Expensive Brunette Hair Ideas You Need To Try

Expensive Brunette Hair Ideas You Need To Try

The one thing we can always count on is that brown hair color will always be in style. However, there’s a trend currently circulating among celebrities called “Expensive Brunette”. What is this trend all about, how can you achieve it for yourself, and what are some brunette hair ideas you can use to help get inspired? We’ve got you covered!

What is the Expensive Brunette Trend?

First things first – what is the expensive brunette trend and why is it so significant?

This is all about embracing your natural hair color ideas and trends by growing out your hair or getting rid of your old coloring completely. It’s all about sticking to your roots as best as you can but also getting the expensive look by refining it and slightly elevating it.

Taking your natural locks to the next level is best done by a professional as they add a gloss to your brown or some tiny highlights to add a touch of glow. Your hair ends up looking healthier than ever and therefore gives you a look that comes across more expensive and cleaner.

We’re currently seeing celebrities like Hailey Bieber taking this trend by storm and swapping out her blonde colored hair for something a bit more natural. While you still see bits of blonde in her hair that’s either been added or is slightly grown out, she’s all about not dyeing her hair. And for us it’s working!

How to Achieve Expensive Brunette Hair

It sounds simple enough to just stop dyeing your hair, but for some of us we’re going to need a few more steps before we can truly achieve the expensive brunette fall hair trend. It really all depends on the current state of your hair.

If you’re willing to practice some patience then the best way to get this look is by growing out your hair and chopping off any of the colored parts. Your natural growth could then be accentuated in the salon.

Some of us aren’t so patient and would much rather get the look we’re going for as soon as possible. In this case you will need to get your whole head of hair to match your roots as closely as possible. If you’ve had your hair lightened in the past then these strands will show up later on as a beautiful fade.

Brunette Hair Ideas to Try

Now that you know a bit more about the expensive brunette trend, you’re probably looking for some ideas to help you get inspired when it comes to your brown hair. The expensive brunette hair look is amazing because it can be done in so many different ways with different hues and tones. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite brunette hair looks to help you get inspired!

Chocolate Ombre

The name chocolate for brown hair just sounds good doesn’t it? Chocolate ombre is the perfect color combo of a dark mocha base melting into bronzed chocolate ends. The ombre is perfect for those who want to keep their darker hair color without having totally monotone hair.

Melted Caramel Ombre

Another beautiful ombre look is melted caramel ombre. This is the perfect look for transitioning between seasons as you can grow out your natural root and have a beautiful caramel color to grace your ends.

Sparkling Mocha

Sparkling mocha is a beautiful brown that stays on the cooler side. So, if you’re someone who naturally has cooler toned hair, this look is for you! Subtle baby balayage highlights add the perfect touch of lightness to this natural look.

Ginger Brown

Ginger brown is such a cool twist on the expensive brunette trend! Especially if you’re someone who has warmer tones in their hair.

Simply add a warm gingery brown to your hair and keep it looking natural throughout. 10/10 stunning!

Hazelnut Balayage

You can think of hazelnut balayage like you might think of your mocha with a few shots of creamy hazelnut added. Not only does it sound great, it looks great too! It’s the perfect amount of lightness added to a deep base.

Ash Brown

Another great cool toned brunette look is ash brown. We like to think of it as a cooler mushroom type of brown.

Stick to cool brown and blonde shades in the hair and let your hairdresser know you’re looking for an earthier vibe.

Soft Chestnut

Soft chestnut is amazing for those who want to look as natural as possible but still maintain an elevated look. Keep that deeper, natural brown color at the root and add the chestnut through the rest of your hair.

Cold Brew Brown

Isn’t it fun to think of hair color like coffee? Cold brew brown is like a yummy ice coffee with a splash of almond milk to top it off. The ombre finish of this hair color is absolute perfection.

Brightened Up Bronde

If you’re looking for the summery version of this look then a nice and bright bronde is the perfect choice! You can start with a nice deep brunette and add some golden rays of blonde throughout. Hence the name bronde!

Balayage Money Piece

The money piece is absolute perfection when it comes to the expensive brunette hair look. You can keep it natural throughout your entire head of hair. Then add a slight touch of lightness to the pieces that frame your face.

Golden Brunette

Golden brunette is a stunning look that combines classic, natural brown hair and a bunch of golden blonde babylights added throughout.

Honey Balayage

Last but not least is honey balayage! This one is done by brightening up a chocolate base with a nice warm blonde balayage. It’s the ultimate sun kissed look.

Get the Brunette Hair of Your Dreams

Are you ready to get the celeb look with the expensive brunette hair trend? We know we are!

If you’ve made your choice of brunette hair color from the list above and are feeling inspired to give it a go. You can book your appointment today and get the expensive brunette look you’re dreaming of.


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