How to Take Care of Your Hair Pre, During, and Post Workout

Whether you’ve the vigorous workout routine of an Olympic athlete or you simply keep up with weekly exercise as a necessity for your health and wellbeing, one thing never changes. Looking after our hair around the time of our workouts is an absolute nightmare! There’s sweat, tight ponytails, and frequent washing that your hair has to contend with. Therefore its no wonder we’re all looking for help to take better care of our our beloved tresses. So, say goodbye to those dry ends and and greasy roots that appear without fail post-workout. We’re here to talk you through the perfect hair care routine to look after your locks before, during, and after you get your sweat on.


Though you may not think it, your pre-workout hair care routine is super-important. Just as important as the work that you do both during and after. Why? Simply slicking your strands into a super tight bun or pony may seem like a good enough way to keep it out of your eyes (and stop the sweat drenching your hair), but it isn’t. From using the correct hair ties and styles to prepping your hair for a barrier against sweat. Let us talk you through our quick and easy, pre-gym hair routine!

Without a doubt, our number one beauty product for pre-workout hair prep, is dry shampoo. Using it after a workout might seem logical but by this point, you’re basically fighting a loosing, and very sweaty, battle. Once your hair is already drenched in sweat, the dry shampoo will have little to no effect. It also won’t mix well with damp locks, you can trust us!

Instead, spritzing it into your roots before your start exercising will allow it to work as a barrier against sweat. This will prevent your roots from becoming logged with sweat and prevent those natural oils from making it look greasy. In turn, your hair will look and feel great/clean after your done. This will stop you from having to wash it so often. That’s a huge benefit as we all know over washing causes a laundry list of problems on its own!

So, once you’re done with your workout, simply take out your hair and zhuzh up the roots. This will activate the formula and create that amazing post-workout volume! We can’t get enough of Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo by Kerastase which, happily, is suitable for all hair types. This gorgeous, fine powder spray instantly absorbs excess oil on the scalp and hair. Plus it has a 24 hour long Neroli Oil scented fragrance.

During Your Workout

Believe it or not, there’s always things you can do to look after your sweaty hair during a workout. You may be busy with burpees but that’s no reason to neglect your locks in the meantime. So, the next time you reach into the bottom of your bag for any old hair tie (the ones you’ve had for 10 years with half the elastic showing through the threads!) make a promise to yourself to sort that situation out. Are you using hair ties that either have no elastic left so you tie them up extra extra tight? Or have you resorted to those super-stretchy bands which snags on your hair throughout your entire workout? Either one is a huge no-no! Both of these will pull on the strands at the top of your head. This can cause breakage and damage, plus they’re likely to leave your head feeling very sore!

Therefore, we recommend using the Goomee Active Markless Hair Loops, to gently style your hair. They’ll also prevent excess oil and sweat from reaching your face! This amazing hair ties cause no breakage and no marks. They also have zero pins, yet a much stronger grip than usual hair ties! Not to mention, they’re water resistant, super hygienic, and even prevent headaches.

In addition to making sure you have the right hair ties, make sure you have the right style. Any hair tie pulled to tight can cause distress to your roots and strands after all. So, if your ponytail is pulling or your bun is giving you a headache, pay attention! you can always opt for a sleek low pun or even a soft plait if your hair is long enough. The important thing is to make sure it’s gently secured. Not to make sure its pulled super tight and unmovable!

Post Workout

Now, it’s no secret that we can do the most to look after our hair once the workout is over. We’re home, ready to get to work on our care routines. But, where to start? Firstly, whether you have curly hair, straight hair or anything in between, back away from the blow dryer whenever possible. Always opt for a gentle towel dry or air dry for post workout hair. These ways of drying are way kinder to pulled or distressed strands from your workout routine.

Additionally, as we mentioned before, over-washing your hair can cause multiple problems. It can dry the hair out, cause breakage, and even strip away your scalps natural oils. Therefore, Anushka Spa & Salon hopes you’ve taken our advice and refreshed your hair with dry shampoo. If so, you’ll be wanting to keep it feeling fresh! That’s where the Mystify Restyling Spray by Oribe comes in. This hydrating spray reactivates yesterday’s products to restyle your locks whilst nourishing them from root to tip. It will strengthen and shield against thermal damage too, and prolong your style while protecting your strands.