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Nail Trends in 2019

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Finally, spring is starting to arrive throughout the country bringing with it beautiful flowers and fresh green grass.  Spring is full of energy, a start of new beginnings, the word actually means “to move forward.” Those fresh starts and new beginnings are perfect for fashionistas. This spring not only will you be updating your hair, makeup, and clothing but a must that can’t be forgotten is your nails! Go put your Red Bottoms on and head to your closest nail salon to get the newest manicure and pedicure trends!

There are several trends out there that can be tweaked to fit your personal style and taste. From bold nails to crazy nail designs, nail art enthusiasts all agree it is time to put away dark fall colors and bring in the fun bright spring and summer polishes. If you are unsure of where to start with the current manicure trends, stop at Anushka Spa & Salon in West Palm Beach for expert advice.

Neutral Manicures

In 2019 the neutral manicure will take on many forms. From you traditional muted tones to simple spring inspired designs, it really is a dealer’s choice when it comes to your neutral mani. ”We love a neutral mani any time of year, and especially in spring,” Sarah Gibson Tuttle, the CEO, and founder of LA’s Olive & June salons. To confirm the trend of neutral polishes, Olive & June have launched their first-ever collection of polishes on Mar. 14.

Low-key neutrals, according to Gibson Tuttle. “They look really, really good on everyone,” she says. “Additionally, having fun with nail art is back in, especially telling a story across a few nails,” the founder shares. When it comes to spring-inspired designs, anything goes.  

The best rated neutral polish colors for 2019 are:

    1. Essie: Topless & Barefoot
    2. OPI: Taupe-less Beach
    3. Smith & Cult Nail Polish: 1972
    4. Tom Ford Nail lacquer: Toasted Sugar
    5. Yves Saint Laurent: La laque Couture Nail Lacquer
    6. JINsoon Nail Lacquer: Nostalgia
    7. Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish: Re-Nude
    8. Zoya Professional Lacquer: Brigitte
Bold Nails

Bold Nails

Contrary to the unstated neutral nail, fashion-forward people will favor bolder colors and eye-catching designs. Trends from years past will be reinvented and stand out. The brighter the better for nails, which translates into a mix of bold colors, sparkles and geometric patterns. New nail colors from flamingo pink, tiffany blue, and soft lavenders will be mixed in with iridescent gem and bright neon colors. 

Bright colors in the form of nail art or fresh polish will have a moment to shine. Neon colors like  Lauren B’s #imjuicing and bright yellows like Coachella Valley Sun. Equally sharing the limelight is bold glitter and other textured nails in bright colors.  

left hand with neon color nails

Glitter for Days

Spring 2019, a big nail trend will be a very neutral, almost natural nail with just a little pop of nail art or glitter. Glitter in a thin line on the side of the nail or the crescent moon will add a special touch, keeping the nail looking delicate.  

If you think #glitteriseverything, than glitter in a form of texture that is going to be very appealing on nails. Other textured on the nails will become more popular and achievable. Nails embellished with beads and studs are not going anywhere and that trend is still alive and kicking. Nails should be your best accessory, and now jewelry is combined literally on your fingertips. 

Abstract Designs

New York City is the mecca of artistry and expression and it is no surprise that this city is setting trends through creative outlets like nail art.  Abstract Designs is not a new nail style but one that is getting a revamp and will feature bold colors like neon polish like highlighter yellow, traffic cone orange or slimmer green mixed together in geometric shapes. A popular way to design a nail is to use a neon color as a base and apply some geometrically shaped decals to create a fun pattern. Using decals is perfect for people without a steady hand to create amazing patterns. 

Trendsetters are loving the abstract nail art trend right now, and it pairs perfectly with a neutral nail. To pull the look off just apply a few coats of nude polish and add a little pizzazz to a couple of nails. 

A mix of the geometric nail art is with matte finishes. If you are bold enough to free-hand you’ll want to use a thin paintbrush, like the ones you find at any craft store. Then you’ll want to apply a matte topcoat, which every major nail polish brand carries. The top 6 best matte nail polishes are:

  1. Pacifica: Matte 7 Free Top Coat
  2. Sally Hansen Treatment: Big Matte Top Coat
  3. P.I.: Matte Top Coat
  4. JinSoon: Matte Maker Matte Top Coat
  5. Essie: matte about you
  6. Ella + Mila: Matte-ly In Love
nail trends 2019 west palm beach

Animal Instincts

Miami and West Palm Beach are always good with eye-catching, fashion-forward look, and spring is no exception. Leopard is no longer left to the Jersey Girls but is making it way south. If you’re still not ready to where your tiger stripes on your manicure, look for animal patterns as new pedicure trend.  

Leopard is starting to shift to become a bold neutral, a more upgraded nude mani. Being in South Florida it’s always warm and you can use that to your advantage and great on-trend colorful animal prints. Of course pink leopard print is a staple. 

Pastel Nail Colors

Not only are neons making a comeback but pastels are going to make a resurgence this spring. As the spring flowers are blossoming an array of pastel colors are starting to pop up. You will start to see a trend of pastel base coats with delicate flowers hand painted on the nails. Nail art technicians are great for achieving the hand painted flower look, however, you can achieve this look at home as well. To achieve the hand painted flower look at home you should utilize nail art stickers or nail wraps.  

At your West Palm Beach nail salon, they can create beautiful design elements into your pastel trendy manicure or pedicure. Another DIY manicure tip is to alternate different pastel colors of the same hue on each nail.  This gives a beautiful Ombre effect on your nails and seen hitting the hands of your favorite celebrities.   

The best pastel nail colors for 2019:


  1. Essie: Urban Jungle
  2. Essie: Empower-mint
  3. Essie: Press Pause
  4. Sally Hansen: Petal Pusher Polish
  5. Essie: Salt Water Happy
  6. Sally Hansen: Heather Hustle
  7. Essie: Go Ginza
  8. OPI: Meet a Boy Cute as Can Be
  9. OPI: That’s Hula-Rious!

Sharpen and Grow Your Nails

In the years past we have seen the traditional manicure shapes including square nails that have changed in length and width. Gone are the days of just squared acrylic nails, 2019 is bringing back the longer more rounded, true oval nail shape. Bold nail colors will be paired with a coffin to stiletto shape nail, to accent the designs.

Don’t be discouraged if you are not a fan of super long nails. Current manicure trends have not forgotten you. Manageable length nails will be perfect for the various patterns from geometric t animal print to abstract and everything in between.   

As with all trends you have to find what you like and put your personal touch. If you love animal prints and neutral nails, have your nail salon artist design a unique pattern for you.  Spring has sprung, and it is time to wipe off your old colors in favor of new nail colors, so visit a nail salon near you today! 


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