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Top Hassle-Free Natural Hairstyles for 2022

Sure, taking the time to do your hair and ensure every little strand is tended to can be great. Everyone loves to be pampered and ensure their locks are taken care of from time to time. But what about the days when you just can’t be bothered or you don’t have the time to put in the effort? Hassle-free natural hairstyles are the way to go when you need your hair to look great quickly but simply just don’t have the time. And that’s especially true when it comes to 2022 as many of us are still working from home and need to look somewhat presentable for calls or find ourselves short on time.

Forget wasting valuable time constructing the perfect hair look. Use our top hassle-free natural hairstyles to get the look you’re going for with minimal effort.

Wake up, wash, and go

The simplest way to embrace natural hairstyles for many people? Go with your natural hair!

All you have to do is wash your hair, let it dry naturally, and then head out to enjoy your day. If you feel like taking this one to the next level, you can always use suitable styling products meant for your unique, natural hair texture.

The big top knot

The big top knot is one of our favorite natural hairstyles. It allows you to get your hair out of your face in a simple and low-maintenance way. You can pull out pieces to frame your face or smooth down your baby hairs for a cleaner look. Either way, you’re sure to have an easy and beautiful hairstyle in just a few minutes!


Hair Color

Rollers are back in a big way when it comes to natural hairstyles. You can get a straightened and voluminous look by using large rollers on damp hair. You can also use your rollers on dry hair by combing through the sections and rolling them up. This look is simple to achieve, but gives the stunning look of a blowout.

Messy bun

The one hairstyle that will never go out of style is a messy bun. It’s super convenient to toss your hair up on top of your head and not have to worry about any hairs that might not look perfect.

You can style your baby hairs and even add a headband or hair accessory to take your messy bun to the next level.

Flat iron waves

If you have a bit more time to style your hair but still want it to look natural, flat iron waves are definitely the way to go! Simply grab a section of hair and flip your straightener away from your face. Let it glide down the strand slowly until you get to the very end.

This technique helps to create a subtle yet beautiful wave in the hair.

Curly hair updo

If you have curly hair and don’t feel like wearing it down, then an updo could be the perfect natural hairstyle for you. Create a messy bun at the top of your head and pull down some of your curliest strands to help frame your face.

An added scarf

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Girl with long and shiny wavy hair. Beautiful model with curly hairstyle.

Adding a scarf can help elevate your hairstyle, especially if you have long hair! Put your hair back into a low ponytail. Then choose your favorite scarf to tie around the base of it, closest to your head. Let the ends of the scarf hang down beside your ponytail and you’ll have the cutest pony in town.

Sleek bun

Opposite to the cutesy scarf ponytail is a quick and easy sleek bun. It will take you almost no time to smooth your hair back to the base of your head. Then wrap it into a tight bun. Be sure to use hair spray to help lock down those baby hairs and keep the look as sleek as possible.

Bobby pins to the side

Sweep your hair to the side and secure it with a cluster of bobby pins for a unique, yet effortless look! You could even twist the pieces you pin back in order to add a little extra spice.


The topknot has become a staple hairstyle for many and it’s perfect for keeping things as natural as possible. You can put all of your hair into your topknot or go for more of a half up half down style. Put your bobby pins to work in order to get the perfect full bun on top of your head.

Beachy waves

We love a natural-looking beach look. And it’s something you can achieve without having gone to the beach. Add some dry shampoo to your roots and use a curling wand to get a nice loose and tousled look.

Heatless waves

If you’re looking to add a bit of curl to your hair but don’t want the heat damage that often comes with it then heatless waves are definitely the way to go! Simply wrap your hair into two twists and either side of your head and leave them overnight.

You’ll be amazed at how natural and undone your curls will look in the morning.

Rope braid to the side

Take your regular braid to the next level with a rope braid. Simply twist two sections of your hair together and add some dry shampoo to your roots before you get started. The more texture you have to work with the better your rope braid will stay.

Anushka Salon is Here to Help!

If you find yourself struggling to do these natural hairstyles on yourself, we’re here to help. Getting a haircut with one of the stylists at Anushka Salon means you can get your hair styled to your liking at the end of your appointment.

Your stylist will walk you through the different ways to style your new haircut so you’re not left figuring it out on your own. Regardless of whether you have short hair or long hair down to your waist, you can learn to style your locks and then how to recreate them yourself.

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