Hair Stylist VS. Hair Dresser?

Many hair professionals will use these terms interchangeably, but when it comes to your crown of glory that is your hair, these terms shouldn’t be thrown around lightly. At Anushka Spa & Salon in West Palm Beach, FL we only employee the most elite hairstylists that undergo extensive training from onsite hands on training by master stylists, to nationally recognized hair conferences.

While we understand that in the modern everyday world, these terms are simply used to provide a career title to the profession but in the salon world, the differences couldn’t be more black and white.

While hairdressers and hair stylists typically receive similar compensation and perform varying duties such as expert shampooing and classic cuts that is basically where all similarities end.

The training necessary to become a master hair stylist and the tools they are qualified to work with are what sets them apart from your average hair dresser.


Professional Hair Care

Hairstylists and hairdressers alike will typically look to maintain the integrity of your hair to the best of their abilities. With that being said, abilities is key.

Hairdressers will ideally attend cosmetology school and head off to the salon for on-site experience whereas our hair stylists at Anushka Salon will continue on with their education to specialize in one area or the other from masterly cuts and design to expertly trained coloring techniques.

Transforming your look to give you the style, cut and color by request is your hair professional’s responsibility. To what degree these services will be provided depends heavily on the training and experience of your chosen stylist.

Hair professionals are trained to give their professional guidance for your chosen look based on your facial structure, hair texture and style. Your chosen professional should relay your requests to ensure you are receiving exactly what you have requested with feedback on their abilities to execute your chosen look.

At the end of the day, whether you choose a hair dresser or a hairstylist, you will still experience similarities such as hair washing, combing and coloring, and of course products!

Determining What Suites Your Needs

When it comes to your cut or color, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. If you are simply looking for a trim, any hair professional will do. But if you are looking for a completely different look and have fears associated with a past experience “hair fail”, you will want to search out a master hair stylist.

Master hair stylists will take a full detailed analysis of your hair and determine whether or not the cut or style you are requesting is right for you. Hair stylists thrive on their elite reputations and the last thing they want is to have a dissatisfied client.

Our master stylists at Anushka Spa & Salon go through extensive training to be able to determine if a cut will work for their clients well before the client even sits down in their chair. Our hair stylists will actively listen to your requests and process the supplied photos for reference and give you their recommendations in order to provide you with that feel gorgeous look!

Hair stylists specifically continue on their education to instinctively know if a cut will be flattering on their client by taking a calculated assessment of their best features. For example, if your most flattering feature is your eyes, they will likely suggest a cut that is will accentuate your eyes rather than hide behind your hair. You’ll thank them later!

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Interpersonal Skills Are A Must

Any hair professional knows the importance of gaging their client’s needs, and this includes chair talk! Have you ever experienced the awkward encounter with a stylist that says nothing the whole time you are in the chair, and you are left feeling like the whole experience was uncomfortable? Any expertly trained professional will be able to determine if you’re ready to gab or you’d rather sit back and relax to enjoy some much-needed R&R.

A hair stylist has typically mastered this technique as knowing your client is just as important as their technique. Your hair stylist should be someone you are most comfortable with. The better your stylist is at building a lasting relationship with you, the more pleased you will be with your look!


The duties of your hair professional will differ greatly between your chosen hair dresser or hair stylist.

Typically, hair dressers do not have a chosen specialty whether it be haircuts, styling or color but rather an all-encompassing focus. A hair dresser will be versed in an array of services but will not usually have a highly specialized area of service.

A hairstylist however, will have a more established craft and knowledge of specific services. At Anushka Spa & Salon our stylists typically have one or two chosen crafts they are experts in. Our stylists range from specialties in cuts, styling, updos, and hair extensions. While our hair colorists solely specialize in color. Not everyone can be a master of everything which is why our team works together to help you achieve your gorgeous look.

Our hair stylists will create works of art from expertly crafted curls to bombshell blowouts and style. Our hair professionals will have you feeling red carpet ready with experience styling the most elite clients from celebrities and even sports players.

We even have stylists whose expertise is in blowouts and styling! They normally do not offer haircuts or coloring. These duties are reserved for our expertly trained staff on the creative side of all things beauty!

Professional Training

As previously mentioned, both hairdressers and hair stylists will obtain their licensing from a cosmetology school however, hair stylists will typically continue on to specialize in areas of chosen craft.

Our hairstylists are required to attend hair conferences where they learn the latest and greatest in hair craft techniques and treatments. We recently sent our stylists to a hair conference in NYC and Orlando to ensure they are the most up to date stylists in the area.

A great way to showcase the difference between their training is if you request a bob from a hair dresser, you will most likely get just that. But if you request a bob from a hairstylist, you are likely to get an expertly crafted bob specially designed for your features and style.

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So Which Is Right For You?

Considering all thing hair, the choice is up to you! Therefore, the question has to be asked, what are you looking for?

If you are ready to make a life change and switch up your look, call our salon at 561.820.0500 to book your appointment with our master stylists today!