The Benefits of Monthly Facials

Taking care of your skin is a major investment that will pay off in dividends later on in life. This is why so many models insist on daily cleaners, exfoliants, and moisturizers.

Getting a monthly to bi-monthly facial at Anushka Spa & Salon is considers to be a must have. Even if you’re not that big into skincare, it’s hard to deny that those who partake in monthly to bi-monthly facial treatments have beautiful skin.

Science has shown that getting a facial frequently can-do wonders for your skin. Unfortunately, getting a facial is commonly seen as something you do only when you want to treat yourself.

A staggering amount of chemicals, dirt, grime, and dead skin accumulate on the face. This build up is an unavoidable fact of life. We do the best we can to keep our skin clean, but the problem is washing alone is never enough.

Many advocates compare getting a facial to going to the dentist. We brush our teeth and still acknowledge the importance of going to the dentist for a regular deep clean. Keeping up with dentist appointments saves us a lot of money down the road. A root canal is hundreds of dollars more than a regular cleaning. Like our teeth, the skin needs to be evaluated and cleansed by a trained professional every so often to maintain a healthy complexion.

An esthetician should be seen as the dentist for our skin. Getting facials on a monthly to bi-monthly basis will help keep your skin youthful & clean. Our aestheticians at Anushka Spa & Salon can also help you choose the best products for your skin type from make-up to skin maintenance.

The Benefits of Frequent Facials

What Are The Benefits of Frequent Facials?

Facials Offer a Deeper Clean Than Washing Alone

Everyone knows that it’s important to clean your skin daily. Ideally, with the best products for your skin type. Cleaning your skins helps slough off dead skin cells & allows your skin to get rid of toxin build-ups that have been picked up throughout the day.

Clean skin is less likely to break out, less likely to wrinkle & just plain nice to touch. Getting a facial once a month will give you a deeper cleanse than regular products, which means that your skin will feel (& look) better.

iS Clinical Signature Facial . . . . . $109 or a series of 6 for $545
Anushka’s Signature Facial is a powerful, controlled exfoliation that is light yet effective, and leaves skin clear & glowing for days. This facial offers clinical results, but also brings the client through multiple modalities of sensation, including the soothing scents available in the prep stage, effervescent exfoliation, & the COOLMINT Masque.

NuFace Treatment Upgrade . . . . . $99
This microcurrent facial helps to visibly erase fine lines and wrinkles while lifting and toning delicate facial muscles. By pairing Anushka’s NuFace treatment with regular at-home use of the NuFace device, clients can reduce puffiness, increase cellular activity, and tighten pores, leading to a more youthful appearance.

NuFace Treatment can also be purchased as a take-home treatment to use at your convenience.

It’s Linked to Lower Stress Levels

When was the last time you truly set aside time for yourself in a positive way? Was it that hour you spent on the beach reading a book with no distractions? Was it your favorite yoga class? No matter what it was, didn’t you feel so much better?
Facials are linked to lower stress levels. An added benefit of lower stress levels is a lower chance of having stress-related.

Chemical peel your way to better skin

breakouts. Decreased stress is also linked to better weight loss results, and a better night of sleep.

iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial . . . . . $159 or a series of 6 for $975
Known as “The Red Carpet Facial”, this intensive clinical treatment is designed to resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and deep clean blocked pores. Serums and creams with aromas of warm cinnamon and cool peppermint compliment precise combinations of two professional treatment masks.

The Perks of Exfoliation

Having your skin exfoliated by a professional often means getting microdermabrasion or having a fruit acid peel to help remove dead skin. This part of the facial process helps jump start cell turnover, encouraging the growth of new & healthy cells.

Getting a facial once a month has one perk everyone can agree on: exfoliation. Facials are just plain wonderful at getting rid of dead skin.

Exfoliation has many perks in itself. First, exfoliation helps to reveal a youthful glow underneath. Getting rid of dead skin cells also prevents aging by letting anti-aging skincare products penetrate deeper & makes skin soft to the touch.

It doesn’t matter what type of facial you’re doing, either. Chemical peels, signature facials & microdermabrasion all have this effect. With our amazing aestheticians at Anushka Spa & Salon, you will be able to enjoy smooth skin.

Tri-Lifting Glow Facial Treatment . . . . . $259
The ultimate anti-aging, lifting facial treatment. Treatment includes a Microdermabrasion Treatment, microcurrent facial massage & Intraceuticals serum oxygen infusion.

SilkPeel . . . . . $199
Similar to microdermabrasion, the SilkPeel treatment involves the removal of outer layers of skin through exfoliation techniques. However, the SilkPeel treatment differs from microdermabrasion because it employs use of various treatment serums specially formulated to treat specific skin conditions.

Wrinkle Myths Busted

Did We Mention Facials Have Anti-Aging Perks?

Everyone ages, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to age rapidly. Facials are defined as a process of getting rid of dead skin cells, deep cleaning your skin, and prepping your face to receive as much skincare product as possible. To finish a facial, your Anushka aesthetician will apply products that help keep your skin in great condition.

When you have the exfoliation and deep cleansing done, it can penetrate your skin better, which means that you reap way better rewards in the anti-aging department.

The rumors are true. Facials help keep your skin looking youthful, longer.

Facials are the best anti-aging treatment around. Facials improve the skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity by counteracting the damaging effects of air pollution and sun exposure.

The very same massages that help your skin glow also help boost collagen production temporarily. By getting a facial every month, you’re keeping your collagen production higher than it would be if you just went collagen-free.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial . . . . . $199 or a series of 6 for $895
Intraceuticals penetrate the skin with a specially-formulated serum of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals and amino peptides. This oxygen treatment absorbs the moisturizing agents into the skin for a smoother, plumper look, providing a healthy glow.

Monthly Facials Allow You to Say Goodbye to Acne Marks

Facials can be an effective way to get rid of non-inflammatory or comedonal acne (whiteheads and blackheads). Comedones occur when pores get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Facial exfoliation takes off the top layer of skin, which unclogs pores and helps oil flow naturally through the follicles, thus avoiding future breakouts.

It’s not surprising that frequent facials help get rid of acne, but did you know they also can reduce acne scarring, too? It’s true. Getting a facial once a month helps balance skin tones, which in turn, reduces the appearance of acne scarring.
For acne prone skin, book your next Acne Treatment with Anushka Spa & Salon.

Acne Facial . . . . . $109
A deep pore and deep tissue cleansing to rid the skin of excess oils and stimulate circulation. Includes a therapeutic mask for the client’s individual needs.

Dermaplaning . . . . . $95
An effective way of exfoliating the face, using a blade to remove the top layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. Dermaplaning also helps remove the unwanted velus hairs from the face.

Noticeable & Instant Results

The best part about getting a facial is that the results are instant. After just one facial at Anushka Spa & Salon, you will see an immediate improvement in the appearance of your skin. Feel good, look good.

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