10 Stunning Red Hair Color Ideas

10 Stunning Red Hair Color Ideas

When you’re looking for a hair color change that truly makes an impact yet still feels somewhat natural, you won’t find one more perfect than the color red! The only question is, which shade is right for you? There are so many to choose from that finding the best ones can feel overwhelming. Do vibrant fiery tones feel like the shake-up you need? Or do softer, warmer auburn shades speak more to your style?

No matter the red look you’re wishing for, we can promise there’s a shade out there that’s perfect for you. To find it, simply keep scrolling. We’re about to reveal the most stunning red hair color ideas out there…

Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

Those after something deep and dramatic will adore these gorgeous red hair color ideas. From illuminating ruby reds to brooding burgundy shades, whichever color you pick will make the ultimate color statement. 

Ruby Red

As you’ve probably guessed, this outstanding, regal shade of red is heavily inspired by the gemstone of the same name. It creates a truly impactful all-over color that catches this light beautifully and will instantly make your hair your stand-out feature. Shorter hair will appear more playful and edgy whilst medium to long styles will gain added depth and warmth. Of course, anyone can rock this color though it does look particularly unforgettable against a pale complexion. 

Maroon Red 

If you’re rocking brunette locks and want to make the switch to red hair in a somewhat subtle way, maroon red hair is the answer! Though this color is most definitely a red shade, it still offers those deep brown undertones you know and love. This dramatic finish, of course, is ideal for fall and winter, however, it also makes for a winning contrast against light-colored summer clothes. 

Burgundy Red

Burgundy red hair is always a good choice, especially if your hair is currently black or a very dark brown. This shade will be easy to achieve and will instinctively complement your complexion. It’s also the perfect way to try out a true red shade without jumping right into something incredibly bright. Opt for this one if you prefer deep, dramatic hair looks over those with seriously vibrant, eye-catching hues. 

Wine Red

Similar to burgundy and, in some cases, maroon red hair, wine red is just as dark and imposing yet lacks those purple undertones the other shades possess. This one is decidedly more of a true red which also makes it perfect for every season. And, yes, it resembles your favorite cabernet sauvignon! So if you’ve found yourself inspired to change up your hair whilst enjoying a glass you’re not alone. 

Vibrant Red Hair Color Ideas

If the very reason you’ve decided on red hair is because of its unmistakably vibrant edge, we get you. And, you’ll be glad to know that when it comes to finding that spirited color you’ve been dreaming of, there are plenty of amazing shades to choose from. 

Copper Red

If you love vibrant red hair with a gorgeous ginger undertone, look no further than copper-red hair. It’s the perfect blend of red and orange but with brown undertones that keep it grounded. It is a color that will take some upkeep thanks to its playful vibrancy, yet it’s totally worth it in our opinion to achieve such a stand-out style!

Fire Red

Of all the red hair colors out there, fire-red might just be the most show-stopping of all! Think Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and you’ll see just where we’re coming from. 

It’s the truest red shade out there and one that certainly demands attention. It’s also the hue we suggest you opt for when you’re hoping to make a serious statement with your hair and have some real fun with your color. For added texture and volume, and to really make the most of your unmissable new shade, consider opting for a long, layered haircut with this hue!

Rose Gold

From one of the brightest to one of the prettiest, rose gold hair offers a subtle yet undeniably stunning shade of red. It gets its rosy hue from a gorgeous blend of pink and copper which creates an almost metallic pastel finish. It’s thanks to this uniquely beautiful finish that’s it’s become so incredibly popular over the past few years. Choose this red shade if you’re looking for something bright and beautiful yet somewhat muted with a softer edge. 

Natural Red Hair Color Ideas

Many of us love the idea of switching up our current shade for a brand new red hue, however, we also want our hair to look natural and not obviously colored. That’s where these stunning yet subtle reds come in. 

Smoky Ginger

This warm ginger hue with brunette undertones is the perfect way to achieve a bold red hair color that still fits within a natural color palette. Your hair will appear vibrant and full of character yet admirers of your new shade will be none the wiser! What’s more, this particular ginger hue is just as perfect for the summer months as it is for winter thanks to its dreamy mix of light and dark color tones.

Strawberry Blonde

Do you desire red hair but can’t bear to part entirely with your beautiful blond locks? If so, strawberry blond couldn’t be a more perfect shade for you! This gorgeous color embraces your natural, lighter base and enhances it with soft red overtones. Coloring your hair in this way will ensure your new color suits you perfectly and will keep things looking natural and organic. 


Oh to be born with auburn red hair! If you weren’t so lucky as to win the hair color lottery naturally, an expert colorist can still help you achieve that coveted auburn shade. It’s an outstanding blend of warm brown and deep red which can be made lighter or darker depending on your preference and complexion. This also means this color can be altered to suit anyone and works beautifully from spring right through to winter. 

Which shade of red has caught your eye? Will it be a bold and beautiful fire red or perhaps a chic and classic strawberry blonde? No matter which shade you have your eye on, our color technicians here at the Anushka Spa & Salon are ready and waiting to help you achieve the red hair look of your dreams!


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