Discover the Hottest Winter Hair Trends

The year is almost out! That means fall is making way for winter and all of the amazing new trends that come with it! There are so many stunning hair looks out there that we’re already loving and are betting grow in popularity as we enter into 2020. Scroll on and discover the most coveted hair cuts, colors, and styles for Fall & Winter 2019-2020!




Our favorite 2019 and 2020 haircut trends are here and we’re excitedly trying to decide which one to go for! Will you be daring with a much shorter style than before? Maybe you’ll opt for bangs to update your look without losing length? The choice is yours…

blunt bob


The Blunt Bob

It’s a style we’ve mentioned a fair amount recently and we’re sure you’ll understand why! This edgy hair cut is guaranteed to look chic no matter the occasion. Try yours in a center part with a sleek finish for evening events, or flip it over to one side and add a little texturing spray for a casual look with added volume!




When you’re considering bangs, first consider which style will suit your face shape! If you’re unsure, you can always ask your hairstylist for advice. Personally, we’re loving curly bangs, chic curtain bangs and side-swept fringes to keep your winter look stylish and manageable. If your fringe tends to get oily quickly, you’re not alone. Try a spritz of Klorane’s Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk in your roots to prevent any un-wanted oiliness.

cropped cuts


Cropped Cuts

It’s a brave choice as temperatures drop but we have to say, we adore it! Whether you go for a chic and sleek pixie crop or a slightly longer, textured and wavy version, the season of super short hair has well and truly arrived! Not only will your hair appreciate the fresh new start, but your hair care routine will be significantly quicker.

mega length


Mega Length

Okay, so this one’s technically achieved by not cutting your hair, but mega long tresses are one of autumn/winters go-to trends for 2019. Use a nourishing hair serum such as the Smooth Style Serum by Oribe to make the most of your existing natural lengths. This luxurious product is rich in nourishing oils and will even work to soothe and smooth damaged hair they may not have been trimmed in a while. Al-ternatively, you may even consider extensions if you’re unable to achieve this look naturally before the new year!

hair color


Hair Colors

Coloring your hair is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a considerable change to your hair look. It’s more controllable than a drastic haircut as it can always be altered but much longer-lasting and affective than simple hairstyling! Opt for one of the on-trend shades below for a fresh new update…

red hair


Red Hair

If you happen to be blessed with naturally fiery tresses, you’re already on track for this next autumn/winter style! From classic auburn shades to mulled-wine-inspired hues, red is our go-to for fresh and festive hair color!

bright blonde


Bright Blonde

We’d normally be opting for lighter shades in the summertime as opposed to winter, however, the bright blond trend has become a firm favorite thanks to its cool appeal. Contrast your usually dark brown tresses and shake up your look this winter with a vibrant blonde hue instead!

shadow roots


Shadow Roots

Gone are the days of dark root induced panic and a sprint to the hair salon! Thankfully, shadowy roots have become a growing trend of late. So, as long as they’re partially blended with no harsh edges, you’re good to let your previous hair color or highlights grow out gradually into an ombre effect.

inky black


Inky Black

We just can’t resist an inky black hair color in the dead of winter! We love the drama it creates, not to mention how healthy and shiny it can make your hair look. To keep your color looking its best between hair salon visits to west palm beach, we recommend the Masque Chromatique Hair Mask by Kerastase. This mask will prolong your hair color whilst deeply nourishing each strand.

hair styles



When it comes to hairstyling, we’re finding more and more trends cropping up than ever before. The ma-jor comeback of hair accessories seems to have re-awoken our love of playful updo’s and experimenting with hundreds of different looks from extremely long hair to cropped short hair.

high bun


High Bun

It’s a hairstyle championed by lazy girls the world over and is simply perfect combined with the volume and more touseled appearance of second-day hair. Though we can’t deny that we adore the nonchalance of a messy bun with face-framing pieces, a sleeker top knot style is also a winner! Not only is it convenient for keeping unruly locks away from our faces and out of our eyes, but it’s also undeniably chic! Wear it at the office, for an evening out or even to give a more polished finish to a sweater and jeans combo at the weekend.




They’ve been back for a while and, happily, we can’t see this trend making a move any time soon! Head-bands are the quintessential accessory for this time of year. From statement-making, bejeweled, pearl and velvet designs at the Christmas party to casual silk and linen turbans at the weekend. We’re stocking up on every style!

extra high pony


Extra-High Ponytail

When it comes to high ponytails, a sleek, brushed up look is just a favorable as a more laid back alternative in our opinion. Choose the style that’s right for you and the occasion it’s meant for. For example, if you’re thinking of rocking this trend at work or to one of the many parties on your winter social calendar, a pol-ished ponytail with controlled fly-aways and smoothed out strands is probably best. If you’re opting for a quick and easy weekend look, however, a relaxed, ‘messy’ high ponytail with a few intentionally loose piec-es will give the ideal finishing touch to a casual look.

extra voluminous curls


Extra Voluminous Curls

It seemed every 2019 Fashion week favored extra voluminous curls over perfectly polished or subtly wavy styles. Here in downtown West Palm Beach, we are loving this beautifully bouncy trend and highly recommend it for the upcoming party season! Try the Root Boost volume spray to really amp up your roots before styling.

low pony


Low Ponytails

You’ve likely seen your fair share of low ponytails already this winter. Whether that be scrolling through social media or even just walking down the street! This easy to achieve trend is great for those occasions you need to keep your hair away from your face but don’t have heaps of time to spend on styling. Simply secure your hair at the nape of your neck and pull a few pieces out to frame your face. Anushka Spa & Salon also recommends adding a ribbon or bow to cover your hair elastic and add an extra romantic vibe to your hairstyle.