Top 9 Hottest Brown Hair Colors In 2021

Of all the hair colors in the world, there’s no denying that, much like black and blonde, classic brown hair color will never go out of style. Luckily for us, with every new year comes a vast selection of brand new, irresistible hues to choose from!

To make deciding which is right for you just a little easier, we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed the best brown hair color ideas for 2021 into a compact list of what we consider to be the top contenders! Will you opt for a shade sweet as caramel? Or will you be tempted by a deep and decadent chocolate brown? The choice is all yours, and excitingly, your new color is likely just a quick scroll away…

Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

Perhaps you’re making the transition from blonde to brown and want to keep things subtle. Maybe you wish to lighten your darker tresses for something a little sunnier for the current season. Either way, these light brown hair color ideas will have you eager to book your next salon appointment!

Beautiful Bronde

Some will argue it’s a blonde shade, others will argue it’s brown. For the purpose of this list, we’re obviously choosing the latter! After all, who could resist the soft, golden tones of the perfect blonde and brunette mix? It’s sensational during the summer months, yet thanks to its warmer undertones you’ll still love it come fall and winter.

Caramel Brown

Some hair colors are just so stunning it’s hard to put into words just how amazing they are. As you might have guessed, this is how we feel about caramel brown hair. If you’ve never encountered it before, we’re here to tell you that, yes, it really is as gorgeous as you would imagine. It’s wonderfully warm yet also light at the same time making it the perfect introduction into brown locks for all our former blondes venturing into darker shades. We say this, but we can honestly imagine that if you do opt for this color, you’ll likely never want to change it for anything else again!

Light Brown With Honey Highlights

The perfect color to see you stylishly through from spring to winter? You guessed it, light brown hair with honey blonde highlights! You’ll be instantly smitten with how much dimension this color offers your locks, not to mention, those lighter pieces will instantly brighten your complexion and add a gorgeous shine to your new brown tresses.

Medium Brown Hair Color Ideas

You’re not ready to take the plunge with super-dark brown hair color, yet you still want to make an impact? medium brown hair color could be just what you’re looking for. Happily, we have some gorgeous ideas for you to browse and make your selection from.

Auburn Brown

Whether you can’t decide between going for brown or red hair, or, you simply want your new brunette locks to appear colorful and vibrant, this dreamy shade is literally perfect. It’s an irresistible blend of these two coveted colors and means your hair will appear as both at one time. What’s more, under the summer sunshine, that unmistakable soft red hue will shine through and give your chosen color a uniquely beautiful edge.


For a medium brown look that’s full of sunshine and warmth, opt for bronze! We’ll forever adore this sunkissed shade and love how it suits basically everyone. What’s more, though it appears as a medium brown it can also work with dark blonde highlights if you want to make the color a little lighter and brighter during warmer weather.

Soft Brown Balayage

Opting for one color all over is one thing, but when you want to get multi-dimensional, opting for balayage highlights is always a good idea! With a warm medium brown base and caramel brown balayage, your hair will look full of depth. Not to mention, this color beautifully emphasizes curly and wavy hair textures. Something to think about if you regularly style your hair in this way or are lucky enough to have it naturally.

Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas

Whether you’re thinking ahead to fall and winter or you just love to rock a deep brown shade year-round, these gorgeous deep brown hair color ideas are guaranteed to inspire you to switch things up!

Chic Chestnut Brown

Deep, dark, and incredibly warm, chestnut brown is one of the darker shades on our list, making it the ideal choice for those after a real change from light to dark brown. Also, dark chestnut-brown is, of course, a favorite for fall and winter. That said, it’s such a classic we really do recommend it for every season, you just can’t go wrong with a shade as chic as this! If you’re worried about the color looking flat, simply speak to your stylist about adding in a few gentle highlights to lift the overall shade and frame your face.

Dark Chocolate Brown

Hoping to create a little drama with your new hair color? Look no further than the sultry hue of a dark chocolate brown. This sumptuous shade will leave your hair looking shinier than ever. Makes a statement no matter how you style it. Straightened hair will look ten times shinier and super-soft to the touch. Whilst curls appear bouncier as they reflect the light from your new deeply shaded locks. What’s not to love?

Dark Brown With Golden Highlights

When opting for dark brown hair, you may be worried it’ll come across as flat or dull. Though we’re sure you’ll rock this simple, timeless shade as is. A great way to ensure it exudes life and dimension is to opt for some accompanying golden highlights. These soft, glowy additions will add shape and definition to curls and will also help straight hair look sleeker!

We’re convinced you’re now craving a new shade of brown for your hair… because we are too! Did you make your choice from the list above? Or has it inspired you towards an alternative brunette look? Make your appointment with us today and we can help you achieve whichever shade you desire!