Best 2021 Hair Color Idea and Trends to Copy ASAP

It seems with every new year comes a slew of brand new hair color idea we can’t wait to try, happily, 2021 has been no different! We’ve seen countless irresistible shades so far this year and now that we’re officially into the fall season (seriously, where has this year gone?!). We couldn’t resist putting together a definitive list of our favorites. 

From classic blonde/brunette shades with contemporary twists to vibrant face-framing streaks and even pops of blue and pink. There are so many to choose from and we’re betting you’ll want to try every single one. We know we do!

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our stunning rainbow of hair color inspo. Let’s discover the most irresistible looks of the year so far, then, immediately copy them!

Let us talk you through just a few of the best color techniques we’ve seen so far this year. Of course, you can always opt for a beautiful and classic all-over shade. But if you want to mix things up with different tones or feeling modernizing your look going forward.

These trends are perfect for you.

Single Section Color

If you already love your color but want to add a little something extra to your look. We suggest opting for a stunning singular streak of blonde. This looks especially lovely in curly hair as you don’t want to be too precise with this type of asymmetrical color. If your hair is poker straight and you have an overly neat section of blonde, for example, it can look a little blocky and overly ‘done’.

Opt for honey blonde with black or brunette hair to coordinate with those warmer tones, or, a considerably lighter shade like baby blonde if your hair is currently a light brown shade.

Timeless One Color Shades

Though we adore any color trend that is multi-tonal and adds depth to our color (we’re looking at you balayage!), this chic, one-color look has stolen our hearts. Not only does it look instantly striking, especially in darker dramatic shades, it’s also easy to maintain thanks to the lack of high/low lights. In fact, this gorgeous look is so wonderfully simple, it’s one of the few on our list you could possibly try out by yourself at home.

Balayage Is Back…

…did it ever leave? The answer is no and we’re not mad about it! We can’t see a day we’re not smitten with the subtle yet impactful depth of color balayage brings to our locks. Not to mention, how the dye is painted onto the hair means there are never any harsh lines. Everything looks naturally blended which is not only perfect for a chic color look, it also means more time between salon appointments, and growing your color out when you decide to is never an issue.

Sun-kissed Teasy Lights

When you just can’t let go of that summer hair glow, speak to your stylist about teasy lights! These stunning additions to your locks are created by teasing the hair slightly at the root before the bleach/dye is added to your hair. This gives your highlights a more natural-looking, organic finish that not only resembles hair naturally lightened by the sun, it also means the grow-out faze will be barely noticeable. Sign us up!

Rooty Blonde

Unlike some other trends on our list, this one is a little more specific to all the blondes out there. Whether we desire to spend more time doing the things we love after so long spent inside or we simply want to embrace a more laid-back sense of style to go with our new love of luxury loungewear, rooty blonde is the low-maintenance look we didn’t know we needed.

Instead of taking your new color all the way to the root, your stylist can blend it in seamlessly with your roots/natural hair color from the start. No panicking when it starts to grow out, plus you’ll need fewer salon trips to touch up your new shade.

Now that we’ve covered the trends, let’s look at the colors themselves!

When it comes to finding new hair color ideas, turning to social media is always a guaranteed win. For example, we’ve discovered countless hair dye ideas (money piece hair, melted color, and beautiful balayage!) scrolling through Instagram when we weren’t even trying! And that’s not all. We’ve also taken inspiration from celebrity hairstyle icons this year because who could resist rose gold tresses a la Kate Hudson or fiery red locks courtesy of Gigi Hadid? Not us!

Make a statement in your everyday life or choose something bold for an evening event or perhaps even a wedding! Here are just a few of our favorites we suggest you copy immediately…

Stunning Silver-Gray

As far as we’re concerned, the time for desperately trying to hide your naturally gray or silver hair with dye is a thing of the past! If it’s a color you like, don’t let anyone tell you you should be concealing it with what’s perceived as a more youthful-looking shade. Embrace your natural color and have your stylist add in a few highlighted pieces. To really lift the brightness of your newly gray/silver locks.

What’s more, even if you haven’t earned your silver stripes yet, this enchanting color is an absolute stand-out for 2021. With many of us choosing to have our hair dyed this color even before it happens naturally.

Soft Honey Blonde

If there’s one hair color we have total faith will never fall out of favor, it’s blonde. This year, one of the most beautiful (and seriously popular!) blonde shades has been a soft honey blonde. It’s perfect for those wanting to make the transition from brown hair to blonde hair without needing to opt for an icy platinum shade. It also looks wonderfully natural thanks to a natural blend of honey and buttery blonde tones. We adore this color for autumn and winter yet its lighter edge will also work perfectly come spring and summer.

Dark Brunette With Auburn Highlights

Whether you opt for actual highlights or you prefer the soft blend balayage provides, opting for a dark brunette color mixed with hints of warm auburn is a sure-fire way to keep your hair on-trend for 2021 and beyond. Of course, this stunning hair color is ideal for fall and winter, however, it’s so pretty we would happily wear it for every season. We’ll be surprised if this color isn’t just as popular in 2022.

Gorgeous Rose Gold

Maybe it’s celebrity’s influence, or we’re want to express ourselves through our locks after the horror that was last year. Either way, we’re smitten with rose gold hair. It’s the perfect color when you want to mix things up and opt for a shade that’s considered more fun. Meanwhile, it’s close enough to a natural-looking hair color that you won’t feel too ‘out there’ after leaving the salon. The best of both worlds!

Smokey Deep Red Hair

It’s official, 2021 has spoken! If you’re going to dye your hair red any time soon, be bold, be fearless. And choose a deep and smokey shade of firey red. It seems to have been the hair color of choice for practically everyone over the past ten months. From our favorite tv characters to the most stylish celebrity style icons of our time. Red hair is everywhere and we’re more than ready to replicate the look for ourselves!

Which hair color will you choose from the list? We know, it’s a tricky decision when they’re all so perfect! Make your appointment with us here At The Anushka Spa & Salon and let us help you achieve your 2021 hair color goals before the year is out!