Balayage: What It Is & Why You Love It

It’s a hair trend that’s become more and more popular over the past few years, yet many of us still aren’t totally sure how balayage works. Read on It’s a hair trend that’s become increasingly popular over the past few years. But still, many of us aren’t totally sure how balayage works.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “What IS balayage?” then read on and learn all about this revolutionary highlighting technique. This post will also help you discover if it’s right for your hair type and understand its benefits over traditional foiling.

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What is Balayage?

Simply, balayage is a French word that means to sweep or to paint. This defines this technique by describing the way bleach or lightener is applied to the hair. As it’s literally painted on in this artistic fashion, there are no harsh regrowth lines as you often find with traditional highlights. 

Instead, this freehand technique offers gorgeous coverage with much softer lines meaning it grows out beautifully. Overall, it’s a much lower maintenance hair color.

Targeting specific strands of hair, as foils or highlighting caps do, can often end up looking piece-y and artificial. Balayage, however, blends with your hairs’ natural high and low light shades. This complements your natural hair growth pattern, so your hair color has a considerably more organic-looking finish. 

Is Balayage The Same As Ombre?

Nope! But, as both of these hair looks are gradual and pretty low maintenance, we can see why you could think so. 

To break it down, balayage refers to the technique used to color your hair. On the other hand, ombre is more of a specific style. 

Balayage offers an overall multi-tonal finish to your whole head of hair, adding depth and dimension to your color with soft, hand-painted lines. It’s unique every time. As such, some of the ends of your hair may not even be touched by the bleach. 

Ombre, on the other hand, is a style that specifically targets the ends of your hair, with a highlighter being applied horizontally. The result, though still technically a gradual one, provides a much more noticeable and often dramatic transition from dark roots to light (or colored) tips. 


Is Balayage Hair Right For Me?

Have you been considering highlights for a while but putting them off over the inconvenience of constant upkeep? Then the balayage technique is perfect for you. Additionally, thanks to its low-maintenance finish, this technique means fewer trips to the salon. That’s a huge bonus for your busy schedule, no doubt!
Because it’s also a technique that adapts easily from person to person, balayage works with a multitude of hair colors, skin tones, and hair types. Once you’ve had your hair colored, you can get a great-looking result styling your own hair at home following our six steps to get the perfect salon blow-dry at home! As we mentioned before, it has no severe bleach lines. That means it’s also perfect for curly, wavy, and even straight hairstyles.

Does It Work With Short Hair?

Yes, you can! Though you may be used to seeing this technique demonstrated on waist-length hair, this is usually just to emphasize the overall look an

Yes! Though you may be used to seeing this technique demonstrated on waist-length hair, this is usually just to emphasize the overall look and possibilities of the trend. So don’t let this dissuade you if you have shorter locks! This technique is most definitely still achievable for you. 

The beauty of balayage is it uses the individual’s existing haircut and color to determine where the highlights are needed! It also guides how you can best elevate the overall shape and shade. Curtain-length tresses, therefore, are certainly not a must!

What Are The Benefits of Balayage?

Unlike a classic foil treatment, balayage is achieved by painting the bleach onto the hair rather than saturating it. This means the hair isn’t as harshly exposed to the damaging qualities of the bleach. In the end, it’s left in considerably better condition. 

You will also find due to this kinder bleach application, your hair is not quite as dry as it might be with foils. This, combined with less frequent salon trips, means your hair has a longer period between bleach treatments giving it a chance to better repair itself with natural oils. 

You can also lend your hair a helping hand in the way of care and repair with the L’oreal Paris Everpure 6-in-1 cleansing balm. Use this low lather balm in place of your usual conditioner to fully nourish your hair without stripping its color. Among other benefits, it’ll leave your hair healthier as well as tangle-free and super soft!

Another reason we adore this technique is how unique it feels to each and every person. Hand-painted highlights mean your stylist can pick out exactly the pieces that will complement your existing cut and color and apply them easily. Without the rigid shape of foils, which can sometimes leave you with unsightly streaks, balayage is our go-to for a natural-looking color lift!


What is the Best Way to Care for My Gorgeous New Balayage Hair?

This technique is kinder than foil highlights. Still, the application of bleach always means we need to give our hair a little extra love and attention. Caring for your newly dyed locks the right way keeps your new color looking brighter for longer and leaves it feeling healthy too. 

Here are some helpful tips for caring for your balayage hair:

  • Avoid daily washing and allow the natural oils of your hair to rejuvenate your hair before your next shampoo.
  • Make sure your hair is wet before you take a swim. Your hair will soak up and absorb less chlorine if it’s already taken on water.
  • Use a purple shampoo like the So Silver purple shampoo for blonde and silver hair by Matrix on blonde balayage hair to lessen brassy tones whilst illuminating your highlights.

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