on top. Add some volume to the crown of your head and integrate some subtle layers throughout.

You really can’t go wrong!

Longer curly pixie

If you’re blessed with curly hair then you will definitely want to take that into account when it comes to your hairstyle. Play up your curls by leaving some face-framing strands near your forehead and then styling the rest with the product. 

If you’ve got the curls then it’s best to flaunt them!

Short voluminous feathered hairstyle

If you’re looking for a bit of a boost when it comes to your hair, then adding some feathering throughout can definitely help. Feathering helps to add dimension, not to mention is super low maintenance.

Wispy bob



If you’re wanting to go for a more angled cut, but want to keep things light, then the wispy bob can be a great option. Add some curls to the hair to enhance the volume throughout!

Short and messy

If you’re someone who likes to have a super low-maintenance hairstyle then short and messy is the perfect cut for you. Shorten things up, but experiment a bit when it comes to layering and texture.

You might even add some color or highlights to really add to your cut.

Edgy pixie bob

The pixie bob combo is a great hairstyle for those who want the edginess of the pixie cut, but also the length and classic look of the bob. This style can be super chic when done right and doesn’t take a lot of effort when it comes to styling.

One-length bob with bangs

If layers aren’t your thing then you might go for a one-length bob with more minimal layers. This can help the hair to look fuller, without appearing too heavy.

It can also be styled in a ton of different ways, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly.

Short hair with neat side fringe

Adding a bit of fringe to your short hairstyle is a great way to flatter your face. You can go for long, medium, or short bangs depending on your preference. 

Be sure to ask your stylist what type of bangs are going to flatter your hairstyle and your face best! There are tons of different options to play around with.

The Perfect Short Hairstyle Awaits

Now it’s over to you to take one of these short hairstyles and make it a reality! If you find yourself having trouble deciding which short hairstyle is best for you, our stylists are here to help.

We’ll work with you to understand what look you’re going for and then make recommendations based on your unique features. Making a big change can feel like a big undertaking, but you’re sure to walk out of our doors feeling happier than ever when it comes to your look. 

Each of our stylists is dedicated to their specific art form and specializes in one modality. Be sure to ask about short hairstyles specifically before you go to book in at the Anushka hair salon!

Ready to schedule your appointment with one of your professional stylists? Call today to book in and get the hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of.