Shades of Blonde: Finding Your Perfect Match

Blonde hair will never go out of style! Not to mention, there are so many shades of blonde to choose from that there’s a style and shade that will work for everyone. Today, we’re going to talk more about those different shades of blonde, including options to go with your horoscope.

We’ll also share helpful tips for caring for and maintaining blonde hair. So, whether you are already blonde or you’re thinking of making this change, this is one post you won’t want to miss. 

Choosing the Best Shades of Blonde for You

We’re going to share some fun inspiration for different shades of blonde according to your horoscope in a minute. But first, here are some helpful guidelines for choosing some different shades of blonde based on your skin tone and eye color. 

  • Butter blonde: Butter blonde is pale yet warm and it looks especially gorgeous with a golden tan. It suits light and medium warm and neutral skin tones perfectly. 
  • Bronde: This is a mix of brown and blonde, and it can include any combination of both colors. As such, there’s a bronde combination that looks great on everyone, no matter their skin tone or hair color. 
  • Golden blonde: These shades look especially good on those with blue, green, or hazel eyes. It’s also a great choice for those with warm skin tones. 
  • Strawberry blonde: We love using strawberry blonde shades on light, warm skin tones. 
  • Platinum blonde: This shade of blonde looks great on light or medium, cool skin tones. If you have blue eyes, it will really make them pop. 

Choosing Shades of Blonde Based on Your Horoscope

Now, for the fun part! Take a look at the corresponding shades of blonde according to your horoscope sign for some hair inspo. 


The first sign of the zodiac is known for being bold, so give a bold blonde shade, like platinum, a try to match your spirit. 


Known for being relaxed, serene, and celestial, this sign suits a buttery blonde just perfectly. 


Known for their duality, Geminis suit a mix of brown and blonde (bronde!). 


This water sign could give an icy blonde shade a try next time they’re looking for a change. 


Known for being fiery and passionate, a red-blonde shade (including strawberry blonde) is a perfect match for our Leo friends. 


Virgos are known for being logical and practical, which is why a low-maintenance blonde is a great place to start. Ask your stylist if balayage blonde would be right for you. 


Libra is considered a balanced sign, so why not give a balanced blonde shade that’s the same from root to tip a try?


Known for their passion and power, platinum blonde is their perfect match. 


This fun fire sign can play up the most dynamic parts of their personality with creamy blonde hair color and a face-framing cut.


Capricorns are known as one of the most patient and dedicated signs. As such, they aren’t scared away by the time and maintenance that goes into a comprehensive blonde look, like an all-over white blonde scalp bleach. 


This air sign suits a bubbly, golden blonde tone with soft, bouncy curls. 


For the most romantic of all the signs, what could be better than a rose gold blonde? 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair After Coloring It Different Shades of Blonde

Now that you have some inspiration for your own shades of blonde, let’s talk about caring for your hair once you make this change. Blonde hair is a beautiful and timeless look, but it also means dedicating some time to caring for your hair properly to help keep it healthy and strong.

Here are some tips for doing that: 

  • Don’t wash your hair everyday: This strips the color faster
  • Use conditioner every time you wash to help nourish and moisturize your hair
  • Never heat style your hair without using a heat protectant product first
  • Speak to your stylist to find out what kind of shampoo is best for your blonde hair. Depending on the shades of blonde you have, they might recommend a purple shampoo that prevents your hair from getting brassy. 
  • Use a deep conditioner once a week to help lock in shine and moisture

Things To Avoid When Having a Blonde Hair

We’ve covered some of the do’s, but now, let’s talk about some of the don’ts when it comes to having blonde hair.

For most people, these are some things you’ll want to avoid if you want your best blonde to last as long as possible: 

  • Don’t go in chlorinated water before wetting your hair first. Otherwise, you’re on a direct path to your hair turning green! If you don’t have access to a shower before getting in a body of water, a glass or bottle of water is helpful. Your hair will absorb some of this water, meaning it will have less “room” to absorb chlorinated water that could turn your locks green. 
  • Don’t wash your hair too often. The color will begin to strip, turn brassy, and your hair will dry out. 
  • Avoid blow drying your hair if you have time to let it air dry instead. If you do need to heat style your hair, never do so without first applying a heat protecting spray, serum, or lotion. 
  • Don’t skip regular haircuts! As much as we all want long, luscious locks, if you don’t get regular trims, your ends will start splitting and breaking off. The truth is, regular trims can actually help you achieve your hair-length goals a lot faster and look better than scraggly, damaged ends. 

Discover New Shades of Blonde at Anushka Salon

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