Bronze Hair Color: The Must-Have Hair Color for Fall

Fall is fast approaching and that means new fall colors. Not just for our closets and home decor, for our hair as well! But, where to start? How do we find the perfect hue that will transition perfectly from summer to fall and from fall to winter? Does this miracle shade even exist? The answer is yes! Forget damaging highlights and give your hair a break. No need to dive straight into those wintery shades the moment cold weather hits. (We’ve all been guilty of overcompensating and opting for red or black hair just because!) It’s all about finding a balance. Luckily, we have the perfect hair color to suit, quite literally, everyone! Say hello, to bronze hair…

I’m A Natural Blond, Will Bronze Hair Suit Me?

Whether blond is your dyed or natural hair color, bronze will work perfectly for you. In fact, your blond base color will be perfect to create this look. The gold tones you have running through your hair will shine through and truly make the most of bronze hair!

Can I Go From Medium Brown Hair To Bronze?

Those with medium to light brown hair will find bronze easy to transition to. It’s a little trickier for those with dark brown hair. That said, it’s still an achievable look with a little professional lightening! 

Also, this is a great color for those wishing to add warmth and dimension to already brown hair. That’s because it offers golden tones too. These catch the light and give off a warm golden bronze glow that’s perfect for fall. Want to know how to keep your colored hair in excellent condition whilst heat styling? With the Glow thermal protection mist by Bumble and Bumble!

Bronze Hair Color

 Will Bronze Hair Suit My Skin Tone?

The beauty of bronze hair color? It seems to suit literally everyone! From light skin to olive skin to dark skin tones. Bronze hair is an all-round hero. This is due to the fact this color has such a warm hue with soft golden tones to boot. It’s this subtle depth and high shine that brings out the best in every skin tone. 

Will A Bronze Hair Color Damage My Hair?

Bronze hair sits beautifully between blond and dark brown. That means it’s much less damaging than opting for lighter colors. Do you often choose a lighter shade of blond or blond highlights? If yes, we suggest giving your hair a break. With stunning results! This golden-toned brown hue is so dreamy for fall. That said, it’s super well-rounded dimensions work perfectly no matter the season!

It’s true, bronze is much kinder than blond on your locks. However, color-treated hair is always at a higher risk of breakage. So, be sure to take care of yours from the start. (This is especially important if you’ve gone for a lighter shade than your natural hair color.) We recommend the Oribe Masque For Beautiful Color. It has the latest colormaintainance technology and will enrigh each strand from root to tip!

If you’re still concerned about damage to your hair, you can always opt for a semi-permanent color too!

Will Bronze Hair Look Good When Fall Is Over? 

When fall hits, many of us opt immediately for copper hair. Or, sometimes even red hair. And, these are gorgeous colors and certainly representative of the season. That said, we think bronze is the clear winner! Not only does it embrace the warmth of a fall color palette, it’ll also look great when fall’s passed. That’s right, this shade is so multi-dimensional, it’ll look stunning in winter, and super shiny in summer too! 

Bronze Hair girl

Which Bronze Hair Color Looks Can I Choose From?

The beauty of bronze is there are so many different and stunning ways to wear it! You may be wishing to go full for it and opt for an allover bronze shade. Or, you may prefer to blend the bronze with the color you’re already rocking. If so that’s totally possible too! This will of course depend on your current shade. Platinum or white-blond and bronze, for example, can clash. However, your stylist will certainly be able to advise on the best bronze look for you and your tresses!

Bronze Balayage

Choose balayage to simultaneously highlight and add depth to select sections of your hair. It’ll subtly add warmth to blonds and give brunettes a super-rich, multi-dimensional glow! Perfect for the season ahead. 

Bronze Dimension

Looking to liven up your hair cut and bring out the shape? This one’s for you! Ask your stylist how best to create this look for your current color. They’ll advise on the simplest way to use your chosen bronze shade. The results will add definition to any haircut. 

Bronze Face Framing Highlights

If your hair is dark and a blond money piece seems a little extreme for you, we understand! The trend is certainly in but for some, the look needs to be more subtle. That’s where bronze, face-framing highlights come in. This sunny bronze glow is the perfect way to highlight your facial features in a natural and totally chic way. 

Girl with bronze hair

Bronze Ombre

If an all-over color is too much for you, why not liven up your locks with bronze ombre hair. We love this bohemian-inspired look and think bronze is the quintessential color to pull it off. Not to mention you’ll barely have to think about re-growth!

Bronze Highlights

Blond highlights, while beautiful, can be damaging to our hair. Therefore, we suggest choosing bronze one at your next salon appointment. They’ll still add lift and character to your tresses, however, they’ll be a lot kinder and softer on your strands. Once your hair is lighter, opt for the Fondant Chromatique shamppo and conditioner by Kerastase. This luxurious duo will protect your locks and give them incredible shine!

Allover Bronze

Blonds looking to warm up their look should certainly consider bronze hair colors. Not only for fall but for winter too! It’ll make a super smooth transition from summer to autumn. Plus, your lighter locks will take the color on beautifully. As we know, it’s always trickier going from dark to light. That said, if your hair is a darker brown or even black, your stylist will still be able to create this look for you by lightening your hair. Still want to spare your locks from all over lightening? Simply opt for bronze highlights or balayage instead! Visit Anushka Spa & Salon today.