The Real Lip Injection Lowdown

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Lip Injections in West Palm Beach, FL

Nothing can bring about feelings from “perfect pucker” to “crazy clown” like a conversation about lip injections in Anushka Spa & Salon. Husbands around the globe warn their wives “don’t ever!” High-profile areas like L.A., New York, and sometimes Palm Beach tend to have more “over the top” people that tend to give non-surgical enhancements a bad rap. “Duck face” and “trout pout” come to mind. Done right with the consultation of an expert, lip injections can enhance your look without appearing unnatural.

Lip Injection Fear

Lip injections do not have to be scary however. Sometimes a little enrichment can perk up a look or make dry lips look moisturized. Often an upper lip will disappear when one smiles and a little augmentation will maintain a nice “show”. Occasionally refreshing the lip rim will separate the cutaneous upper lip from the actual lip resulting in simply improved definition. There are some points to consider though.

lip injection lowdown

Lip Injection Points to Consider:

  • As a rule, most reality stars are not sporting normal, flattering lips
  • You cannot drastically change the shape of your lips with filler
  • Proportions matter. An average Caucasian lip is 1/3 upper, 2/3 lower or 1:1.618 (golden ratio created by the creator). A more ethnic proportion may be 1:1.
  • A little can go a long way. While 1 syringe is a cc, it is a fifth of a teaspoon, and often enough to treat everything. On the average though, the larger one’s normal lip is, the more it can take without looking overdone.
  • Your lips need to fit your face. Someone with a broader jawline can usually handle more lip than one with a narrower face.
  • Always pay attention to what looks appealing, but normal.
  • It can be addicting.