Men’s Hair Trends 2020

Gentlemen, if months inside have left you feeling a little out the loop in terms of stylish hair cuts and styles, don’t panic. You’re certainly not alone and we here at the Anushka Spa & Salon and ready and waiting to guide you through all the best, most stylish hair looks of 2020! Happily, it’ll be another bold and eclectic year for men’s cuts. From the modern-classic short and textured looks to longer, intentionally messy styles.

Whatever your preference, there’s a style here that’ll suit you perfectly! That goes for all whether you have a full head of voluminous locks or your hair is receding/ on the thinner side!

1. Ivy League

The Ivy League, in basic terms, is like a crew cut only a little longer. It’s also somewhat smarter and uses scissors instead of clippers to achieve the look. The extra length is really what sets the two cuts apart. 

The Ivy League is ideal for men wishing for something smart and incredibly easy to manage. It’s also a great option when a crew or buzz cut is along the right style lines but seems a tad too short or harsh for your face shape. Many an actor on the red carpet will rock the Ivy league and if it’s good enough for the Ryans, (Gosling and Reynolds that is) it’s good enough for us!

2. Slicked Back

No doubt about it, this one’s a classic! Gentlemen the world over have been sporting this stylish look since the late 20th century and we see no signs of its popularity slowing down. The style has taken on a more modern edge over the years but remains a perfect option for those with receding hairlines or widow’s peaks too. We love how this look gives you a definitive sense of style whilst also making sure to draw attention to your eyes and jawline with little distraction. 

In terms of styling, a comb and a little product are all you’ll need to keep it looking neat and tidy. Simply comb the hair back once you’ve applied your product and, if you want a little extra hold, give a quick spritz of hairspray!

3. Short & Messy

Those who prefer natural-look men’s haircuts that are still stylish (and somewhat professional) will love the short and messy! This super on-trend short hairstyle keeps the sides close and allows more length on top. This will ensure your cut keeps its shape whilst also looking fashionably disheveled. It works perfectly for every hair type and, we have to say, we especially love it for men with curly hair! 

Either wash it and leave your hair to dry in its natural state or apply a very small amount of product to prevent the longer section from blowing in the breeze. Choose this style for that woke-up-like-this, natural texture look that looks incredible all year round. 

Those with natural thining will also find the cut works to complement their hairline and conceal receding. The Cure Densifique Homme scalp treatment by Kerastase is also recommended for those with thinning concerns. This product helps maintain hair density and contains ingredients that provide more mass and thickness for the hair after just one month’s usage. 

4. Half Bun

This bold and beautiful men’s hairstyle is highly recommended for gents with medium length or long hair! What’s so great is how versatile this look can be depending on the positioning and style of the bun too. A high sleek bun with straight hair, for example, will look incredibly polished and is great for corporate settings or events. Meanwhile, those with curly hair who choose to wear their bun low and loose will take on a vibe that’s much more relaxed and bohemian in style. 

However you choose to wear your half-bun, we’re sure it’ll become one of your all-time favorite long hairstyles! Make sure your lengths always feel strong and nourished with the Bain Micellaire shampoo by Kerastase. It’ll gently cleanse your hair whilst removing impurities to leave it feeling healthy and smooth.

5. Low Fade

Low fade haircuts are a great choice if you’re wanting a look that’s neat and tidy with a lot of shape on top. The fade part of the cut is on the sides whilst the hair on top can remain at a medium length or you can have it cut shorter. A slicked back look or pompadour style makes for an incredible finish. 

If you do opt for that medium length, simply add a little of Bumble and bumble’s Sumotech hair product to keep the shape of your new style all day long. We love it because it’s not only cruelty-free, but also uses no formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, or mineral oils.

6. Faux Hawk

Another great way of incorporating height and style into your fade look is to finish it off with a faux hawk. It’s certainly a bold choice but this cut, unlike the traditional Mohawk, fades the sides of your hair into the top strip with a less obvious definition. This makes for a powerful, statement cut with a decidedly softer finish. 

7. Textured Crop Or French Crop

Both the textured crop and French crop styles will complement a fade perfectly. With the back and sides of your hair faded, the length of both cuts comes in on the top of your head. If you’re wondering about the difference between the two, a French crop incorporates a longer fringe whereas the crop has a blunter edge cut and no fringe. 

Both hairstyles are usually textured using product to style them with the hair being brushed, combed, or styled forward. Some will prefer the edginess of the textured crop whilst others like the extra length that a French crop gives you to play with when styling!

8. Comb Over

Forget wispy ends and long fly-away strands, this side-parted comb over look is all about cleans lines, volume, and precision styling! 

And yes, whilst it may be simpler to create for those with thick hair, this style will also work beautifully for men with signs of hair loss. The receding hairline is simply incorporated into the style by making that the lowest point in your natural part! This will result in your hair looking thicker and weightier. Short haircuts don’t get more stylish or polished than this one!