Trend Watch: Rainbow Money Piece, Get The Vivid Color Of Your Dreams!

It will have been almost impossible for you to miss the hair color trend that’s been showing up all over the net for the past few years. Especially since the day, Beyonce debuted her gorgeous take on it back in the summer of 2019. That’s right, we’re talking about the wonder that is, the money piece! This stunning, face-framing, color technique has become a firm favorite amongst celebrities and fashion girls everywhere and we can totally see why. From soft honey blondes to the most eye-catching shades imaginable, the money piece trend has been slowly evolving and we’re so ready for wherever it leads next!

What Is A Money Piece?

Very basically, the money piece technique is the name given to a permanent hair color used to create face-framing highlights. Unlike regular highlights which you might find sporadically placed throughout the hair, the money piece technique concentrates on the very front two sections of the hair to create a vibrant frame of color around the face. This cleverly highlights and celebrates your complexion whilst emphasizing your features to perfection! 

In addition to all of the many face-framing benefits this technique provides, it will also serve to make the rest of your hair color, whether it be natural or dyed, really pop! Those rocking this look also find it makes their hair color look instantly more luxurious and expensive as it subtly draws out the intricacies within the color palette throughout the rest of the hair. 

Who Does The Money Piece Trend Suit?

Money Piece

We’re glad you asked this question because the answer is, absolutely everybody! Whether your hair is short or long, dark or light, your stylist will be able to advise on the best hair color and combination of shades and placement for a money piece look that suits you perfectly. 

The reason for this is, the money piece technique is so completely customizable. Even those with already blond hair can rock it and those with darker black or brown hair will enjoy an even more prominent face-framing edge! Additionally, those with gray hairs will find this technique (especially when combined with beautiful balayage) is a great way to emphasize the beauty and vibrancy of gray hair. It’s also perfect for adding lift and giving definition to your color if you have naturally or dyed, dark brown/black hair. 

How To Care For Blonde/ Newly Dyed Money Piece Hair

As with any blond look, the key after dyeing is to keep it looking shiny, healthy, and as far away from brassy as possible! To do just that, we recommend using a purple shampoo such as the Bain Ultra Violet Purple Shampoo and topping up with the Masque Ultra-Violet Purple Hair Masque for moisture. Both of these luxurious Kerastase products will not only ensure your color stays as vibrant and prominent as possible, but will also stop any unwanted tints of yellow from appearing. 

What Is A Rainbow Money Piece?

Now, for the reason we’re all here! As every trend seems to do, this one too has evolved over time and its most exciting result so far is most definitely the rainbow money piece! As beautiful as those creamy browns and soft blond iterations are, there’s something so incredible about this vivacious rainbow of color that keeps us coming back for more. Honestly, we’ve lost count of the images we’ve pinned on Pinterest and the number of double-taps we’ve given out on Instagram!

So, what exactly is the rainbow money piece? Well, in terms of placement and face-framing qualities, it’s really not all that dissimilar to a regular blonde or light brown money piece. The real difference comes when you consider the colors involved in creating a rainbow money piece. And, you can trust us when we say, the sky’s the limit! Whatever color you’re imaging, whatever color you’re dreaming of, you can bet someone out there has incorporated it into a rainbow money piece color look! From brilliant blues to pops of pink, and gorgeous greens to romantic shades of red. Rainbow money pieces are all about embracing the most vibrant color imaginable and using it to frame your features like never before. 

Of course, not every shade of every color, or combination of colors, will suit all complexions and hair colors. So, you’ll want to do a little research or, better yet, book yourself an appointment at the Anushka Spa And Salon before simply combing that color into your hairline. That said, the beauty of the rainbow money piece is to be adventurous, to embrace vibrant shades. You can even choose to use a range of colors to create an actual rainbow effect through the hair!

Can I Create The Money Piece Look At Home?

Technically, any hair color technique is achievable at home through the use of box dyes. If you’re feeling as though you want to take on the challenge for yourself at home, we recommend using Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair colors to do so! They have an ultra-conditioning formula in a huge range of shades that give a high-intensity color. They’re also available as both permanent and semi-permanent formulas!

That all said, color at home can be pretty tricky, something many of us have learned the hard way! Therefore, when attempting a hair dye look such as this one which has a specific technique to it and uses permanent hair color, we would always recommend visiting a hair salon to get the look of your dreams if you feel you’re not up to the challenge! Our stylists here at the Anushka Spa & Salon are always on hand to assess your color needs and give you the best, most beautiful color to suit your complexion and lifestyle.