Expensive Blonde Hair Color: The Latest Trend You Should Try

You might have heard about the trending hair color “expensive brunette” sometime in the last year, but we’re not leaving all the fun to the brunettes! Expensive blonde hair color is the latest trend and if you’re a lover of blonde or if you’re thinking about making the switch to the light side, then it’s something to consider!

Expensive blonde hair color has recently been spotted on tons of different celebrities and it happens to be a color that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. We all know how much work it can be to get blonde and stay blonde!

What Exactly is “Expensive Blonde”?

You can think of expensive blonde hair color as the counterpart to expensive brunette hair. The word expensive doesn’t come from the hair color costing a lot, but rather from the way that it ends up looking once complete.

The look is created by adding a lot of fine highlights to the hair. This helps to create depth and a subtle contrast throughout the hair. The play on the high and low colors throughout really helps to nail the look, while still helping the hair to stay chic and subtle as ever.

The blonde colors incorporated are usually more golden and warm tones. You end up looking utterly sun-kissed with the healthiest hair possible!

How Can the Hair Color Be Achieved?

To help you get a true understanding of what expensive blonde hair color is, let’s run through some of the ways to achieve it.

Add highlights for brightness

If your hair is light brown to start, then adding some highlights throughout can help to brighten the hair. This won’t be a drastic change, but rather will help the hair to appear blonder. The hair will still look super natural and of course, expensive!

Add lowlights to light blonde hair

If your hair is on the lighter side then adding some lowlights can help you to achieve the expensive blonde look. The lowlights will help to add dimension throughout the hair and make your hair look super natural.

The great thing about lowlights is that they require very little maintenance. You won’t need to constantly worry about keeping your roots looking fresh.

Blonde balayage

If you want a more lived-in look then blonde balayage is a great option. Balayage is a technique that allows you to add lightness to the hair, but in a way that will help it to grow out naturally. It’s particularly great for those who have light brown hair. You won’t end up with a harsh line as your blonde starts to grow out.

5 Tips for Expensive Blonde Hair

Before you head into your appointment, we’ve collected some of our best tips you can try for getting the best expensive blonde hair color possible.

Use babylights and teasylights

Babylights are perfect for achieving this look as they help to blend color throughout the head rather than more distinct sections of color. Teasylights can also be used to achieve something similar. These are accomplished by teasing the root area and then applying babylights throughout the ends of the teased sections.

Stick with two shades from the base

You will need some blonde hair color to get the expensive blonde look, but you shouldn’t be able to see much contrast as the root of the head. Your blonde shouldn’t be any more than two levels brighter than your base. 

Toners can be used to help create even better dimensions.

Consider adding shadow lights as well

To help the hair look expensive it’s a good idea to go for something multi-tonal. You can ask your hair colorist to incorporate multiple hues after starting with a base highlighting color. You might go for a stand-out accent shade like a rich toffee or an earthy beige.

Does Expensive Blonde Work for All Skin Tones?

Is an expensive blonde going to work for your particular skin tone? The great news is that this trend can work on all different skin tones. It’s best to focus on creating a unique shade so it works for you.

If you have a darker complexion then a warmer honey tone will likely work best for you. If you’re someone with a lighter complexion then a creamy beige or sandy blonde is going to look fantastic.

Work with your hairstylist to figure out what shades are going to be best for your skin tone and the look you are trying to achieve.

How to Maintain Expensive Blonde Hair

What’s the best way to take care of your expensive blonde hair color once you leave the salon? Let’s run through some of our best maintenance tips!

Use a deep treatment weekly

Keep your mid-lengths and the ends of your hair healthy by applying a deep treatment every week. Find a hair mask you love and use it to replenish and nourish the hair. 

Masks are known to help with the structure of the hair and will help you to achieve a shinier finish, which is something you want with expensive blonde hair color!

Consistently use a good shampoo and conditioner

Your shampoo and conditioner combination isn’t something you want to skimp out on. It’s best to invest in high-quality, color-kind shampoo and conditioner with expensive blonde hair color. This will help the hair to stay rich and radiant over time and will help you to keep the color from turning brassy.

Look for a shampoo and conditioner that provides hydration.

Apply a golden color-depositing mask

To help balance out the warmer tones in your hair it’s a good idea to use a color-depositing mask in between appointments at the salon. This will help refresh your blonde in just a few minutes!

Follow the directions on the bottle so you can be sure you reap all the benefits the product has to offer. And know that you don’t need to use a conditioner after this treatment as it has all the right ingredients to detangle and smooth out the hair.

Use a heat protectant

If you plan on blow-drying your hair or using heat tools then a heat protectant is a must! This will help to shield your locks from any potential heat damage and will keep your hair glossy.

Be sure to apply the heat protectant before you blow dry your hair and then again if you’re going to use a curling iron or straightener.

Apply hair oil to avoid dryness and frizz

Once you’re out of the shower, be sure to apply good hair oil. This will help to smooth and strengthen the hair while also taming any frizz. 

Find a hair oil that suits your hair type best. Those with finer hair should use a different hair oil from those with coarse hair. Once you’ve found the perfect hair oil, apply it to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Start with just a small amount and add more as needed!

How to Ask for Expensive Blonde Hair

Not sure exactly what you should ask when it comes time for your hair appointment? While not every shade will work for every person, it’s a good idea to come prepared with photos.

Once your colorist has an idea of what you’re going for, they’ll be able to help you choose a tone of blonde hair that will be most flattering for your features and your complexion. Make sure you find someone who is an expert in blonde hair as they’ll have the expertise to lead you in the right direction.

How Long Will Expensive Blonde Hair Color Last?

How long your expensive blonde hair color will last will depend on your natural hair color. If you have darker hair then it will likely last at least 12 weeks. Those with lighter hair colors can expect their expensive blonde hair color to last a little bit longer than that. 

The great news is that your new blonde is going to be super low maintenance if the roots are done correctly and there are lots of dimensions included throughout. We couldn’t recommend this coloring more for those looking to go blonde!

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