Gorgeous Beach Waves for Short Hair: 15 Styles to Try

Whether you live steps from the beach or thousands of miles away, beach waves are one hairstyle that never goes out of style! They work on hair styles of all lengths and types, and there are all kinds of variations to help this style work for you. And today, we’re going to focus specifically on beach waves for short hair. We’ll share a number of different styles to try, as well as tips for pulling off this look, and much more.

Gorgeous Beach Waves for Short Hair: 5 Styles to Try

Bouncy beach waves for short hair

Are you worried about your short hair falling flat? Bouncy beach waves could be the style you’ve been waiting for! 

With this style, you’ll focus on creating volume at the root. There are different ways to do this, including blow drying your hair with a round brush before curling it. You can also use volumizing products including mousse and texturizing sprays. Just be sure not to load your beachy waves down with hairspray or they won’t look as bouncy as you’d like!

Beach waves for short, natural hair

Beach waves on short, natural hair are possible! And yes, even without heat. In this YouTube video, vlogger Jessica Pettway shows you how she creates beach waves on her hair without heat.

Be sure to watch the whole video, where you’ll get a breakdown of the process, including:

  • Smoothing a curl cream through dry, brushed-out hair
  • Twisting small sections of hair around your finger and bobby-pinning in place until your head is covered in pin curls
  • Sleeping on them overnight, unravel them
  • Shaking them out in the morning for beachy waves

Beach waves for short hair with a wand

Another great way to achieve beach waves is with the help of a curling wand. To try this technique, start with a one-inch curling wand. Then, curl sections all over your head before raking them out with your fingers. 

If your hair doesn’t like to hold a curl, spraying it with a sea-salt spray before curling can provide some much-needed texture!

Beach waves with a straightener

It’s not just curling wands and curling irons that can help you achieve the look of stylish beach waves for short hair. A hair straightener can also do the trick! 

Before you start, be sure to spray each section of your hair with a texturizing spray. Then, clamp each section at the middle, rather than at the ends, to get an even curl with your hair straightener. Finish off the look by straightening the ends of your hair which gives you a trendy bed-head style look.

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Loose beach waves

Beach waves are, by their very nature, a looser curl. But you can take things a step further and make them even looser for an incredibly natural and gorgeous look. If you want to try this style, you’ll curl larger sections of your hair rather than smaller ones. This helps keep your curls loose and slightly waved rather than tight and coiled.

You can also achieve heatless beach waves using braids. Divide slightly damp hair into two sections. Then, spray each section with a texturizing spray. Next, braid each of those sections and sleep on them. The next morning when you take your braids out, voila! The perfect loose beach waves.

Now that you have five styles of beach waves for short hair to try, let’s talk about some other tips, tools, and techniques that help you pull these styles off!

Products You’ll Need

Beach waves got their name because they mimic the way hair looks after a day at the beach in the water. The salt water creates natural waves and that perfectly messy look we’re going for with beach waves. To achieve this look without a trip to the beach, one of the most important products you’ll need is a sea salt spray. These products add texture to the hair while also making it look thicker and more voluminous. 

Along with a great sea-salt spray, you might also want to consider a finishing spray to help keep your curls in place. Because beachy waves are meant to be natural and loose, however, don’t overdo it! You never want your beach waves to appear too stiff or structured. So, a light hold finishing spray is often all you need to hold your waves. 

Helpful Tools

The right tools for the job will depend on the technique you use to achieve the perfect beach waves for short hair. 

If you’re using heat, some of the tools you might use include:

  • A curling wand
  • A curling irons
  • Straightening iron
  • Blow dryer with a diffuser attachment

If you’re doing a heatless style, you’ll either need bobby pins to hold your pin curls in place or hair elastics to hold your braids. 

We Can Help!

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So, whether you want to cut your hair short to try beachy waves for yourself, learn to style your already short hair, or achieve any of your other hair goals, we’re here to help.

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