Everything You Need To Know About Juvederm Dermal Fillers

If you’ve ever looked into any type of facial filler before, you’ve likely come across the name Juvaderm a number of times. But what exactly is Juvaderm? Is it safe? Can it help you achieve the results for your complexion you’ve been trying for so long to achieve? We’ll answer all of these questions and more as we talk you through everything you need to know about their amazing facial fillers and how they can work wonders for you and your complexion.

What Are Dermal fillers?

Simply put, dermal fillers are very small injections that transfer gel into the skin. Designed to restore lost volume, a process that naturally occurs with aging to give you a healthy-looking complexion with a much more youthful appearance. Juvaderm, are the worlds leading brand of HA (hyaluronic acid) facial fillers.

How Do Juvederm Facial Fillers Work?

Unlike other injectables that can leave your face looking and feeling frozen and in some cases a little stiff, Juvederm facial fillers use HA which binds to the water within your skin. This can smooth out age lines and even deeper set wrinkles which in turn offers a more ‘filled out’, plumper finish. These fillers also blend with your natural facial tissue and therefore create incredibly natural-looking results (which we’ll look much deeper into!).

Juvederm facial fillers are to combat specific areas of the face. For example, the same filler that can be use to fill out your lips wouldn’t also be used to erase fine lines within your complexion. Therefore, you can enjoy a custom treatment that’s designed and works specifically for you, your skin type, and your exact concern areas.

How Long Do Juvederm Fillers Last?

As with every beauty treatment on the market, the exact amount of time you can expect your results to last can differ slightly from person to person. With Juvederm, the length of time can also vary depending on the areas you have treated, which facial filler has been used, and also how many treatments you’ve had previously. Roughly speaking, however, your results are expected to last up to 24 months.

Will I Still Look Like Myself?

One of the main concerns people have before getting a treatment like Juvaderm is losing a sense of themselves. Whilst many of us wish to look and feel more youthful through the beauty treatments we choose, not looking like ourselves at the end is a worry and can feel like a reason no to go for it.

Luckily, Juvederm is a way that the results look and feel incredibly natural. As mentioned, these fillers’ patented technology allows them to bind together with our skin’s existing tissue so it merely enhances rather than freezes or entirely alters what was already there.

Which Areas Of My Face Can Juvederm Treat?

Before you go ahead and decide which areas of your face you wish to have treated, you’ll need to decide the outcome you want to see after your treatment. Why? Juvederm offers two different types of dermal fillers.

The first is to refresh your face. This means your fillers can use to restore volume and plumpness that naturally deteriorates with age. We see this as more of a top-up and maintenance to your complexion and facial features as opposed to an enhancement. But, that’s not to say you won’t feel like new once you leave your appointment!

Choosing to refresh your face, Juvederm has a number of options for you and can treat several different areas. These include adding volume to your temples and fullness to your cheeks and lips for greater definition. You can also have these refresher fillers soften age lines under and around your eyes, smooth out smile lines and mild wrinkles around your mouth, or contour your chin and jawline.

Opting for this type of treatment is a great way to feel renewed yet still incredibly natural with a decidedly more youthful-looking face.

Alternatively, Juvederm also offers Enhancement facial fillers. Designed to add volume rather than restore it. And to contour your face in a way you’ve always wanted but never experienced naturally.

If you opt for this type of filler, you have the option to totally refresh your eye area, increase the volume and mildly alter the shape of your lips, contour your forehead, chin, and jawline, and lift your cheeks to achieve greater definition for the overall shape of your face.

Are Juvaderm Facial Fillers Painful And Will I Require Down-Time Afterwards?

Since Juvederm is by injection, your treatment includes an anesthetic to help combat any pain or discomfort during an appointment. That said, any discomfort felt from your Juvederm treatment won’t last for long. And depending on the area treated, most people find they can resume their normal daily activities shortly afterward.

How Long Will I Need To Wait Before Seeing The Results From My Juvederm Treatment?

Since so many beauty treatments out there require multiple visits and weeks. Sometimes even months of waiting before you actually see anything happening. We can understand why you’ll be questioning how long you’ll need to wait to see any real change. Happily, with Juvederm, your results will be visible almost immediately after your treatment.

How much do Juvaderm facial fillers cost?

Now that you have all the information, you’re likely wondering just how much dermal fillers cost. Well, that really depends on the treatments you’re choosing. And, whether you’re opting for just one or multiple areas of your face. The cost is often calculated by the cost per syringe. Therefore, you can expect to pay a minimum of $500-$600 for certain treatments and up to $900 -$1000 for others. But it depends on the type of filler required. Of course, if you’re combining multiple different areas, the cost will be higher overall. 

Do you feel like Juvederm facial fillers are the way forward for you? Book in for an appointment with us today to discuss your skin needs and achieve the youthful, restored complexion you’ve been coveting.