Permanent Makeup Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re hoping to save precious morning minutes, you’re tired of repeatedly applying your own makeup, or you simply want a natural makeup look that requires basically no effort yet always looks on point, permanent makeup just might be the perfect fit for you! Perhaps you’ve considered it many times before, or maybe you’re just recently intrigued. Either way, we’re about to fill you in on everything you need to know in terms of costs, the application process, maintaining your look afterward, and more.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Unfortunately, permanent makeup isn’t something you can simply buy from the drugstore (the day those miracle cosmetics are created, we’re investing every last penny we have!). What permanent makeup actually is, is the application of semi-permanent tattoos that mimic the shades and shapes of your usual makeup look. Of course, this is a ‘permanent’ format so these products cannot simply be remove. They always look freshly applied and remain intact until the tattoo eventually fades. Sounds like your idea of heaven? We totally agree!

Is It Actually Permanent?

Unlike regular tattoos that will last an entire lifetime, permanent makeup tattoos usually last up to around five years only, depending on the area. Why? Due to the delicate areas being treat, such as the lips and lash line, the pigment cannot, and should not, be delivered too deeply into the skin. Therefore, it’s able to fade over time and without touch-ups will likely disappear completely over the years.

Does It Hurt?

Though we can’t claim that cosmetic tattoos are completely pain-free, we will say this. If you’re expecting it to feel like getting a regular tattoo you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. As we covered, cosmetic tattoo needles don’t penetrate the skin anywhere near as deeply. What’s more, most clients refer the the ‘pain’ as more of a discomfort than anything too unmanageable. A little like tiny scratches or pinches.

Truthfully, we all experience pain differently so whilst some may find these procedures a mild inconvenience, others may feel a higher level of discomfort. Whichever sounds like you, you’ll be happy to know that a numbing cream will be apply to the area beforehand so whatever you feel will be noticeably more manageable as it takes effect.

How Do Cosmetic Tattoos Work?

As you might imagine, the same technique that works for blushing your lips won’t used for your eyeliner too. The creation of tattoo and the size of the needle will depend on which areas of your face you wish to have treated.

The needles used for these treatments also come in different shapes. For example, needles made for lining and shading have a rounded configuration. This enables them to blush an entire lip area or gently shade along the lash line without harming the delicate skin. Alternatively, a very thin blade can used to deliver pigment directly beneath this skin in fine strokes for realistic-looking brow hairs.

Let’s take a look at the options we have when it comes to permanent makeup in a little more depth! We’ll cover how the tattooing process works, how much it costs. And also don’t forget how long it lasts depends on the area you’ve chosen.

How To Care For Your Permanent Makeup

Taking care of your permanent makeup will not only prevent any risk of mild infection but will also keep your makeup intact and looking fresh for much longer. Read our tips on how to maintain it here!


Since you’re here, we’ll go ahead and assume you’ve at least heard of microblading before. If you’re still not entirely sure what it is though, we can help!

Thicker brows trend engulfed our social feeds, it’s stayed a pretty constant desire for all age groups. And, seeing as so many of us all but obliterated our brows in the early 2000s due to constant (and we mean constant) over-plucking. What remains is a less than desirable pair of patchy strips that couldn’t resemble shapely. Let alone bushy, brows if they tried!

We can learn to embrace our lackluster brows as they are, beautiful if a little sparse. We can alter them by combing and filling in the gaps with makeup. Or, and this is our favorite option, we can opt for microblading!

It’s a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that uses a fine blade to deliver pigment. In a shade specifically designed to match your natural brow color, directly into the skin. Designed in such a way that your permanent makeup artist can create the finest individual strokes. This results in them resembling totally natural-looking brow hairs.

This type of cosmetic tattoo is wildly popular as it can be so wholly customized. It frees up so much time by saving us the trouble of combing, filling, and setting our brows every day. Oh, and did we mention it lasts anywhere between a year to 18 months?!

Lash Line

Whereas the microblading technique uses fine strokes to create realistic-looking brow hairs, a permanent eyeliner tattoo uses tiny dots to gently fill in gaps in your lash line. This is to avoid making one harsh long line along your eyelid which can look heavy and unnatural.

Instead, this delicate technique will not only give you a lash line that looks more complete and impactful, but it will also enhance your lashes making them appear fuller from the base upwards. What’s more, these results can last up to five years! Goodbye, mascara.


When it comes to our lips, it’s not as easy for them to retain a color pigment as the skin on our brows or lash line, unfortunately. Therefore, you may need two or three sessions to achieve the level of color depth you’re hoping for. However, once you have achieved the look you want, the color should remain intact for up to a year!

To get an overall even color, your permanent makeup artist will firstly use a numbing cream to prepare the area. Then, they’ll use the needle to apply an overall coverage of natural-looking pigment. Usually a shade or two darker than your natural lip color, to both your top and bottom lips. The results are simply stunning and the fact you won’t need to worry about smudging or reapplying your lipstick for the next twelve months makes it all worth it.

Tips For Finding The Best Makeup Clinic

Our biggest tip when it comes to booking your permanent makeup appointment? Do your research! This is certainly not an area where saving money should be your only priority. Make sure the clinic you visit is reputable, has excellent reviews, and works only with trained professionals. We even suggest reaching out to past clients through social media to make sure their experiences were genuinely positive. And, delivered the safe and effective results they were hoping for.

Permanent Makeup Cost – How Much Will You Be Spending

As you’d expect with regular, removable makeup, the amount you’ll spend on permanent makeup all depends on which areas you’re having treated as well as where you decide to book your appointments. 

At our stunning penthouse spa in Anushka Spa & Salon at West Palm Beach, you can fully enjoy your treatment as well as your luxurious surroundings. You can also relax knowing that your permanent makeup will be applied by highly trained, licensed aestheticians! Our prices for permanent makeup range between $400 – $1200 depending on the areas you wish to have treated.