CoolSculpting vs SculpSure

Is the Latest Really the Greatest?

One of the most talked about and concerning issues is fat. Having too much of it, having it in the wrong spot and the fact that no matter what you do to it or to yourself it doesn’t want to leave. Pick up any magazine from the 21st, or even the 20th century and there will be at least one article about fat and a hopeless solution to get rid of it. Does anything work, and work well?

The most widely recognized modality for getting rid of unwanted areas of fat is Cool Sculpt™. This treatment involves a device that violently vacuums an area of fat into a structure resembling an oblong cup. This device then cools the area down to temperatures just above freezing for water so as not to damage the normal cells but it will freeze the fat cells as the freeze point for that is just a bit higher. There are some significant downsides however…the area targeted is only what is sucked into the device. Therefore the only fat treated is the fat inside the cup-like thing. Without treating multiple areas surrounding that site, the area will appear lumpy when the frozen fat has been eliminated by the body. It also will leave loose skin.

Other fat-removing devices have surfaced over the past few years and have focused on heat instead of cold. Success has not been widespread however, until now.

SculpSure has arrived and is receiving rave reviews, and not just by physicians who are paid to write them. With nearly 11 months of evidence in the public sector, this time the hype is real! 

Anushka Spa & Salon‘s SculpSure™ is a laser that utilizes heat t bring the temperature of the fat cells up to between 42 and 46 degrees Celsius. Cooling pads circulate cold water to keep the skin temperature safe and comfortable but the fat is targeted due to the frequency of the laser. The skin does receive a bit of heat also which results in a tightening effect, unlike the lumpy effect obtained by the cold method. Additionally, there is a 30% radius of extended heat to treat the area evenly. SculpSure can reduce the fat deposits by 25%, compared to CoolSculpt which has evidence up to 22%. Results begin to be evident in 6 weeks, more evident in 12 weeks. What’ not to love?