Everything you need to know about the Lip Flip

Whether you’re yearning for more symmetrical lips, you want to increase the volume in your smile. You wish your pout had a little extra definition but you’re not quite ready for fillers just yet. The lip flip might just be the perfect treatment for you! Read on and discover all you need to know from who is a good candidate to what you can expect from your appointment. The results you can look forward to seeing afterward!

Before You Get The Botox Lip Flip

Before you get your lip flip, it’s important to understand what the lip flip actually does for your lips. To understand that, you’ll need to know all about the difference between inversion and eversion.

Firstly, inversion is what happens to upper lips that curl inwards/under when we smile. Though a person may have a relatively thick upper lip when they not emoting or speaking. Once they smile, the lip curls up and under and is very hard to see.

Meanwhile, eversion explains upper lips that remain plump and voluminous when we smile. They turn outwards and so look much more symmetrical with the bottom lip which creates an all-around fuller appearance. This is the look we’re going for when choosing to have the lip flip! If you’re quite sure of the look we mean, take a look at the celebrity smiles of Scarlett Johansson, Liv Tyler, and Julia Roberts. For some of the most well-known and sought-after examples of everted upper lips!

What Does A Lip Flip Do And Is It Right For Me??

If you’re wondering what a lip flip even does, we can explain. The whole point of the lip flip is to make your upper lip. In particular, the cupid’s bow and thinner outer sections, look fuller and more voluminous. 

This can help to increase the plumpness of your pout overall, it’ll prevent your top lip from thinning out. In some cases disappearing entirely when you laugh or smile. It can even help to smooth out age lines or creases above the upper lip line and on the philtrum. 

You’re also likely to find that your top lip begins to look more symmetrical with your bottom lip which. Usually, is the naturally thicker of the pair for most people. So, if you love the symmetrical look and are dreaming of more defined, beautiful lips overall. This could be a great option for you!

Other Great Benefits Of The Lip Flip

If all of this wasn’t enough, the lip flip can also help to reduce the space between your upper lip line and your nose. Though this is not something everybody is after or necessarily needs, this is a great added benefit of this procedure as it can often help to make your face appear more youthful.

It can also aid the definition of your cupid’s bow and create a more defined upper lip line. Plus, you’ll notice more volume whether your lips are still or you’re talking, smiling, or laughing.

Finally, if you’re somebody that notices your gums on show when you speak or, more likely when you laugh, the lip flip can help to prevent this. As it increases the perceived volume of your top lip and allows it to sit flatter as it flips upwards and remains relaxed, your lip takes up the space that would usually expose your gum, thereby concealing and allowing you to smile more confidently.

What Can I Expect From My Lip Flip Before And After?

Before your lip flip, you’ll most likely be wishing for a fuller upper lip and a more symmetrical look between your upper and lower lip. You probably notice that your top lip becomes almost non-existent when you smile and you’re wanting a fuller look without going the whole nine yards and opting for lip filler.

After your lip flip, you’ll notice a more defined upper lip line and cupids bow, less space between your lip line and your nose, plus, your pout will look fuller and more youthful overall. This procedure is absolutely perfect for those wanting to see what they could potentially look like with lip filler but who aren’t ready to take the plunge just yet.

That said, if you do wish to opt for lip filler and a lip flip to intensify the results, these two procedures can definitely be combined for a look that’s more noticeable and lasts longer. 

How Does A Botox Lip Flip Work?

Unlike lip fillers which involve injecting directly into the lips to plump them out, the lip flip involves injecting botox just above the top lip only. This relaxes the muscles in this area and ever-so-slightly lifts the cupid’s bow area. Relaxing the upper lip in this way means it cannot curl under when you smile. Therefore, your lips appear thicker and fuller. They also look more defined thanks to the ‘tightening’ and lifting effect of the botox.

How Long Does A Lip Flip Last?

How long the lip flip lasts might be a pro for some and a con for others. On average, you can expect your results to last around 6 weeks. For some, it may be slightly less, whilst others will see the effects for a little longer. It really all depends on the shape and volume of your lips in the first place and also how many units of botox were used to create your lip flip.

This shorter time frame is not without its benefits of course. If you want to try the procedure out but aren’t sure you’ll like the results, you won’t have to wait months or even years for the effects to fade if you don’t (however, we’re sure you’ll love them!). Similarly, because the lip flip uses only a few units of botox and doesn’t involve injecting directly into the lips, you won’t experience as much bruising (if any) or anywhere near as much swelling as you potentially might with fillers. 

This is therefore a great option for anyone with an event coming up wanting a little extra lift with very little recovery time and minimal signs of injection or bruising.

Are Lip Flips Expensive?

Because lip flips don’t involve the injection of fillers and use fewer units of botox than most other botox treatments, it’s a relatively inexpensive procedure. Your aesthetician can discuss with you just how many units will be required for a successful lip flip during your consultation.

When Will I See Results?

Results of a lip flip will gradually appear over three or four days. By this time, you’ll notice your lip looks fuller and stays everted even when you smile. Fuller lips, a poutier pout, and a reduction in upper line lines, what’s not to love?!

Are you ready to live out your dream of having a fuller, more defined, youthful-looking smile? Then make your appointment here with us at the Anushka Spa & Salon. Let us help you make your dream a reality!