Coloring Correction: Your Burning Questions Answered

For those of us that dye our hair, it’s more than likely that you’ve experienced a less than desirable result at some stage over the years. Perhaps you visited a hair colorist that didn’t quite get it right or you frivolously entrusted your coloring needs to an inexperienced friend. Maybe you tried an at-home hair color yourself with disastrous consequences! However you reached the point where your dream color became closer to a nightmare, a color correction service will help you regain your confidence and fall back in love with your colored locks.

Take a moment to book your appointment with us at our beautiful West Palm Beach hair salon and you’ll be admiring your new color in no time!

Who Needs Hair Color Correction?

Whether your color results are drastically bad or just not quite what you’d hoped for, color correctors are ideal for anyone who has used an at-home hair dye or visited a stylist and found they’re unhappy with the results. You may be in a position where your hair has turned out completely the wrong color or, less dramatically, your blonde hair has become a little brassy or your chocolate tresses are looking a little redder than before. Color correction will help you to achieve the exact shade you want using toners and other treatments to achieve the shade you were initially dreaming of!

Color Correction For Light or Blonde Hair

Many of us spend years dreaming of bright and bouncy blonde locks and toy with the idea of dying our hair a lighter shade. It’s one of the most popular and beautiful hair colors in the world and with so many gorgeous shades to choose from, it can be a color to suit everybody. Sometimes, however, when we finally decide to take the plunge and get have our dream color applied, the results are disappointing and far from what we expected. We’re can be left with a brassy or yellow mess rather than the desired cool, crisp or warm tone. Sometimes the finished result doesn’t even suit our skin tone. Well, no need to fear as that’s exactly why color correcting techniques and expert color grading by a professional exists!

In terms of color correction, you’ll likely need to visit a salon for the results you require. Finding the right blonde-to-white balance for ultra-bright tresses, for example, is not an easy feat! At home, however, we can make sure we do all we can to improve and maintain our lighter locks. One of our favorite and most recommended ways to do so is by using the Purple Shampoo in Silver by L’Oreal Professionnel. This amazing shampoo has anti brass qualities that are perfect for color-treated or natural hair in white, grey or light blonde. Not only will it protect and maintain your color, but it will also enhance the shine and soften it! Another top recommendation is the Color Corrector Blondes Conditioner, also by L’Oreal Professionnel. This product is perfect for blonde hair that’s color-treated or highlighted. It will effectively smooth your hair whilst the color correcting ingredients perform an anti-yellowing treatment.

Hair color correction

Color Correction For Dark Hair

The color correction process for dark hair is very different from lighter locks. It’s more likely your experiencing redish undertones in your supposedly chocolate-colored hair or maybe you accidentally went a shade or two darker than you intended! When you want to go lighter, your colorist will be able to recommend the best course of action depending on the severity of the color. For example, brassy tones can sometimes be lifted with a blue-tinted shampoo whereas other colors with greater depth may need to be re-dyed using toners or gentle bleach-based products.

Just as we recommended the Color Corrector Conditioner for blondes, we also recommend the L’Oreal Color Corrector For Brunettes. This conditioner is ideal for color-treated or naturally brunette hair as well as brunette hair that has been highlighted. Use it to reduce brassiness and smooth your tresses between salon visits!

How Can I Aid The Color Correction Process?

One of the best ways to help your colorist with this process is to use a clarifying shampoo before your visit. This will provide a deeply cleansed and purified base for them to start with, plus it will work to remove as much unwanted product and build up as possible whilst remaining kind to your strands. You may have heard throughout the years that the best way to arrive before a color treatment is with dirty/unwashed hair. This is incorrect. Doing this will only mean that any color or toner applied to your hair will first need to get through a build-up of sorts before taking effect on the hair itself. The clarifying shampoo we recommend pre-treatment, therefore, is the L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Pure Resource Citramine Oil Purifying Shampoo.

How Much Does Color Correction Cost?

As the condition of every client’s hair is very different, a consultation will need to take place to determine the needs of your hair before the actual correcting appointment takes place. The price can then be deter-mined based on the treatments and length of time needed to complete them. Some may need a more simple color correction that takes their hair color up or down a few shades whilst others will have more extreme damage which takes considerably more time and attention to treat. Whatever the condition and color of your hair, we are here to help you get it exactly right and leave feeling your most confident and beautiful!

What Can I Expect From A Color Correction At The Anushka West Palm Beach Hair Salon?

Here at our beautiful West Palm Beach salon, our highly trained team of color experts are waiting to welcome you and restore your hair and its color to their former glory. Whether it’s from years of dyeing, over-processing or a recent attempt at a new color that needs treating, Anushka Spa & Salon can refortify your strands and leave you with beautifully colored, healthy hair. Our stylist will also take into consideration whether you have hair extensions or are just treating your natural hair, plus discuss the results you’re hoping for post-production. They’ll also explain the color correction process step by step. Therefore, you can feel totally confident step-ping into our West Palm Beach hair salon. Our high standard of hair treatments is all thanks to the highest quality salon products that we use and our many years of experience within the industry!