3 Ways To Actually Wear Blue Eye Shadow

Honestly, we’ve lost count of the times we’ve read a blog post claiming to reveal all of the most coveted secrets to making blue eyeshadow actually look good. Yet, when we try the techniques out for ourselves, we’re left looking, for lack of a better word, ridiculous! Well, no more. In service of finally using the 30 shades of blue we all have stashed away in our makeup bags (you know you do), we’ve found three simple yet seriously beautiful ways to wear it. And, you can trust us, they actually work! Keep scrolling and prepare to finally apply that shadow with style…


Winged Liner

There are no two ways about it, blue is a strong color. Even in its lightest form, it can be overpowering to even the most beautiful eyes and smoothest of complexions. So, what to do? We’ve found that the most effective (and stunningly beautiful) way to start your blue eyeshadow look, is by applying winged eyeliner first.

The reason for this is, aside from winged liquid liner just looking beautiful in general, it also adds shape and definition to your eyes. This gives them a seriously pretty and strong base on which to apply a brighter blue eyeshadow. 

This look is strong, it’s bold, and it’s intentional. 

How To:

For starters, make sure you prime your lids. This is especially important for those with hooded eyes as it can prevent your makeup from smudging. Now, continue by applying your liner of choice along the lash line. We recommend either a gel liner or a liquid liner such as the Liquid Eye Designer by Makeup Factory for this. 

Make sure you’re working your way up into a flick to add drama and to open out the eye. (pro tip: if you’re not sure where the flick should, well, flick, imagine where your bottom lash line would continue up to if it didn’t stop where it does, and draw along that imaginary line for perfect winged eyes.) Don’t be afraid to be bold and draw a thicker flick than you might usually. As you’ll be applying a stronger color, your eyes can certainly take it. 

once you’ve created the desired flick, go ahead and apply your blue eyeshadow. Use either a brush or your ring finger, whichever you feel gives you the most accuracy. Work the color neatly up to the natural crease of your eyelid making sure it finishes in a neat line. This will keep your eye makeup looking elegant and fierce instead of OTT or messy. 

Finish off with two coats of black mascara and you’re done. The perfect blue eyeshadow look in minutes!

Navy Smokey Eye

Navy Smokey Eye

Hands down, smokey eye makeup tutorials are our go-to when it comes to blue eyeshadow. Why? Simple, the color navy. We’re pretty sure this deep and magical shade of blue exists exclusively for smoky eyes. Don’t believe us? You need to try it for yourself.

How To:

Unlike cat eye makeup, this technique uses a subtler, softer edge that’s more blended and sultry. Therefore, you’ll want to begin by lining the eyes with a workable pencil eyeliner. Use one such as the Smoky Liner Waterproof & Long Lasting pencil by Makeup Factory rather than a liquid. 

Once you’ve lined the upper lash line, go ahead and move to the bottom lash line. Use the pencil to line them too. (for added drama, you can line inside the water line if you prefer!)

Now, take your chosen shade of navy blue eyeshadow, we recommend the Darkest Blue no. 72. Using your fingertip or a fluffy eyeshadow brush, blend the color onto your eyelid. Once again, stop neatly at the crease.

Now, use a little of the color left on your finger or brush to line beneath your bottom lashes reaching just to the outer corner. Finish with a coat of jet black volumizing mascara on both your top and bottom lashes!

Sheer Lid Wash

The reason so many of us steer clear of blue eyeshadow is, in our opinion, the finish. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional make up artist. We’ve all fallen victim to the dreaded, powdery blue doll-eye look at some point. Well, we have the answer for you, cream shadow!

It’s surprising just how chic a lighter blue can look in the form of a sheer lid tint! The reason being, this type of product offers a wash of color that reflects the light instead of a lifeless block of color that has no business on your face!

How To:

This one’s certainly the simplest of our three recommendations. Therefore, it’s perfect when you’re in a hurry or, let’s be honest, got up late! 

We recommend minimal makeup and little to no eyeliner for this simple look. So, go right ahead and apply your blue wash to your lids. Our recommendation? Glossier’s Skywash lid tint in the shade, Pool. Use the applicator to apply the color to your lids then pat it in gently with your ring finger. Finish off with a light sweep of lengthening mascara to keep the look light and airy. 

And, you’re done! Three gorgeous blue eyeshadow looks for different occasions. All of which are easy with the help of Anushka Spa & Salon to create an amazing look!