Are You Suffering From Hair Fall?

are you suffering from hair fall

Whether you intermittently suffer from hair fall or this is a new and unwelcome occurrence for you, take a moment before you panic! Excessive hair fall happens to most of us at some point within our lifetime and although it can feel unsettling and initially inconvenient (especially for your shower drain!) it’s not always something we need to worry about. So, if you’re noticing more strands in your comb than usual or your hair washing routine has lost its charm thanks to hand-fulls of loose hair, we here at the West Palm Beach Hair Salon are here to offer tips on how to prevent possible causes and successfully ride out that hair fall wave!

Common Causes Of Hair Fall

Let’s face it, losing hair unexpectedly feels terrible. Whether you know the cause or not, you’re probably feeling out of control and even lacking in confidence thanks to those pesky strands turning up your pil-low! That said, know you’re not alone in this and that so many women go through it in their lifetime. Also, know that there are so many things that could be causing your hair to fall as well as many ways you can help slow or even stop it. (As a side note, it’s always worth checking in with your hair care professional when hair fall becomes an issue in case any medical conditions need addressing.) Otherwise, let’s look at some common practices that could be causing or worsening your hair loss…

Bad Hair Extensions

Extensions that have been improperly applied or those which you clip in yourself each day can cause huge amounts of breakage and damage to your hair. Not only can they put stress on the hair follicle from constant pulling, but they can also cause breakage and increased fair fall.

Bad Hair Extensions

What can you do about it?

Doing your research to ensure you get the best service possible when opting for luscious hair extensions is a big deal and can make a huge difference to your hair fall. For that reason, we cannot recommend Platinum Seamless hair extensions highly enough! They are an industry leader and provide customizable hair extensions for all. That means the exact right color for you and a guaranteed damage-free experience. They even work perfectly for those with short hairstyles!

Hereditary Hair Loss & Alopecia Areata

Depending on age, some forms of hereditary hair loss may be the reason we’re experiencing increased hair fall. As we get older, both men and women will notice their hair starts gradually thinning out. Those who experience this loss more excessively are usually experiencing female or male pattern baldness. Men are likely to notice a receding hairline as well as thinning of the hair around the crown, whereas women are more likely to see a slightly receded hairline at the front. It’s usually more noticeable where our hair parts either in the center or to the side.

Though there are different types of hair loss, Alopecia Areata is probably the one you’ve heard most about. Though you will, of course, experience hair loss with this condition its most commonly recognized and diagnosed by smooth bald spots that develop on the scalp, rather than an increase in hair fall alone.

What can you do about it…?

If you think you may be experiencing hereditary hair loss rather than just hair fall, visit your doctor and discuss it with them. Sometimes we need a little help figuring it out and they will know all the right questions to ask surrounding birth control pills, your immune system, your diet, and any other possible causes of a large amount of hair fall. They will provide the most accurate diagnosis and other treatment options for you.

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Telogen Effluvium

Excessive hair fall over a long period (up to six months) without bald spots might be Telogen Effluvium. This is a form of temporary hair loss that affects the skin on your scalp. This can arise from a whole manner of causes from illness or trauma to stress or even extreme weight loss. This condition will only usually last around six months and the hair usually grows back as normal.

What can you do about it?

The first thing to do is, stop panicking! Those who suffer from Telogen Effluvium will more often than not see an improvement within a few months and notice the hair starting to grow back. Trust us, we know that is way easier said than done when you’re meticulously counting 300 hairs in your hairbrush every day, but stress will only make it worse! Instead, sit back, relax and know it will pass whilst you treat your hair to some well-deserved treatments, gentle conditioning, and even gentler brushing!

Over Brushing And Hair Styling

Let’s be clear, hairstyling and brushing, in general, shouldn’t be causing excessive hair loss. If you’re treating your hair kindly and haven’t changed anything in your routine but are noticing excessive hair fall, it’s likely there’s another cause. But, if you know you’ve been going a little heavy with the hairbrush lately (like brushing it when wet and from top to bottom!), pulling that ponytail extra tight, or heat styling your hair practically every day, your hair might be starting to let you know about it!

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What can you do about hairstyling…?

If you’re guilty of throwing your hair up into a tight bun or ponytail every morning, you could be causing breakage and increased hair fall! Putting stress on your strands by continually pulling on them with a hair elastic for hours a day is no way to treat those precious locks! So, tomorrow morning when you go to style your beloved tresses, consider a loose side plait, a low ponytail or, better yet, let your locks flow free! Additionally, why not treat your hair to a silk Scrunchies by Slip. These specially designed scrunchies are made with special slip silk that is delicate on your strands and avoids snags or pulls when styling or removing.

What can you do about over brushing?

Let us introduce you to the Genesis range by Kerastase. This is a brand new, dual-action, fortifying hair care system is designed to reduce hair fall from breakage due to brushing by up to 97%! It will also protect your strands from excessive heat styling and blow-drying. For dry and weakened hair, you have to try the Bain Nutri-Fortifiant shampoo and Fondant Renforcateur Conditioner. These lightweight formulas will fortify your strands and lessen hair fall, plus they are perfect for daily washing! If you really want to go in for that deep condition, opt for the Masque Reconstituant Hair Mask. This intense masque is for weekly use and with strengthen your locks to stop hair fall from brushing.