6 Editor-Approved Holiday Hairstyles

6 editor approved holiday hairstyles

 The weather outside may be frightful, but these holiday party hairstyles are so delightful! So, whether you’re racking up the invites for office parties and social gatherings or you have countless family members to visit and celebrate with, we have some gorgeous natural hairstyle ideas for the holidays to get you in-spired!

Wavy Hairstyles


Wavy Hair Styles

Wavy hair is absolutely beautiful and we all love this look in summer when our locks dry quickly and look so amazing with all of our beachy ensembles. When we reach winter, however, the declining temperatures can wreak havoc on our strands and make styling pretty tricky. Let us show you a couple of gorgeous styles that are simply perfect and easy to achieve for your holiday parties!

Side Swept Natural Waves


Side-Swept Natural Waves

This one really is the simplest of all hairstyles as it requires basically no styling whatsoever! (Not to mention it’s entirely glamorous and simply perfect for a party!) That being said, there are things you can do to make sure your style looks as shiny and healthy as possible with no heat styling or nasty chemicals. Rather than running your hair through with a hairbrush every day and splitting ends whilst ruining the natural wave within your locks, use your fingers to separate out the pieces. Then, before sweeping your tresses over your shoulder, use a quality oil such as the Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil by Oribe to add shine and sooth any sections of dry or damaged hair.

Pro tip: sleeping with your hair in a plait will stop your strands from rubbing against your pillow and get-ting tangled or damaged within the night. It’ll also cut your morning styling process time in half!

Pinned back waves


Pinned Back Waves

When you want to keep your hair out of your face but an up-do is out of the question, you’ll be surprised just how stunningly beautiful a simple pinned back style can look. You get to keep your hair away from your face and show off your holiday makeup look, whilst also allowing the natural beauty of your waves to shine through! Taking two large sections and pinning them straight back is likely to end up with an une-ven, flat style that repeatedly falls out. Therefore, taking smaller sections one a time, lightly twisting them and pinning them back will not only give you more control but will create a little added volume. Perfect for a party!

To ensure your style stays put, we recommend the Non-Slip Bobby Pins by Scunci which are available in a range of natural hair colors to keep your hairpins discreet!

a woman in her straight holiday hair


Straight Hair Styles

Having straight hair is an absolute blessing for many different styles, especially when you can easily tease your strands to create volume without pulling on curls or waves! When it comes to creating naturally voluminous and long-lasting party styles however, it can be tricky when we want to keep it natural and stay away from heat and chemicals.

Sleek Chignon


A Sleek Chignon

This hairstyle was practically made for naturally straight and hair and it’s certainly ideal for a stylish Christmas party look. Start simply by gathering your hair together by gently brushing it down and back towards the nape of your neck. (FYI, a deep side part will earn you extra glamour points with this style!) Once you have all of your hair gathered here, simply twist the locks to create a cone effect. Then, twist this around itself to create a neat bun and secure with a hair elastic. If you have bangs, try gently brushing them into a side-swept look to keep it chic, or, use accessories such as a pearl-embellished beret or subtle metallic clip to secure them at the side of your head. Totally elegant!

Should you wish to treat yourself to a pre-Christmas visit to our beautiful Anushka Spa & Salon here in West Palm Beach, our stylists will be more than happy to help you create this look in time for any of your parties, family get-togethers or work dinners.

hair color


Natural Hair Styles

These natural hairstyles are not only beautiful but totally creative and simply perfect for your holiday parties, whether you prefer a chic updo or letting your hair free with section subtly styled up, you’ll adore these looks!

high bun with braids


High Bun With Added Braids

Securing all of your hair into one high voluminous bun is beautiful enough on its own but, as it’s the holidays, we love going that extra mile for something truly special. By leaving a few sections free from your bun, braiding them and draping them over the top, you’ll create a stunning, unique finish that’s ideal for partying the night away!

half up half down bun


Half-Up- Half-Down Bun

We love how this look is simultaneously sleek and wild! Taking the top front section of your hair, secure it into a neat bun on the top of your head. Letting the rest of your hair flow naturally, smooth over your locks with the Ultra Rich Moisture Oil Treatment by Macadamia Professional for a smooth and irresistibly shiny finish!

shadow roots


Curly Hair Styles

Those of us with wavy or straight locks will forever wish we had curly hair! Celebrate yours with one of our natural hairstyles at home, or visit our luxurious hair salon and achieve super smooth curls for the party season!


Curly High Ponytail

When it comes to updo’s, it can seem impossible to get it right when you have naturally curly hair. Especially when your curls are particularly tight. All that brushing to get the lift you need can often result in frizz. The best way to tackle this is before you even start styling! Treat your hair with a fantastic anti-frizz formula such as the Fluidissime Anti Frizz Spray by Kerastase which is specially designed to tame unruly curly hair. Once this has been applied, simply flip your hair over and gather it all together with your hands rather than brushing. This will eliminate the stage where you start to separate your curls and will keep them soft and intact whilst creating a natural lift from the root! Secure with a clear hairband and enjoy your cascading curls in all of their glory. No need to smooth out any flyaways or curly side wisps, this is what makes your natural curls so beautiful, embrace it!

hair styles


Why not treat yourself to an early Christmas gift and book yourself an appointment here at the Anushka Salon in West Palm Beach! From a lengthy trip to the beauty salon to 30-minute restorative hair treat-ments, we have everything you need to relax, unwind and feel your most beautiful self this holiday season!