Best home care for highlights

Maintain Your Gorgeous Color With The Best Home Care for Highlights

There’s nothing like that just highlighted feeling! You leave the salon with your newly sun-kissed locks happily swishing them back and forth with pride and confidence. As the weeks go on, however, without proper care and attention it’s not uncommon for our once glorious color to begin looking a little flat. Well, no need to worry. We have compiled all our best hair care tips for highlighted hair that you can practice at home between visits to the Anushka Spa & Salon here in West Palm Beach! Your highlights will regain their glossy prominence in no time as you follow our guide to maintaining your permanent color and promoting eternally healthy hair!

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Simple Hair Care Tips For Maintaining Healthy Highlighted Hair

Alongside making sure you’re using the best products for your tresses, there are other simple steps we recommend you follow for increasing the longevity and condition of your newly highlighted locks!

You Must Comb Wet Hair

If You Must Comb Wet Hair…

…do it gently! Ideally, we wouldn’t put a brush or comb through wet or damp hair at all. Why? When wet, the proteins in our hair, responsible for the stretch in our strands, form much weaker bonds. Therefore pulling and tugging on them causes irreversible stretching of the hairs causing lasting damage and even stunting hair growth. Combine this with the chemicals in hair dye which can cause dryness and you have a recipe for breakage! Therefore, it’s so important than when you’re brushing highlighted hair, you start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up, preferably with a wide-tooth comb. This technique will minimize pulling and stretching whilst the teeth on the comb gently guide the hair apart rather than tugging on each and every strand at once. Preserving your shine and color together!

Wait To Wash

The longer you wait to add suds to those strands post coloring, the better! When color is touches our hair during the highlighting process, the cuticle layer is open to absorb the color as it enters the hair shaft. This can take a few days to completely close up, therefore if you wash it too soon you run the risk of rinsing the color out much faster. Instead, wait around 3-4 days if you can and use a shampoo specifically designed for colored hair such as the Not Fade Away Color Safe Shampoo and conditioner, by Manic Panic. Both products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and vegan. They’re designed to extend the life of your color/highlights whilst maintaining the vibrancy and shine you started out with!

Whether you’ve attempted highlights with a home hair color or you only trust your stylist with highlighting your hair, coloring it is a big decision! So, once it’s finally done and you adore the results, keeping it looking as fresh as possible is a priority. Therefore, we need to find products that will allow us to do this at home with no fuss between salon appointments. Here are the hair products we recommend for long-lasting color, health, and shine!

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Hair Masks

We all understand that, even when we use the best color kits for highlights, any type of hair dye can potentially lead to dry hair no matter what your hair type is. Therefore, we must treat our locks to a restorative hair mask now and then to maintain the balance of moisture and enhance that colorful shine! We recommend the Masque Gor Beautiful Color by Oribe for this. It’s designed with the latest color-maintenance technology to ensure your hair remains intensely colorful, beautifully conditioned, and incredibly glossy! Additionally, this luxurious mask includes color-protecting UV filters, and frizz-taming bio-polymers for a well-protected, smooth finish that’s super soft to the touch! 

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Deep Conditioning Treatments 

Another deeply nourishing treatment we recommend for at-home color protection is the Masque Chromatique for thick hair by Kerastase. We know that for those with particularly thick locks, finding products that provide a truly nourishing treatment that penetrates through every strand can be difficult. Many conditioners out there claim to leave your hair feeling silky smooth but the sheer volume of your locks prevents it from really getting to work. Well, no more. This rich treatment has been designed with you in mind and will work wonders for those with highlighted hair also. That’s because its complex formula can fight off and delay the effects of all the things that would usually compromise your color. As a result, your color stays true and vibrant for much longer than it would on its own. Plus you’ll find your voluminous tresses are a great deal more manageable and much glossier than they’ve ever been before!

Blonde Shampoo and Coloring Conditioner

For those with blonde highlighted hair, we can’t recommend a good quality, color-enhancing shampoos, and conditioners enough! Particular favorites of ours are the Alchemic shampoo silver and Alchemic Conditioner by Davines which is specially formulated for those with beautiful blond hair. Whether you’re rocking platinum blond or an even cooler blond tone, this duo will intensify and illuminate your highlights whether your color is natural or dyed!  

For more tips on maintaining your highlights at home or to enjoy a luxury hair salon appointment in our space with 26 dedicated color stations, visit us here at our West Palm hair salon. We’re so excited to welcome you! 


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