Everything Guide To Lash Extensions: The Lashes Of Your Dreams!


It’s no secret that many of us spend a great deal of time wishing for lengthier, fuller lashes. Whether we’re applying our mascara, curling our lashes or removing our makeup at night, we’re thinking about those fluttery lashes and dream of a low maintenance way to achieve them! If this sounds just like you, it’s more than likely you’ve considered getting lash extensions at some point in your life. Now, maybe you’re won-dering just how effective they actually are, or, perhaps you’re just not sure how they’ll look on you. You may also have questions over cost, and how long they’ll last afterward. Well, no more questions because we have the answers. Read on as we fill you in on every aspect of the lash extension process, plus some great post-treatment care tips!

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

You’re probably wondering what makes lash extensions so unique and what the differences are between them and regular false lashes. It’s simple really. Whereas false lashes come in a strip that’s then applied to the lash line, lash extensions are attached individually on top of your existing lashes in the length and shape of your choice. They’re fully customizable to achieve the exact look, length, and volume you’ve al-ways wanted.

Should I Opt For Lash Extensions?

The beauty of our lash extensions here in West Palm Beach is that they are so customizable, no matter your eye shape or the length of your current natural lashes, your lashologist will be able to find the length, volume, and shape that’s exactly right for you. You may be looking to add length, or perhaps it’s lack of volume that’s a concern for you. Whatever your reasons for wanting to enhance your natural look, we will be able to accommodate!

The Benefits Of Eyelash Extensions

Besides the obvious benefits of longer, more volumized lashes, deciding to get a lash extension comes with many other positives you may not have considered before!

  • Save time and money on mascara application! Once your extensions have been applied, there’ll be no need to spend time (and money) applying coats and coats of expensive mascara each morning. Following your treatment in downtown West Palm Beach, you’ll wake up daily with the defined lash look you’ve always desired!
  • Enjoy a carefree beauty routine! With proper care, your lashes can last between 4-6 weeks. We don’t know about you but putting the mascara permanently away for an entire month sounds like a dream!
  • They actually look real! If you’ve any experience with false strip lashes, you’ll know that even the most expensive sets are tricky to make look real yourself at home. Lash extensions, however, are individual lashes applied one at a time so they have a totally natural look which suits your eye shape.

The Benefits Of Eyelash Extensions

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

You can expect your lashes to last between 4-6 weeks with proper aftercare. Your lash extensions last as long as your natural lashes do meaning that as your real lashes shed as they naturally do over time, so will your extensions. After that time, it’s recommended you visit us here again. There’ll be no need for a whole new set, however. This will be a lash fill treatment that gently refills the lashes that have been lost through natural regrowth and restores your extensions back to their lengthy glory!

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

In terms of full lash extensions, and aside from our individual lashes and lash fill treatments, we offer two types of lash extension services here at the Anushka Spa & Salon. A full set of Classic Lashes and a full set of Volume Lash extensions. The Classic Lash extensions cost $199 whilst the Volume Lash extensions which offer fuller, denser lashes to conceal wide gaps of sparse natural lashes, costs $299.

How Should I Care For My New Lashes Post Application?

As we mentioned before, your new lashes will stay put for around 4-6 weeks at which time they will begin to loosen with natural regrowth of your real lashes. That being said, there are certainly a few things you can do, and not do, to ensure your beauty routine cares for them and doesn’t lead to breakage.

  • Avoid Eye Makeup

    Wearing mascara is not recommended for those with lash extensions. Aside from the fact that it’s very un-likely you’ll need it after your beautiful extension treatment, taking it off at the end of the day can cause damage to your extensions and cause them to loosen and fall prematurely.

  • Avoid Oil-Based Products

    Though you won’t be wearing mascara or eye makeup, you’ll still want to wash your face and clean your eyes of course! Avoid wetting your lashes for 24 hours after your visit but, when you reach this step in your skincare routine on a normal day, make sure to avoid oil-based products and makeup remover. These can break down the adhesive used to secure your semi-permanent lash extensions. We recommend using either the Gentle oil-free liquid eye makeup remover by Neutrogena or the Micellar Foaming gel cleanser by Garnier if you’re after a more powerful, foaming clean that’s still gentle on your skin and eyes.

If you’re on the go but still need to give your face and eye area a good but gentle clean that won’t harm your lashes, reach for Almay’s Gentle Oil Free makeup remover cleansing towelettes. They fit perfectly into your handbag and mean you won’t compromise your extensions, even when you’re away from home.

Can I Wear My Usual Makeup To My Lash Appointment?

You’ll want to ensure your skin and eyes and especially your eyelashes, are clean, dry and makeup-free before you arrive at your appointment. Though we will, of course, ensure your lashes and surrounding areas are properly cleaned and prepared, this will ensure the application of your lashes isn’t affected by any built-up makeup residue on or around the lash line.

Which Other Eyelash Services Are Available To Me At The Anushka Spa And Salon?

As well as our full lash extension treatments, here at the Anushka Spa & Salon we offer the following eye-lash services.

  • Eyelash Shampooing
  • Eyelash Perming or Lash Lift
  • Eyelash Lift with Tint
  • Classic Lash Fill
  • Volume Lash Fills
  • Individual Eyelashes
  • Cluster Lashes
  • Bottom Lashes
  • Strip Lashes
  • “Glamour Fashion” Strip Lashes

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