Best 2022 Hair Color Ideas and Trends

Best 2022 Hair Color Ideas and Trends

It is officially fall. Temperatures have dropped, leaves have begun to change color, and all those comfy sweaters and flannels have been removed from storage. Before we know it, December will have come and gone, and 2021 will be over. Between the upcoming holiday season and crazy fall schedules. It can be hard to stay up to date on which hair color ideas will be trending next year. Don’t worry though; we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the best 2022 hair color ideas and trends to take with you into the new year. There is such a variety of different hair colors that will be trending too. From bold and vibrant to elegant and classic. There is a hair color trend on this list to match everyone’s unique style.

Caramel Brown

In case you haven’t heard, brown hair is in. Caramel brown, specifically, is a beautiful brown and blonde blend that is perfect for any skin tone. Making this a great hair color choice for just about anyone. The combination of warm and light shades make this a wonderful color to wear any season. So you can rock it all year long if you’d like. 

Another perk of this hair color is that it’s a great transition color for anyone who wants to try out a new shade without committing to a dramatic change. Whether you’re a blonde wanting to go darker or a brunette wanting to lighter, caramel brown is the perfect cross over. We will definitely be taking this hair color trend with us into 2022.

Icy Blonde

When you think of winter hair color trends, blonde probably isn’t the first color to come to mind. The trending icy blonde hair color is the exception though. This vivid platinum blonde has cool undertones, making it a great way to add some brightness to those dreary winter days.

This hair color is much easier to achieve if your hair is naturally blonde, but it is possible for brunettes to go icy blonde too. However, it will take many trips to the salon to gradually work your way lighter and lighter (totally worth it though). If you are ready to commit to the upkeep it takes to maintain this color and want hair as icy as the roads outside this winter, take the dive and go platinum blonde for winter 2022.

Inky Black with Red Undertones

When it comes to curly hair, inky black with red undertones is a stunning choice. This is the type of sleek and dramatic hair color that will really make a statement. The blue-black shade is sure to make all of your features pop, whether you are tan or more fair-skinned.

The star feature of this 2022 hair coloring trend is the effect the red undertones give it though. These lowlights will add whole new levels of dimension and texture to those luscious, curly locks. If you want to try out something dark and bold for winter, this is the hair color trend for you.

Rose Gold to Honey Blonde Ombre

We can’t create a list of trending hair color ideas without including at least one ombre, and the rose gold into blonde ombre is a look that will definitely be trending next year. This gorgeous color combination is great for the girls who want to go red, but not THAT red. It’s the perfect shade for anyone who wants to try out a fun color but isn’t ready to commit to something really bright and vibrant.

The warm, rosy tones fading into the light honey blonde is the perfect for short, layered hairstyles. The blonde peaking out from the rose-colored top layer of hair is such a trendy way to display this ombre hair color. Wear your hair in loose, lived-in waves to really show off this amazing color pairing.

Fire Engine Red

Next up, is a look for the girls who do want THAT red. Fire engine red is a bold, adventurous hair color trend that will have you channeling your inner Princess Ariel. If you like to have fun with your hair and stand out in a crowd, this is the perfect 2022 hair color idea for you.

This red hair color looks great just about any way you style it, but a long, straightened look will really showcase this daring new color. Since the color itself is so fun and vibrant, you really don’t need to wear it in any intricate hairstyles. Keep the hair styling simple, and allow the bright red hair color to be the statement.

Rich Chocolate Brown

Nothing says elegant, classic beauty like rich chocolate brown hair. This timeless shade is a great hair color choice for winter 2022 due its warm, dark tones. Since the shade is so sleek and natural, it looks great when worn in just about any style. Wear it in some loose pinned back waves or pin it back into a sleek chignon for a picture perfect holiday hairstyle

This rich chocolate brown is especially gorgeous on women with darker features. Whether you’ve got brown, green, or hazel eyes, this rich hair color will make them pop. This shade of brown also goes great with sexy, glowy makeup, so be sure to pair it with some bronzer and gold and brown hued eye shadows.

Saturated Roots

Since the dawn of time, letting your roots grow out has always been viewed as a huge no-no in the fashion world. Well, times have changed and so have hair color trends. To all of you naturally dark-haired ladies who like dying your hair lighter, the saturated roots hair color trend of 2022 is for you.

The darker roots growing out into lighter shades of brown or blonde has a natural beauty to it that is finally being appreciated rather than frowned upon. That means no more rushing to the salon when your natural hair color begins to show and no more hiding it under a hat when you aren’t able to lock in an emergency hair appointment. Saturated roots give colored hair a new level of depth and intensity, making it a trendy, fashionable look to try out next year.


In case you weren’t aware, silver hair is not just for people of a certain age range. Much like saturated roots, society has begun to embrace the natural beauty of silver and gray hair rather than reject it. Silver hair is not something to hide or be ashamed of; it’s something to wear proudly! If men with graying hair are silver foxes, then women with graying hiar are silver goddesses.

Now, women of all age groups have made the switch to silver, including a bunch of fashion-forward celebrities. From Kim Kardashian to Lady Gaga to Arianna Grande, the silver hair trend has officially hit Hollywood, and it is absolutely stunning. Whether you wear it loose and long or in a chic, choppy bob, the silver hair color trend of 2022 is one that will make a statement.

Honey Blonde

Silver, inky black, and fire engine red are all beautifully bold hair color options that women with vibrant, adventurous styles are sure to rock. But what about the women who prefer a more natural hair color? Look no further, ladies. Honey blonde hair is a sweet, yet rich tone that will definitely stay trending in 2022.

If you want a bright and stylish hair color to show off on the beach this upcoming summer, warm honey blonde hair is the perfect choice for you. It’s a stunning blend of warm blondes and light browns that creates a color very similar to actual honey. This sun-kissed shade looks amazing on all hair lengths and styles, but big, beachy curls will really showcase this rich shade of blonde.


This hair color trend is for the indecisive ladies who can never decide which color to dye their hair next. Should you go blonde? Or should you go brown? The bronde 2022 hair color trend poses the question: why not both?

This chic blend of blonde and brown is great because it looks fabulous on just about everyone. No matter what your skin tone, hair type, or facial features are, bronde hair will not do you wrong. Because it’s neither too light nor too dark, this is a great hair color trend for fall. Style it in a wavy lob to achieve ultimate chicness.

Closing Thoughts

Hair color is a fun way to express your sense of style and stay on-trend no matter what the season. If your style is classic and understated, go with the rich chocolate brown hair color trend for 2022. If you prefer something a little more daring. Take the leap with fire engine red or silver hair this upcoming year.

With so many different unique hair color ideas trending right now. You can be sure to find something that suits you and your style. Be sure to pin this list, so you can look back on it for some hair color inspo next year!

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